Womens EHF EURO 2012 Denmark beat France – Ukraine goes home

Ukraine goes home as the first team after two rounds at the Women’s EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia. Norway had hard 60 minutes against good Czech Republic 21:19 (10:12) and broke resistance of the rival in the last 10 minutes. Now is known that Norway will take all four points to the Main Round, while Serbia and Czech Republic will fight for the last two.In Nis, Denmark beat France 28:27. Macedonia still have chances for the Main Round after another “black day” against Sweden 15:26.STANDING:Norway 4Serbia 2Czech Republic 2Ukraine 0STANDING:Sweden 4France 2Denmark 2Macedonia 0 ← Previous Story Draw for EHF Cup Group stage: KIF and RNL in Group B! Next Story → Women’s EHF EURO 2012 DAY 4 – Croatia or Germany, Iceland or Russia? Women’s EHF EURO 2012 read more

Draw for EHF CL TOP 16 Berlin against Madrid

 SG Flensburg-Handewitt  HC Metalurg VS  FC Barcelona Intersport BM Atletico Madrid  VS  MKB Veszprem KC Pick Szeged   HSV Hamburg Chekhovskie Medvedi  VS Reale Ademar Leon  VS VS Gorenje Velenje   THW Kiel Bjerringbro-Silkeborg  HC Dinamo Minsk  VS ← Previous Story Vote for the EHF CL Preliminary Round “ALL STAR TEAM”! Next Story → Draw for Challenge Cup (1/4 Final): Norwegian clash – Serbian Radnicki in Minsk VELUX EHF Champions League Draw for TOP 16 phase was held in Vienna:  Füchse Berlin  KS Vive Targi Kielce Celje Pivovarna Lasko  VS VS read more

Swiss Play Off Final Kadetten leads 20

Kadetten SchaffhausenRares JurcaSwiss handballSwiss play offwacker thun After an away win, Kadetten Schaffhausen beat Wacker Thun 32:26 (15:13) for 2:0 lead in the Swiss Play Off Final series. In front of 1600 domestic fans Kadetten came only one step ahead of 7th championship trophy!Kadetten Schaffhausen – Wacker Thun 32:26 (15:13)Kadetten Schaffhausen: Quadrelli (45. – 52. Aleksejev); Bucher, Emrich, Jurca (10/6), Kukucka (1), Mamic (5), Pendic (6/1), Prieto, Starczan, Stojanovic (1), Tominec (3), Ursic (4), Göpfert (2).Wacker Thun: Merz (45. Winkler); Buri, Caspar (3/1), Dähler (4), Franic (1), Friedli (3), Isailovic (3), Lanz (1), Linder (2), Rathgeb (2), Studer (1), von Deschwanden (6/1).Results: 0:2, 1:3 (4.), 4:3 (10.), 4:5, (13.), 7:5, 9:6 (18.), 9:8, 11:8, 11:11, 13:11, 13:13, 15:13; 16:13, 18:14 (36.), 18:17 (38.), 19:18, 21:18, 22:19, 23:20, 24:21, 24:24 (49.), 26:24 (51.), 26:25, 30:25, 32:26. – ← Previous Story Anouar Ayed to leave Toulouse Next Story → Officialy: Katarina Bulatovic to Gyor! read more

PHOTO No points no tooth for Luka Šebetić

← Previous Story Andrea Lekić between Skopje, Ljubljana and Bucharest! Next Story → Petr Hrachovec to lead Alpla Hard Croatian NT right back, PPD Zagreb member Luka Šebetić will keep in memory his last match at EHF Champions League against MVM Veszprem. Hungarians won with the decisive goal by Momir Ilić only 10 seconds before the final buzzer – 27:25, but young 22-years old lefthander has lost something more than two points.Šebetić lost control during landing and failed directly on knee of Veszprem’s defender Mirsad Terzić… Luka Šebetić read more

OLD RIVALS NOW STUDENTS Mattias Anderson works in Kiel with Wolff and

Mattias Andersson ended professional handball career with the title of German champion with SG Flensburg Handewitt. The 40-years old Swedish goalkeeper ended one chapter of his handball road to open another – coaching one, in the team of the biggest rival of his previous team.Yes, Andersson became a goalkeeper coach of THW Kiel where he will work with Niklas Landin and Andreas Wolff in the upcoming season.Andersson will stay based in Sweden with his family, but he will travel to Kiel twice per month to work with the goalies.This is, how those who remember him only from time in Flensburg, his comeback to Kiel where he played between 2001 and 2008 with many trophies including EHF Champions League title in 2007.PHOTO: THW Kiel ← Previous Story Fuchse Berlin beat Montpellier HB for the Heide Cup trophy! Next Story → Tatabanya Grundfos win tournament in Zagreb Mattias AnderssonTHW Kiel read more

TUI members will not cover the work of ASTI teachers during industrial

first_imgTHE TEACHERS UNION of Ireland has announced that its members will not cover the work of their ASTI colleagues during planned industrial action next month.In a statement today, the TUI said that none of its members will “undertake work which is normally done by ASTI members”.The two secondary school teachers unions differed in their votes on the Haddington Road Agreement with the TUI accepting the deal while the ASTI rejected it.Despite the discordance, the two unions say they have been in close contact “with a view to ensuring that their respective positions are acknowledged and respected”.There are more discussions planned between the two groups as the ASTI move towards a work-to-rule on 2 October.In the same note to members, the TUI advised that no element of the Haddington Road Agreement should be implemented until a circular letter is issued by the Department of Education.Some schools had started to create timetables in accordance with the deal, a move that was described as “premature” by the union.About 17,000 ASTI members will withdraw from duties outside of normal school hours from next Wednesday. The action will see them withdraw from school planning and policy meetings, staff and parent teacher meetings, and in-service training.Members are also being directed to withdraw their co-operation from work on the new Junior Cycle Framework and not to take on any duties arising from vacated middle-management roles “unless they are pensionably remunerated”.ASTI boss: Teachers’ action is “not about pay”‘It’s not changeable’: Tánaiste and Howlin say no renegotiation of Haddington Roadlast_img read more

Next episode of LoveHate features Nidge brandishing a sword in his pants

first_imgSTILL IMAGES FROM the next episode of Love/Hate reveal some more troubling times for Nidge.The trailer has already revealed that he’s got a dose of man flu, and that he’s still being watched by Detective Moynihan and co as he moves around the city.We’ve also seen hints that Lizzie and Wayne are closing in on Nidge, and these new images reveal that they might finally come face to face… Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: Rte Source: RteRTÉ has also revealed the opening sequence to this week’s episode, which features a troubled Tommy, a very patient Trish, and poor Nidge’s snot rags: Source: RTÉ – Ireland’s National Television and Radio BroadcasterLast week’s Love/Hate: Dildos, holy communion and Nidgey tears>You can catch up on all of our Love/Hate recaps and coverage here>last_img read more

Column A proper Halloween Festival in Ireland could have astounding economic benefits

first_imgLAST YEAR, BESTSELLING crime author Patricia Cornwell spoke at an event as part of the Dublin Bram Stoker Festival. Throughout her contribution she made reference to how lucky she felt to be here in Ireland, at Halloween.She referred to Ireland as the ‘place where Halloween began’ and of her feeling of being immersed in the historical significance of the ancient pagan festival by virtue of her presence here in Ireland at that particular time of year. She told the crowd that we needed to ‘claim ownership’ of this worldwide festival as Ireland was truly where it all began.It got me thinking and I decided to undertake some research into the cultural and economic implications for Ireland of making a far more concerted effort to embrace ‘our’ festival and make it synonymous with Ireland.It is evident that Ireland is missing out on a key cultural and tourism opportunity by not fostering and encouraging a much larger and more evolved international cultural festival centred around Irish history and mythology.Samhain, as most people understand, was one of the four great seasonal events celebrated by the Celtic and pre-Christian inhabitants of this island (along with Imbolc, Lughnasagh and Bealtaine).Historically, Samhain marked the beginning of dark winter months and the end to harvest time, and the evidence suggests that the festival was also a time to celebrate and remember the dead.There are frequent references to Samhain in Old Irish Literature – in the Macgnímartha Finn, Táin Bó Cúailnge, The Annals of the 4 Masters and The Tochmarc Eimire to list a few.Economic benefitsThe mix of ancient Celtic and mediaeval Christian traditions has merged to shape the holiday we recognise today as Halloween. To trace the international spread of the festival we know now as Halloween, we can look directly to the mass emigration from this island and Scotland to the four corners of the world.The festivities and customs we observe today at Halloweeen – trick or treating, costumes etc. – began to spread and were gradually adopted and celebrated by those of all faiths and none.From an economic point of view, the benefits that can be reaped from a Halloween festival could be astounding.The day is increasingly more visibly marked – houses are decorated, Halloween themed parties are held for young and old alike and we’re seeing the creation of many Halloween themed festivals.Spending on Halloween has ballooned in recent years and the National Retail association of America estimated that consumer spending on Halloween in the US has risen by 55 per cent since 2005 – to almost $8 billion.Similar figures are evident in the United Kingdom and even a casual observer would bear testimony to the enhanced level of external decorations on houses and Halloween themed events here in Ireland.The possibility of creating an International festival similar to St Patrick’s Day seems to stand out as having enormous potential by simply expanding upon the popularity of the festival whilst asserting and promoting the original Irish origins of Halloween, essentially making Ireland the spiritual home for Halloween enthusiasts from around the globe.Ideal frameworkThe framework for such a festival seems almost ideal. The 31 October date falls seven months after St. Patrick’s Day and seven weeks before Christmas. There is already a national holiday day associated, though not officially linked, with Halloween (the Bank Holiday Monday is the last Monday of October).Observance of the festival is already very high and some local authorities already officially mark the occasion and the Halloween holiday can be considered universal in that it can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.Perhaps most appealing of all, it is now firmly a secular event, transcending religious and ethnic lines and thus making it appropriate as a celebration that can be shared by all.If we use the St. Patrick’s Day model as the central planning umbrella then we can develop that to apply to new and existing events around Halloween – by sourcing funding from Fáilte Ireland and a range of private sponsors.We could also use new funds generated to tackle some of the more anti-social elements that occur at Halloween. By legitimising unofficial celebrations we can bring an element of control and hopefully relieve the pressure on our emergency services on the night. We can also reduce the cost of cleanup to our local authorities.We have the organisational and administrative capacity to undertake and manage such an annual event given our success in running the St Patrick’s Day festival annually – an event that is shared in by millions around the world.Read Catherine Murphy’s document: The case for establishing a nationwide Halloween Festival in Ireland >Read: Meet the reverend who participated in the 1949 exorcism that inspired The ExorcistRead: There are some people who are really scared on Halloween – here’s whyColumn: Can we just give Halloween a miss this year?last_img read more

Its surreal Kildare family syndicate scoops €500k in EuroMillions

first_imgA KILDARE FAMILY is celebrating after winning half a million euro in the EuroMillions Plus draw.The National Lottery said today that the winners were a family syndicate from Co Kildare who bought their quick pick ticket in a shop in Athy.The winners were understandably described as “excited” when they collected their cheque for €500,000 at the National Lottery offices.They won the top prize in last Friday’sEuroMillions draw on 25 October.They didn’t want their names to be revealed,  but did say: We’re so happy. We’ve been playing for years and while you always hope it’ll be you, you never expect it to happen. It’s all so surreal.The group’s €24 multi draw winning ticket was bought in Murphys, Ballylinan, Athy, Co Kildare on Tuesday 22 October.They toasted their good fortune with a glass of champagne, saying: “We’re looking forward to making plans for the win. It’s a really exciting time.”Tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot is a guaranteed €15 million (but you had to buy your ticket before 7.30pm).Read: Luck of the Irish: Another EuroMillions winner but they have yet to claim prize>Explainer: What happens when you win big money on a Lottery gameshow?last_img read more

Thousands asked for help from insolvency service in its first months

first_imgJustice Minister Alan Shatter told the Dáil just before it broke for Christmas that in the interest of confidentiality, the ISI would not give details of the actual number of applications on a continual basis but would provide quarterly statistics as of this coming year.The ISI was set up under last year’s Personal Insolvency Act and has 80 staff members dealing with applications. It provides for three new debt settlement procedures, and reduces the term of bankruptcy to three years (from 12).The aim of the ISI is to provide more manageable debt settlement arrangements for people – and protect basics like childcare and housing.TheJournal.ie has put together a Q&A guide to how the service works and how it might help you – click here to read.Day One: Insolvency service opens its doors>Explainer: What does the Insolvency Service of Ireland do?> Guide to Reasonable Living ExpensesGuide to the Personal Insolvency ArrangementPersonal Insolvency Practitioners information THE INSOLVENCY SERVICE of Ireland received nearly 10,000 telephone and email requests for information in the first three months of its existence.The service began to accept applications from people trying to be declared insolvent (rather than bankrupt) on 9 September. From then until the end of November, it received 6,510 phone calls and 1,731 emails about its service.The website of the ISI, which published these figures, was visited 107,460 times and its information documents were downloaded 35,183 times. The top three guides that people wanted to download were:last_img read more

Stranded Antarctic passengers finally rescued from stuck ship

first_imgUpdated 3.55pmPassengers prepare to board the Chinese rescue helicopter (AP Photo/Zinhua, Zhang Jiansong) ALL 52 PASSENGERS who spent Christmas and New Year trapped on an icebound Russian research vessel in Antarctica were airlifted from the ice today in a dramatic rescue mission.A Chinese helicopter which landed on a makeshift landing pad next to the marooned ship ferried the scientists, tourists and journalists in groups of 12 to an Australian government supply ship, the Aurora Australis.The passengers had been stuck for 10 days in thick pack ice 100 nautical miles east of the French base of Dumont d’Urville after their vessel Akademik Shokalskiy became frozen in place.Three icebreaking ships had been unable to clear a path to it.“Aurora Australis has advised AMSA that the 52 passengers from the Akademik Shokalskiy are now on board,” the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said late today.Passengers link arms and stamp out a helicopter landing site on the ice near the trapped ship (AP Photo/Australasian Antarctic Expedition/Footloose Photography, Andrew Peacock)Expedition leader Chris Turney expressed his “great relief” that the complex operation, which had been fraught with setbacks and challenges, finally went off without a hitch.“We’ve made it to the Aurora Australis safe and sound. A huge thanks to the Chinese and the (government’s) Australian Antarctic Division for all their hard work,” Turney tweeted.The Sydney Morning Herald, which has a reporter aboard the Aurora Australis, said many of those brought off the Russian ship were relieved, with one woman crying tears of joy.“It really has been an emotional rollercoaster,” Joanne Sim told the newspaper.Their ordeal began on December 24 when a southerly front and blizzard trapped the Shokalskiy in a dense ice field which several icebreakers — the Australis, France’s L’Astrolabe and the Chinese-flagged Xue Long — were unable to penetrate.Passengers from the MV Akademik Shokalskiy walk around the ice (AP Photo/Australasian Antarctic Expedition/Footloose Fotography/Andrew Peacock)Efforts to reach the Russian vessel by sea were abandoned on Tuesday in favour of an aerial rescue using the Xue Long’s helicopter, but heavy weather and sea ice stymied efforts until late Thursday.A window of favourable weather allowed the Chinese crew to begin ferrying passengers at around 5pm Australian time (6am GMT), with groups collected from a landing pad stamped out in the ice beside the Shokalskiy and ferried to an ice floe near the Australis.The planAMSA confirmed that all passengers had reached the Australian ship at 10.16pm, some five hours after Turney first announced that the mission was underway.Though they are free from the ice the group is not expected to reach dry land for several weeks yet, with the Australis having to travel back to the southern city of Hobart via Australia’s Casey Antarctic base to refuel.The Shokalskiy’s crew of 22 will remain on board until the ice breaks up and she can sail on under her own steam. The ship is well provisioned and those on board have not been in any danger.Turney posted a number of videos documenting the rescue, including the red helicopter’s first touchdown on the landing pad, the initial group of passengers trekking across the ice and a second load taking off towards the Australis.(Video: Intrepid Science/YouTube)The initial plan had been for the helicopter to ferry the passengers back to the Xue Long, where they would board a barge to be transferred to the Aurora Australis, the Australian government’s Antarctic resupply ship.But sea ice prevented the Australis from launching its barge Thursday, forcing a rethink.LogisticsIn the end, the passengers were flown via helicopter from the stranded ship to an ice floe near the Aurora Australis, and then brought on board the Australian icebreaker in a rescue ship.AMSA had estimated the rescue would involve five trips of up to 12 passengers and another two flights for equipment and luggage.Two passengers from the whip work to place a wind indicator atop an ice feature near the trapped ship. (AP Photo/Australasian Antarctic Expedition/Footloose Fotography, Andrew Peacock)Passengers on the stranded ship — an eclectic mix of scientists, tourists and journalists — had been following in the footsteps of Australian Sir Douglas Mawson and his 1911-1914 expedition.The team has been carrying out the same scientific experiments that Mawson’s group conducted during their expedition, partly in an attempt to discover how quickly the Antarctic’s sea ice is disappearing.Board games, first-aid and other skills courses, movie marathons in the ship’s auditorium and walks on the ice have helped to pass the time. They even penned a theme song about their adventure and filmed themselves singing it on the top deck.Though they are in remote Antarctica the group dropped in on one of the world’s biggest New Year’s parties, broadcasting live to celebrations in New York’s Times Square from their marooned vessel.- © AFP, 2013Originally published 8.50amRead: Attempt to rescue science ship stranded in Antarctica since Christmas fails > Read: Rescuers due to reach ship stuck in Antarctic ice >last_img read more

Janet Yellen becomes first female chair of US Federal Reserve

first_imgJANET YELLEN WILL take the helm of a Federal Reserve facing a significantly different economic landscape from the one that dominated Ben Bernanke’s tenure as chairman, confronting her with different decisions as well.Bernanke’s eight years leading the Fed were largely consumed with the Great Recession and his efforts to cure it by pushing down interest rates and pumping cash into the economy. Many economists think Yellen’s big challenge will be deciding how to ease off some of those very policies, which Bernanke took with Yellen’s support.The Senate confirmed Yellen, a long-time Fed official and economist at the University of California at Berkeley, by a 56-26 vote Monday.Supporting her were all 45 voting Democrats and 11 Republicans, while all opposing votes came from the GOP. Many senators missed the vote because frigid weather canceled numerous airline flights.Yellen begins her four-year term on February 1, when Bernanke steps down. She has been Fed vice chair since 2010.NominationNominated by President Barack Obama to the top job in October, Yellen comes to the post after a career in which she has focused in part on unemployment and its causes. Obama and congressional Democrats lauded her concerns for workers yesterday.In a written statement, Obama said Yellen’s approval means: the American people will have a fierce champion who understands that the ultimate goal of economic and financial policymaking is to improve the lives, jobs and standard of living of American workers and their families.Many Republicans were less enthusiastic. Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, warned that a continuation of the Fed’s easy money policies “risks fueling an economic bubble and even hyper-inflation,” which he said could cause “real and lasting damage to our economy.”Lobbyists for the banking and financial services sectors issued statements pledging to work with Yellen. Both industries have led a fight to water down restrictions imposed by Obama’s 2010 law overhauling how the nation’s financial system is regulated.Labour marketThe Fed announced in December that the labour market has improved enough that it will begin reducing its $85 billion in monthly bond purchases, starting with a $10 billion reduction this month. It has pushed that money into the economy to try keeping long-term interest rates low.But Yellen will face questions about how to manage that process. Moving too fast could spook financial markets and shove interest rates higher, while withdrawing the bonds too slowly could risk creating bubbles — that might burst — in real estate, the stock market or other assets.The bond purchases have ballooned the Fed’s holdings over $4 trillion. That leaves Yellen with decisions about how to wind down the central bank’s balance sheet to a smaller, more normal level without destabilising financial markets used to the huge cash infusions.Yellen also will have to decide when and how to ease off short-term interest rates, which the Fed has kept near zero since December 2008. To assure investors that those rates won’t precipitously rise, the Fed has repeatedly issued statements saying that policy will continue.Last month, the Fed said the low rates will continue “well past” when the unemployment rates falls to 6.5 percent. Unemployment was 7 percent in November and many economists think the low interest rates will last until late 2015.Read: And the Forbes world’s most powerful person is…>last_img read more

Youre not the only one whos noticed the grand stretch

first_imgWE HAVE A while to go yet before we’re baring our legs and getting fierce red in the face after too many Bulmers in the sun.But you might have noticed that we’re getting there.And you’re not alone…1.2. Source: Photocall Ireland3.4. Source: Photocall Ireland5.6. Source: Photocall Ireland7.8. Source: Photocall IrelandRead: 8 reasons you can’t stop thinking about the joys of summer>More: 9 signs you are experiencing an Irish ‘heatwave’>last_img

33 years on Stardust victims are still being ignored

first_imgTHE BROTHER OF a woman killed in the Stardust tragedy has accused Alan Shatter of ‘turning his back’ on the victims of the 1981 fire.Maurice Frazer’s sister Thelma was in the Artane disco on 14 February when a fire claimed 48 lives. Thelma was only identified by the jewellery she was wearing.Today, the Justice Minister said that the 2009 Coffey Report was sufficient, despite the victims’ families disputing many key findings.With the 33rd anniversary of the tragedy approaching, Frazer says the time has come for closure for the families.“I can still remember Garrett Fitzgerald and Ruairí Quinn calling at our house, to express their deepest sympathy to my parents and family members. They both said at the time that they would do whatever in their powers to help our family and the other families involved.33 years on we are still being ignored by a political system that does not care for its citizens.Frazer points to a report unveiled earlier this week by the victims’ families that suggested there were errors in the Garda investigation, as well as with the original tribunal.The Stardust families said earlier this week that they plan to release what they believe is the cause of the fire on February 14, but Shatter said that no evidence he has seen warrants a new investigation. That, says Frazer is not good enough.“So it looks like another Minister for “Justice” is set to ignore, and turn his back on, the victims once again.”Read: No new inquiry into Stardust tragedylast_img read more

19 signs youre a sports fan from Kerry

first_imgYOU DON’T KNOW Dublin but you can’t find your way from Croke Park to Harcourt Street handy enough. And 19 other signs you’re from the Kingdom:19. Weeshie on Terrace Talk is your regular Monday night listeningYouTube: colly72Is ‘Beyonce’ a band?18. And you reckon you do a passable impression of him or Mícheál Ó MuircheartaighPic: INPHO/Morgan Treacy17. Every time you go to Fitzgerald Stadium, you describe the MacGillycuddy Reeks ‘as majestic’Pic: INPHO/Cathal NoonanAnd why not?16. You model your fashion sense on Paul GalvinPic: YouTube/RTÉMaybe not. But you’d like to.15. You’re on first nickname terms around Tralee with the Bomber and the StarINPHO/James Crombie14. You got lost in Cork on your first trip to Páirc Uí ChaoimhPic: INPHO/Cathal Noonan13. You had a word in Gaillimh’s ear before the Scotland match in 2000 about looking after Strings and O’GaraPic: INPHO/Patrick BolgerHe has them Cork lads where he wants them12. You practice Tadhg Kennelly’s jig while watching AFLINPHO/Lorraine O’SullivanYeow!11. You claim to have discovered The Gooch as a young fellaPic INPHO/Lorraine O’Sullivan10. You’re adamant the Irish Open was better when it was sponsored by Carroll’s and was held in KillarneyPic: INPHO/Cathal Noonan9. You reckon Donaghy would be in the NBA if he stuck to shooting hoopsPic: inpho8. You will always argue that Seamus Darby did push Tommy Doyle YouTube: dapos7. When Tyrone and Armagh people boast of the four senior All-Ireland’s they have won between them…Pic: INPHO/James Crombie…you point out that three brothers from Ard an Bhóthair have 15 between them.6. You think this is the greatest piece of skill in GAA historyYouTube: KilkennyFootball5. Actually this is fairly impressive as wellYouTube: KilkennyFootball4. No wait, this is also classYouTube: KilkennyFootball3. You played in the Castleisland basketball blitzNothing spells Stephen’s Day like some hoops2. You know the commentary from Kerry’s Golden Years off by heart.1. You had your picture taken in the Sam Maguire as a babyPic: INPHO/Lorraine O’SullivanWhat have we forgotten and which county is next? Let us know in the comment section below.16 signs you’re a sports fan from Corklast_img read more

VIDEO The best kids talent show of all time ever ever

first_imghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jEEGyDjKM4YouTube/RentistoodamnhighARE YOU READY for the Zach Attack?You better be. Because he is literally walking on sunshine.There are several contenders for our favourite moment in this. For example:The bit at 2.26 where his dancers tie themselves in knots for no obvious reasonPretty much everything aroun 3.35.The finishing slide (4.10) where Zach tries to decide whether to play the air guitar or not, and comes up with ‘maybe’.Giving props to his dancers (Lacey and Shelby!) at the end.It’s worth watching all the way through. We are now ready for the Zach Attack.VIDEO: This toddler is the best liar of all time>VIDEO: This baby is fast asleep… until her favourite song comes on>VIDEO: Little girl is adorably excited about riding a train>last_img read more

Ireland loses one MEP to make room for Croatia in EU

first_imgIRELAND IS SET to lose one of its 12 MEPs when the next European elections are held in June 2014.The cut follows the approval by a European Parliament committee of a draft report which reallocates the number of MEPs to make space for Croatia when it joins the union this July.The recommendation by Europe’s Constitutional Affairs committee will see seats scraped from a number of other countries – predominantly larger ones – in order to make room for the 11 seats that Croatia will receive as a result of its population.After the rearrangement, Ireland (population 4.6 million) will be alongside Croatia (4.3 million) and Lithuania (2.9 million) in the number of MEPs it holds.The new arrangements also account for shifts in populations in other countries, and will see Spain gain four MEPs – from 50 to 54 – while France and Sweden will both get two more, to 74 and 19 respectively.Committee approval means the new system for seat assignments – which brings the membership up to 751, its legal limit under the Lisbon Treaty – is almost guaranteed to be approved by the parliament as a whole next month.The proposal will then be sent to the European Council – the body made up of the heads of government of all 27 member states – for final approval.Some difficulties for IrelandThe rearrangement will mean some difficulty for the Irish government, however, as last year’s Constituency Commission assumed Ireland would keep 12 MEPs when it proposed to maintain the status quo for the 2014 elections.New legislation will need to be brought through the Oireachtas this year to redesign the constituencies that currently exist – and possibly lead to another reform of the European constituencies.Ireland’s 12 MEPs are currently split equally between four constituencies: Dublin (which incorporates the four Dublin council areas), South (all of Munster except Clare), East (all of Leinster excluding Dublin, Westmeath and Longford) and North-West (the remainder of the country).The cut to 11 will mean the constituencies will have to be redrawn – and because Irish law requires the seats to return either 3, 4 or 5 members, the most likely prospect is a single constituency for Dublin (or the greater Dublin area) with the remainder of the country split on a north-south basis.last_img read more

Three arrested in investigation into organised prostitution in Roscommon and Longford

first_imgTHREE PEOPLE HAVE been arrested in the first phase of an investigation into prostitution across Longford and Roscommon.The arrests took place in the Tarmonbarry area of Co Roscommon yesterday evening.Two males and a female, all aged in their twenties, were held at Longford and Roscommon Garda Stations.It is understood the arrests were in connection with the organisation of prostitution.However, all three were released without charge this evening, and a file prepared for the DPP.It is understood further searchers were carried out in Longford town earlier today.Some documentation was recovered although no arrests were made.last_img read more

Some Croke Park residents are signing a petition to reinstate all five

first_img“I wouldn’t be a Garth Brooks fan myself, but as a once off and out of respect for the people who bought tickets – the concert should go ahead.The whole world is looking at our area and thinking ‘what sort of people are they?’ I want to let people see it’s not all of us.“This is not a rich area and these concerts will bring in a lot of money.”Councillor Gary Gannon told TheJournal.ie that the petition seems to have “a lot of support on the ground amongst residents”.It states that the corporate GAA and Aiken promoters showed ’arrogance and greed’ organising the five Garth Brooks concerts.Reid said, “everyone should have been included in the decision, they should have gotten everyone’s point of view”.The petition states that the corporate GAA and Aiken “have created a scenario whereby 180,000 people are to be left disappointed and the reputation of our community is being portrayed negatively throughout the world.In looking to demonstrate the type of neighbourly respect to Croke Park which they have never shown to us- we as residents would be prepared to sign our name to a petition to re-instate the two concerts if the following terms were to be agreed to.These are the terms:The full implementation of the Mulvey Report is agreed to and adhered to indefinitely.Croke Park creates a legacy grant from the proceeds of the five concerts that go towards community regeneration and community education bursaries. Croke Park apologises to residents for the lack of respect they have shown us.Councillor Gary Gannon added that a lot of residents just want to find a solution:I was called by a number of people in the Croke Park vicinity looking to find a common sense solution to this mess.Read: Garth Brooks: ‘For us, it is five shows or none at all’>Read: Permission granted for just THREE of the scheduled five Garth Brooks concerts> SO FAR WE’VE only heard from Croke Park residents who don’t want all the Garth Brooks concerts to go ahead.However some residents are now signing a petition to reinstate all five of the concerts, saying they’re ‘fuming’ that a minority are speaking on their behalf.This comes after Dublin City Council announced yesterday that just three of the five concerts can go ahead.Garth Brooks then released a statement last night saying it was either ‘the five shows or none at all’.The new petition will be delivered around the local area today – calling on residents to allow the concerts go ahead.Sandra Reid organised it, she told TheJournal.ie that she set up the petition because:The majority of people living around here are fuming that a minority are speaking on behalf of the whole area.last_img read more