Umphrey’s McGee Covers Steely Dan, Busts Out “…And Justice For All” In Oakland With Spafford

first_imgLoad remaining images Last night, Umphrey’s Mcgee made their way to Oakland, CA’s The Fox Theater for their second performance in a run of six performances with rising Arizona jam quartet Spafford. The Spafford guys got the crowd warmed up, as always, with a jam-heavy opening set including fan-favorites “Slip and Squander,” “Todd’s Tots,” “Electric Taco Stand,” and “Leave The Light On.” Check out some fan-shot video:Following Spafford’s set, Umphrey’s hit the stage with a “There’s No Crying In Mexico” > “Attachments” opening segment, before laying the foundation for a “Bridgeless” sandwich that would encompass the rest of the set. After “Bridgeless,” the band segued into “2nd Self” before delivering a one-two punch of “Wappy Sprayberry” > “Rocker Part 2.” Next the band served up a cover of Steely Dan classic “Kid Charlemagne,” before making their way back to “Bridgeless” to close set one. You can watch pro-shot footage of “Attachments” below, courtesy of TourGigs, via the band’s Facebook page:The band opened set two with “Hurt Bird Bath” > “2×2,” before launching into a top-notch segment that saw “1348” flow into “Hajimemashite” and “Ringo” before returning to “1348.” After the “1348” reprise, Umphrey’s busted out “…And Justice For All” for the first time since 8/1/14 in Baltimore (252 show gap) to close the show’s second frame. Finally, the band returned for a “Day Nurse” > “The Floor” encore to send the Oakland crowd home with smiles on their faces.Umphrey’s and Spafford will return to the stage this Thursday, March 16th, for a performance at Tempe, AZ’s Marquee Theatre. For more information, or to purchase tickets or a Couch Tour stream, visit Umphrey’s McGee’s website.Setlist: Spafford | The Fox Theater | Oakland, CA | 3/11/17 [setlist via Spaffnerds]Slip and Squander, Todd’s Tots, Electric Taco Stand, Leave the Light OnSetlist: Umphrey’s McGee | The Fox Theater | Oakland, CA | 3/11/17 [setlist via allthingsumphreys]Set 1: There’s No Crying In Mexico > Attachments, Bridgeless > 2nd Self, Wappy Sprayberry > Rocker Part 2, Kid Charlemagne > BridgelessSet 2: Hurt Bird Bath > 2×2, 1348 > Hajimemashite, Ringo > 1348, …And Justice for AllEncore: Day Nurse > The FloorEnjoy the photos below, courtesy of Zack Blum, Chris Baldwin, and Dave Vann!last_img read more

Warnings of suicidal intent

first_imgTwo powerful new tests developed by Harvard psychologists show great promise in predicting patients’ risk of attempting suicide, researchers say.These tests may help clinicians to overcome their reliance on self-reporting by at-risk individuals, information that often proves misleading when suicidal patients wish to hide their intentions.  Both tests are easily administered within minutes on a computer, giving quick insight into how patients think about suicide, as well as their propensity to attempt it soon.“Experts have long sought a clear behavioral marker of suicide risk,” said Matthew K. Nock, a professor of psychology in Harvard’s Department of Psychology and author of two papers describing the new assessments of suicidal behavior.  “The current approach, based on self-reporting, leads to predictions that are scarcely better than chance, since suicidal patients are often motivated to conceal or misrepresent their mental state. We sought to develop more sophisticated, objective measures of how psychiatric patients are thinking about suicide. Our work provides two important new tools clinicians can use in deciding how to treat potentially suicidal patients.”Nock and his colleagues report on the tests in two papers, one in the current Journal of Abnormal Psychology and the other in Psychological Science.  Unlike many previous efforts focused on biological markers of suicidal behavior, their work identifies two behavioral markers: subjects’ attention to suicide-related stimuli, and the extent to which they associate death or suicide with themselves.In one study by Nock’s group, 124 patients in a psychiatric emergency department were administered a modified Stroop test measuring speed in articulating the color of words on a computer screen.  Suicidal individuals were found to pay more attention to suicide-related words than to neutral words.“Suicide Stroop scores predicted six-month follow-up suicide attempts above and beyond well-known risk factors such as a history of suicide attempts, patients’ reported likelihood of attempt, and clinicians’ predictions regarding patients’ likelihood of attempt,” said co-author Christine B. Cha, a doctoral student in psychology at Harvard.A second study adapted the Implicit Association Test developed by Harvard psychologist Mahzarin R. Banaji, the Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics, using reaction times to semantic stimuli to measure 157 subjects’ automatic mental associations — in this case the strength of associations between words related to “self” and words related to either “life” or “death/suicide.”  Participants were shown pairs of words on a screen, with response speed revealing unconscious associations between the terms.  For instance, a rapid response to stimuli associating self with death/suicide suggests a strong unconscious association between the two.Nock and his colleagues found that participants with strong associations between self and death/suicide were six times more likely to attempt suicide in the next six months than were those holding stronger associations between self and life.“These findings suggest that a person’s implicit cognition may guide which behavior he or she chooses to cope with extreme distress,” Nock said.  “More specifically, an implicit association with death/suicide may represent one of the final steps in the pathway to suicide.”Nock and Cha were joined on the two recent papers by co-authors Jennifer M. Park and Christine T. Finn of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, and Sadia Najmi, Tara L. Deliberto, Halina J. Dour, and Mahzarin R. Banaji, of Harvard’s Department of Psychology. The work was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and the Norlien Foundation.last_img read more

SMC Sophomore Parents Weekend welcomes families to campus

first_imgSaint Mary’s welcomed families to campus Friday for the annual Sophomore Parents Weekend. Despite rainy weather and Friday’s breaking news of College President Jan Cervelli’s resignation, students and parents gathered for a variety of activities organized by Saint Mary’s Class Council.Family members participated in activities spanning from a Saturday brunch to pumpkin painting and carriage rides at Saint Mary’s annual Oktoberfest. These events were followed by a closing mass Sunday morning.  “Our main goal is to have events promoting unity for the school,” sophomore class representative Meg Hemmert said. “This year we have a brunch followed by Oktoberfest, [which was] sponsored by Student Activities Board. On Sunday morning, we have a sophomore class Mass at the Church of Loretto.” Tom Pantelleria, who attended the events with his daughter, sophomore Emily Pantelleria, said the Saturday brunch was an especially exciting event.“We got to meet [new interim College President Nancy Nekvasilt on Saturday], which was a relief to us parents,” he said. “We got to talk about the school’s mission of developing confidence and critical thinking amongst the women here. We’re all confident that these young women will grow up to be the next great leaders of our country.” Many families, including sophomore Alison Schibi’s, arrived on-campus from across the country for this weekend. “We flew from Kansas, which is always an adventure itself, but it’s always worth it to see Alison,” Kelly Schibi said about her daughter. “Every opportunity to come up and visit campus is exciting because we just love it here.” Eric Schibi, Alison’s father, said it was an interesting weekend to visit campus after the shocking news of Cervelli’s resignation.“We are so shocked to hear the news,” he said. “It’s very surprising and interesting that all this just happened.”Alison said she was “so happy” that she got to spend time with her family. “I loved having my parents and sister come visit me this weekend,” Alison said. “I know that a lot of sophomore students did not have parents come, so I am very thankful I was able to see mine and spend time with them.” For many families, the weekend was a special time to relax with their daughters.“I’m most happy about seeing my daughter,” Geri Pantelleria, Emily Pantelleria’s mother, said. “That’s most exciting because I have missed her so much.” Emily expressed a similar sentiment, voicing the joy she felt combining her two homes for the weekend.“I love every opportunity to blend my Saint Mary’s family with my real one,” Emily said. “Saint Mary’s is my second home.”Tags: families, parents, Saint Mary’s Class Council, Sophomore Parents Weekendlast_img read more

Red Carpet Maven Joan Rivers Meets the Cast of Mothers and Sons

first_img Mothers and Sons Tyne Daly Star Files Fashionista and funny lady Joan Rivers put on her finest blue fur on March 28—what was the special occasion? A performance of Mothers and Sons, starring Tyne Daly, of course! After taking in the new drama by Terrence McNally, Rivers headed backstage to greet Daly and Mothers and Sons stars Bobby Steggert, Frederick Weller and Grayson Taylor. The new play tells the story of Katharine (Daly), who, 20 years after her son’s death, shows up at the New York City apartment of his former lover (Weller). Check out these photos of Rivers meeting the cast, then see Mothers and Sons at the Golden Theatre! Related Shows Bobby Steggert View Comments Show Closed This production ended its run on June 22, 2014 Frederick Wellerlast_img read more

Coal price collapse putting severe pressure on Indonesian mining companies

first_imgCoal price collapse putting severe pressure on Indonesian mining companies FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Bloomberg:The global collapse in coal prices this year has dealt a particularly heavy blow to miners in Indonesia, the top exporter and one of the largest producers of the fuel.Bonds from the country’s financially weak miners have suffered more than peers elsewhere in Asia due to a lack of diversification and state backing that many competitors enjoy. Prices of thermal coal — the kind burned by power plants — have slumped about 33% this year, and at least four U.S. firms have gone bankrupt. As some lenders look to stop financing coal power plants and investors are under more pressure to “go green,” companies that mine or use coal are left with fewer funding options.“Among the Indonesia coal names, some are facing severe stress,” said Bharat Shettigar, head of Asia ex-China corporate credit research at Standard Chartered Plc. “If prices stay depressed for the next 12 to 18 months, there could be restructuring of some U.S. dollar bonds in the Indonesia coal sector.”Bonds sold by Indonesia coal miners Geo Energy Resources Ltd., PT ABM Investama and PT Bumi Resources have slumped in the past six months.Geo Energy Resources, which has operations in Kalimantan, faces a potential early redemption of its bonds in April 2021 if it fails to meet certain minimum coal-reserve conditions. That will be a “crucial liquidity point” for the company, according to Trung Nguyen, analyst at Lucror Analytics.ABM Investama was cut to B+ by Fitch Ratings earlier this year, reflecting its weakening business profile due to the loss of coal mining contracts with one of its customers, while Bumi Resources’ first-half net income fell by 47%.More: Collapse in coal prices spurs distress for Indonesian minerslast_img read more

4 ways to screw up your marketing message

first_imgIf there are 50 ways to leave your lover, there must be at least that many ways to screw up your marketing message. However, since time and space are both at a premium, I’ll limit this diatribe to my top 4.TMI (Too Much Information)There’s a term for a document that says everything there is to say about your product. It’s called a user manual. Your marketing materials shouldn’t read like user manuals. In fact, you should be quite intentional in your efforts to not say everything there is to say in your marketing materials.A brochure, flyer or email is only intended to be an appetizer, not an entrée. You want to leave the reader hungry for more information. In other words, you want to leave them with questions that can only be answered by a live human being, a.k.a., a salesperson. Because that’s where sales actually happen.TMW (Too Many Words)What’s worse than a piece of marketing collateral that reads like a user manual? One that reads like Gone With the Wind. If using a lot of words to provide too much information is a misdemeanor, using a lot of words to provide no information at all is a Class A felony.It reminds me of that Peter Gabriel song: “The place where I come from is a small town. They think so small, they use small words. But not me, I’m smarter than that. I worked it out. I’ll be stretching my mouth to let those big words come right out.” Nobody will be impressed by your big mouth or your big words.PWW (Poorly Written Words)If you took the number of people I’ve met who can write well and multiplied that by eleventy jillion, you’d have the number of people I’ve met who think they can write well. Some may not believe quality of writing is important, but others do.Think of it this way: If you settle for mediocre writing, you may only offend a small percentage of your readers. However, if you insist on top-notch writing, I guarantee you won’t offend any of your readers. Nobody has ever read a brochure and thought to themselves, this is written too well; I don’t wanna do business with these guys.NED (Not Enough Differentiation)Marketing isn’t about convincing anyone that you’re good. It’s only about convincing buyers that you’re better than anybody else in your space. In other words, the whole point of marketing is to differentiate your organization and your products from those of your competitors. If you’re using the same language as your competitors, you’re wasting your time.Everybody is guilty. These three introductory paragraphs are from the websites of the three big core processing providers.#1. combines the broadest portfolio of account processing solutions with the industry’s most experienced team of financial services professionals to help credit unions find the right solution to achieve their goals.#2. empowers the community, mid-tier, large and global financial institutions to meet customer needs, contend with regulatory pressures and effectively compete with alternative providers. With a wide range of options, can design and implement a fully integrated core system or complement your legacy system with critical components to transform your existing investment.#3. A leading provider of integrated technology platforms banks need to process financial transactions, automate business processes, & manage mission-critical customer and business information.Blah, blah, blah. Can you tell one vendor from the next? I can’t. Be smarter than they are. Tell the world how and why you’re different. Make your words count. 47SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John San Filippo John is the co-founder of OmniChannel Communications, Inc., a company that specializes in B2B marketing to community financial institutions. He started out in the savings and loan industry, but wisely … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Dozens of Gold Coast homes set to go to auction during the Commonwealth Games

first_imgThis Coolangatta property at 38 South Street will go to auction on April 8.Ray White Burleigh Waters sales agent Brent Hodge said its Gold Coast South Network had organised a marketing campaign around the event.More than 20 properties will go to auction on April 8, which would be held at one location in Tweed Heads – well away from the city’s chaos.He said they couldn’t guarantee people were going to “come off the aeroplane and buy property” but thought it was worth a try.Ray White Prestige Gold Coast agents Sam Guo and Julia Kuo have multiple properties set to go under the hammer over the next two weeks.Mr Guo said sellers didn’t want to miss out on the influx of visitors.They had been inundated with requests from buyers to market or auction their homes throughout the Games.“Our clients are hoping they might take advantage of all the interstate (visitors),” Mr Guo said. 74-76 The Promenade, Isle Of Capri, will be auctioned off on April 7.ABOUT 1.5 billion people are turning their eyes to the Gold Coast over the next 10 days, providing a unique opportunity for homeowners to sell their properties.Dozens of auctions have been scheduled throughout the Commonwealth Games to leverage off the hundreds of thousands of visitors expected to flock to the city.Despite road closures and plenty of sporting action, sellers and real estate agents are hoping interstate and overseas visitors will attend auctions to secure their own slice of paradise. 32 Emu Court, Sorrento, will go under the hammer on April 15. 19 Naples Ave, Isle of Capri, will go to auction on April 14. This Mermaid Waters home at 19 Cadence Avenue will go to auction on April 14. 9/17 Marseille Court, Sorrento, will also be auctioned off on April 14.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa18 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoHe said they were hoping to appeal to those who wanted to explore the city while they were here and were interested in buying.“I don’t believe everyone will go to see all the games,” Mr Guo said.However, some agents remained unconvinced that holding auctions during the event would make much of a difference.Professionals Mermaid Beach managing director Andrew Henderson said they would continue to market properties throughout the games but would hold off on auctions until May.“We avoided April,” Mr Henderson, who is also the REIQ Gold Coast zone chair, said.“It’s a great time to promote, we’ve been putting on as much stock as we can.“I just didn’t think it was the right (time to) do auctions with road closures.”Professionals Southport sales consultant Andrew Wright considered pushing one of his properties set to go under the hammer on April 8 back.center_img 27 Knightsbridge West Parade, Sovereign Islands, will go under the hammer on April 8. 47 Gumtree Crescent, Upper Coomera, will also go under the hammer on April 7. 23 Hill Ave, Burleigh Heads, is among one of the first to go to auction throughout the Games on April 7. 13 Glauca Street, Burleigh Heads, will also go to auction on April 15.He was concerned about traffic congestion but said they had already postponed an auction on the property.“It came into consideration because we were actually thinking of cancelling … but we just decided to proceed,” Mr Wright said.“Geographically, that place is a long way from the Southport and Cararra hustle and bustle.“There’s a lot of locals … that are interested (in the property), there may well be some interstate interest as well. But it certainly wasn’t a marketing plan.”Burleigh Miami Realty principal Neil Pasley would have changed the April 15 auction of one of his properties if it were close to a big Games sporting venue.He said the owners chose the date based on personal reasons but it didn’t bother him because it was not near a Games precinct.He didn’t think many visitors would attend.“Most people will either be at the Games or watching it on TV,” Mr Pasley said.“If someone is interested, they’re going to come anyway.” Auctions during the Commonwealth Games: – 23 Hill Ave, Burleigh Heads (April 7)– 47 Gumtree Crescent, Upper Coomera (April 7– 74-76 The Promenade, Isle of Capri (April 7)– 38 South St, Coolangatta (April 8)– 27 Knightsbridge Parade West, Sovereign Islands (April 8)– 19 Naples Ave, Isle of Capri (April 14)– 9/17 Marseille Court, Sorrento (April 14)– 19 Cadence Ave, Mermaid Waters (April 14)– 32 Emu Court, Sorrento (April 15) – 13 Glauca St, Burleigh Heads (April 15)last_img read more

Tan brothers’ ambushes may be connected – police

first_imgBACOLOD City – The murder of businessman Roberto Tan is possiblyconnected to the ambush survived by his brother, former city councilor Ricardo“Cano” Tan a year ago. “It was not just a timing. We saw thatit was carefully planned,” he added. Tan was driving a Nissan Sentra when he was shot five times. He died immediately. The still unidentified gunman fled with his driver-companion. Weeks after the ambush, the counciloragain made headlines when President Rodrigo Duterte linked him to the illegaldrug trade. (With a report fromPNA/PN) Both Tan and his wife survived theattack and only sustained abrasions. Colonel Henry Biñas, the city’s topcop, said Monday that investigators are considering this angle, but but hewould not automatically conclude that this was the reason behind the killing. Roberto “Kaishek” Tan, 70, was gunneddown by two motorcycle-riding men along C. L. Montelibano Drive in GreensvilleI Subdivision, Baragay Estefania around 9:45 a.m. on Sunday. center_img Biñas said investigators of PoliceStation 4 have not received reports of threats on the life of the businessman,but investigators believe the incident was pre-meditated. In the afternoon of Dec. 14, 2018, thecouple was on their way home from the family-owned Campuestohan Highland Resortwhen unidentified men fired at their Nissan Patrol vehicle. “There is a possibility but we are notdirectly relating the killing to that, we’re looking at all angles, includingbusiness,” Biñas said. After the ambush, Tan was unable toattend the remaining City Council sessions until his term expired on June 30this year. Roberto was gunned down exactly a yearafter his brother Ricardo, a former number one councilor of this city, and wifeAnita, were ambushed by at least three assailants.last_img read more

Mulumbu pens new Baggies deal

first_imgWest Brom midfielder Youssouf Mulumbu has signed a two-year contract extension with the Barclays Premier League club. Press Association The 26-year-old DR Congo international has become a key player for the Baggies since his arrival from Paris St Germain in January 2009, and has been rewarded with an improved deal which will keep him at the Hawthorns until 2016 with the option of a further 12 months. Mulumbu had a year to run on his previous contract and head coach Steve Clarke welcomed the player’s decision to extend his stay. center_img “This is good news for everyone connected with West Bromwich Albion,” he told the club’s official website. “Youssouf is a talented player and the fact he is willing to sign a contract extension shows we’re doing the right thing as a club. “Youssouf is an important player for the group – the number of games he’s played in the past few seasons underlines this fact. “The really pleasing thing is that Youssouf should now be coming into his best years as a footballer” Mulumbu helped West Brom gain promotion in the 2009/10 campaign, his first full season with the club, and was named both the fans’ and players’ Player of the Season for his efforts that year. last_img read more

Vautour gets the job done

first_img Press Association Vautour replicated stablemate Faugheen by following up a Cheltenham Festival win at the Punchestown meeting in the Tattersalls Ireland Champion Novice Hurdle. However, it lacked the fireworks of Faugheen’s display earlier in the week as the talented five-year-old, winner of the Supreme Novices’ Hurdle at Prestbury Park, stepped up to two and a half miles for the first time and led all the way. Noel Meade’s Apache Stronghold, forced to miss Cheltenham after a setback, emerged as a big threat at one point running to the last, forcing Ruby Walsh to get serious with the 1-3 favourite, who nevertheless won by three and a half lengths. center_img Walsh said: “The ground was quick enough at Cheltenham and some of our horses are not moving as well this week having run there. He lacked the same brilliance, but it’s to his credit that he was good enough to win.” Owner Rich Ricci, who is also responsible for Faugheen, added: “To win when he wasn’t at his best, I’m delighted. I don’t buy that Faugheen is a better horse, maybe he was this week. We’ll go home and sort it all out.” Mullins said: “It’s great to get a win. Jessie (Harrington) had no runner so we had a chance! “That certainly wasn’t anything like his Cheltenham form. Someone said two and a half (miles) was maybe too far, but that can’t be right knowing what he did earlier in the season. Maybe the spectacular run left a mark. I didn’t think he was as impressive. “Having been to Cheltenham and been as impressive as he was, you would have said that today was lovely, but we know what he can do. He wasn’t right at the beginning of the week, he just wasn’t 100 per cent so had a few easy days, maybe everything took its toll. “Ruby said he was a little bit feely and maybe it was a bit firm at Cheltenham for him. These are all things we have to look at. It will be interesting to see what the handicapper says, but I wouldn’t say it was his best performance. “The one owner has so many nice novices so we’ll try and plan for each division next year. We’ve a lot of thinking to do.” last_img read more