MMJ’s Jim James Covers Prince During Free Outdoor NYC Performance [Watch]

first_imgAfter wowing fans over two nights at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with his band My Morning Jacket, frontman Jim James made his way to New York, NY for a surprise free performance in the SoHo neighborhood, celebrating the opening of a new Cadillac House. The outdoor show focused mostly on James’ material from his 2013 solo release, Regions Of Light And Sound of God, with five songs from that album being played.James also snuck in a couple covers that he’s been playing with MMJ of late, including Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” and Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You.” Thanks to Charles Watson and Jeremy Braunstein, we have videos of the covers and more of the performance!Check out the clips and the full setlist below.Raspberry BeretFade Into YouKnow Till NowCheck out the full setlist below.Edit this setlist | More Jim James setlists[H/T Jambase]last_img read more

Hey squash, time for your close-up

first_imgHumans likely “auditioned” plants and animals that they eventually domesticated by first managing wild populations during a long transition period — sometimes thousands of years — that led from hunting-gathering to farming lifestyles, a speaker at the Harvard Museum of Natural History (HMNH) said Thursday (Feb. 18).Bruce Smith, an authority on the rise of eastern North American agriculture and the curator of North American archaeology at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, described current thinking on the rise of agriculture, one of the major changes in human history that created the modern world.Scientists believe there were roughly a dozen places where agriculture arose independently through the domestication of plants and animals. Some species — such as cattle and pigs — were domesticated independently from wild stock in more than one place at different times, he said.Smith spoke at the Harvard Museum of Natural History as part of its “Food for Thought” lecture series, which examines the past, present, and future of our food supply and runs into this spring. Elisabeth Werby, the HMNH executive director, introduced Smith, while Noel Michele Holbrook, Bullard Professor of Forestry, moderated the event, fielding audience queries during a question-and-answer session.Agriculture is a relatively recent development in human history, with the earliest traces found about 10,000 years ago. Despite that late arrival, agriculture has had a dramatic impact on human society, supporting larger, stable populations and the development of urban centers.Scientists have established discrete dates for plant and animal domestication at various locations around the world, ranging from about 10,000 years ago for squash domestication in Mesoamerica and wheat domestication in the Middle East to 4,800 years ago for sunflower domestication in eastern North America and 2,000 years ago for rice in sub-Saharan Africa. Other locations where agriculture is thought to have arisen independently include South America, East Asia, and New Guinea. But Smith said those dates may give the impression that domestication was a before-and-after kind of event, with hunter-gatherers before and farmers afterward. The reality, he said, was likely far more complex.There’s a large gray area between “wild” and “domesticated” plants and animals, Smith said. Humans likely managed wild populations of everything from nuts to berries to clams by manipulating the wild environment to foster the success of food sources important to them without actually domesticating them. He cited cases of burning forest canopy trees to foster growth of sun-loving food plants below and building rock walls at the low-tide mark to foster sand accumulation and improve the environment for clams.Species that were successfully domesticated had key characteristics, he said. Plants tended to be early-succession species that did well in disturbed environments that humans could create for them. The animals tended to be naturals for domestication — less skittish and easily led. Dogs and cats are an exception to that rule, Smith said, since they took a “let’s make a deal” approach of mutual benefit.Even after the first plants were domesticated — illustrated in the archaeological record by larger seed sizes when compared to wild progenitor species — true agricultural societies took time to develop. Smith defined agricultural societies as those that got 60 percent of their food from domesticated plants and animals. Reaching that level, he said, took thousands of years. While the first evidence of squash domestication in Mesoamerica came 10,000 years ago, the first remains of an agricultural village only dates to 4,000 years back, indicating a 6,000-year transition period to agricultural living. While Smith acknowledged that future archaeological finds may shift those dates, he said that, even if they do shift, it seems likely there was a long transition between the first plant domestication and the development of settled villages dependent on farming as a lifestyle.Most research on the roots of agriculture is focused on the initial transition where the first plants were domesticated, Smith said, leaving ample room for future researchers to investigate the long transition afterward.The next lecture in the “Food for Thought” series is “From Cooking Food to Cooking the Planet:  Growing Constraints to Food Production,” 6 p.m., Tuesday (Feb. 23).last_img read more

South Georgia Storms

first_imgHundreds of homes were damaged, dozens were injured and 17 Georgians were killed in two separate outbreaks, one on Jan. 2 and one from Jan. 21 to 23.While tornados can happen at any time of the year, the abnormally warm weather Georgia experience this January – between 3 and 10 degrees warmer than normal – likely helped to fuel the deadly outbreak. The first round, on Jan. 2, brought high winds and a number of tornadoes to southwest Georgia, although power outages and flash flooding were seen as far north as Atlanta. The second round, from Jan. 21 to Jan. 23, brought 73 confirmed tornadoes to the Southeast and an estimated 40 to the southern half of Georgia.While southern Georgia works to rebuild after the storms, the rest of Georgia is making sense of our warm winter weather. Georgia’s average temperature was between three and 10 degrees above normal during January, and February is projected to be warmer than normal as well.Spring-like temperatures in the middle of January caused premature blossoms to emerge on some fruit trees, which may expose spring and summer fruit harvests to frost damage.Data from around the state show that the January average temperature was in the top 10 on record.In Atlanta, the monthly average temperature was 52 degrees Fahrenheit, 8.7 degrees above normal.In Athens, Georgia, the monthly average temperature was 51.5 F, 8 degrees above normal.In Columbus, Georgia, the monthly average temperature was 53.7 F, 6.5 degrees above normal.In Macon, Georgia, the monthly average temperature was 53.9 F, 7.6 degrees above normal.In Savannah, Georgia, the monthly average temperature was 58.11 F, 8.6 degrees above normal.In Brunswick, Georgia, the monthly average temperature was 59 F, 7.5 degrees above normal.In Alma, Georgia, the monthly average temperature was 57.4 F, 6.7 degrees above normal.In Augusta, Georgia, the monthly average temperature was 55.5 F, 10.1 degrees above normal.In Albany, the monthly average temperature was 56.6 F, 7.3 degrees above normal.In Rome, Georgia, the monthly average temperature was 51.3 F, 10.1 degrees above normal.In Valdosta, Georgia, the monthly average temperature was 57.3 F, 6.9 degrees above normal.January also set a number of records for daily temperatures across the state. The high temperature of 77 F recorded in Atlanta on Jan. 14 broke a 73 F record set in 1937. Augusta set new record highs on Jan. 13, 15, 18 and 20, in each case by 1 to 4 degrees. Savannah broke a record high on Jan. 20, reaching 78 F, which surpassed the old record of 77 F set in 1951. Alma broke its record high on Jan. 2 observing 82 F, which surpassed the old record of 80 F set in 1952. Brunswick broke a record high on Jan. 20, reporting 80 F, which surpassed the old record of 77 F set in 1952.In addition to warmer-than-average temperatures, January was also wetter than normal, eliminating drought conditions from much of the state. By the end of the month, the area of extreme drought was reduced from 20 percent to less than 4 percent of the area and was confined to northeast Georgia. The entire state below the fall line from Columbus to Macon to Augusta was completely free of dry conditions by late January.Some farmers found their fields too wet to work as they started to prepare their land for spring planting.The highest rainfall total recorded by a National Weather Service station was 11.48 inches in Columbus, 7.63 inches above normal. The lowest total recorded by the National Weather Service was in Brunswick at 5 inches, 1.78 inches above normal.Alma received 7.09 inches, 2.83 inches above normal.Atlanta received 8.18 inches, 3.98 inches above normal.Athens received 6.51 inches, 2.46 inches below normal.Augusta received 10.13 inches, 6.22 inches above normal.Macon received 11.26 inches, 7.02 inches below normal.Savannah received 6.61 inches, 2.92 inches above normal.Rome received 7.81 inches, 2.99 inches below normal.Valdosta received 9.11 inches, 4.54 inches above normal.Rainfall set several daily records in January. Savannah received 4.19 inches on Jan. 22, breaking the old record of 1.33 inches set in 1966. On the same day, Augusta received 2.47 inches, passing the old record of 1.74 inches; Brunswick’s 2.69 inches beat its old record of 1.27 inches; and Alma received 3.15 inches, beating its old record of 1.27 inches set in 1956. Augusta also broke a daily record on Jan. 2, receiving 2.92 inches, which surpassed the old record of 1.64 inches set in 1919.The highest daily rainfall total recorded by Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network observers was 6.23 inches west of Albany in Dougherty County, Georgia, on Jan. 22, followed by 5.43 inches measured at another Albany station just over the border in Lee County, Georgia, on the same morning. The first Albany observer also recorded the highest monthly rainfall total: 17.44 inches reported. It was followed by 13.90 inches measured at Fort Gaines, Georgia, in Clay County followed by 13.31 inches from the Lee County observer.The highest daily snowfall recorded was 6.6 inches, near Hiawassee, Georgia, in Towns County and 6.5 inches reported near Dillard, Georgia, in Rabun County on Jan. 7. These two stations also had the highest monthly snow totals, with 6.9 and 6.8 inches, respectively.For more information, please see the “Climate and Agriculture in the South East” blog at or visit our webpage at Please feel free to email [email protected] with your weather and climate impacts on agriculture to share on the blog.last_img read more

South Korea coronavirus cases jump by two-thirds in one day

first_imgSouth Korea reported 20 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus on Wednesday — increasing its total by nearly two-thirds — including a cluster of at least 16 centered on the southern city of Daegu.The trade-dependent nation has been hit by the economic fallout from the virus outbreak in neighboring China, but until Wednesday’s jump, its own case numbers had hardly changed for several days.The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said in a statement that 20 new coronavirus cases had been confirmed, raising its total from 31 to 51. Of those, 18 were in Daegu and neighboring North Gyeongsang province, with 15 of them believed to be linked to a single patient, a 61-year-old woman.Fourteen of them attend the same church as the woman, the KCDC said, while the other one had come into contact with her at a hospital.She had first developed a fever on Feb. 10 but reportedly refused to be tested twice for the coronavirus on the grounds that she had not recently travelled abroad.She was not put into quarantine until a week later and was confirmed as the country’s 31st case on Tuesday. Seoul has blocked entry to foreigners coming from Hubei, the Chinese province that is the epicenter of the outbreak, and suspended visa-free entry to the island of Jeju, popular with Chinese tourists, but has not imposed a general ban on arrivals from China.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Viral videos show Indonesian crew pleading for help aboard Chinese fishing vessel

first_imgThe sailors said they had worked on the ship for ten months and had yet to receive any payment“Our contract ends in November 2021, but we can’t wait that long. We could die here,” one of the men said.“Please help us, Pak,” they said multiple times.The video, first posted by Instagram account @infogeh, has been shared numerous times and has garnered hundreds of comments, mostly condemning the apparent abuse and similar incidents aboard other Chinese fishing vessels. The Foreign Ministry said it had received a report and was looking into the matter.Read also: Indonesia reiterates concern about alleged mistreatment of crewmen on Chinese vessels“[We] have coordinated with the Transportation Ministry and the Manpower Ministry, which issues permits for Indonesians to work as crew members on ships abroad,” Foreign Ministry director for the protection of citizens and legal entities overseas Judha Nugraha said in a statement on Wednesday.Judha said the ministry had not received any response from PT Raja Crew Atlantik (RCA), the recruiting agency mentioned in the caption of the viral video.According to data from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Liao Yuan Yu 103, the fishing vessel mentioned in the post, is owned by Liaoning Kimliner Ocean Fishing Co. Ltd. in Dalian city, China.Judha said the ministry had coordinated with the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing to seek confirmation from the fishing vessel’s owner and Chinese authorities.“We will keep trying to call the first party that uploaded the video on social media to get more detailed information,” he said.This incident is the latest in a string of alleged abuse aboard Chinese fishing vessels. In July, an Indonesian crew member was found dead in the freezer of vessel Lu Huang Yuan Yu 117. In May, a video appeared on Facebook showing a group of sailors on Lu Qing Yuan Yu 623 throwing the body of an Indonesian sailor into the sea. Prior to that, there was public outrage at the death of four Indonesian sailors registered to another Chinese fishing ship.According to Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW) data, at least 30 Indonesian crew members were victims of exploitation aboard Chinese fishing vessels between November 2019 to June 2020, seven of whom have died and three of whom are missing. Videos apparently showing four Indonesian crew members begging to be rescued from abuse aboard a Chinese fishing vessel have gone viral on social media, the latest in a series of alleged abuses aboard such vessels. “Please get us off this ship immediately. We are being physically abused here. We were kicked, beaten, and they even threatened to stab us,” one crew member said in the video. Another said that the crew was being punched and kicked every day.“We are only given four to five hours to rest, and we work for more than 20 hours every day. If we don’t work, they will not give us any food. We are starving,” the man said. center_img Topics :last_img read more

Wenger turns deaf ear to critics

first_imgArsenal manager Arsene Wenger is determined to ignore his critics and will instead look to the future at Arsenal. “It was a game we controlled well until we scored the first goal but we didn’t take our chances. Having given what we did on Wednesday it could have been difficult to finish the game off.” Saido Berahino hit the bar late on for the subdued Baggies, who have now lost three straight games. Home fans also chanted “You don’t know what you’re doing” towards head coach Alan Irvine after he replaced Stephane Sessegnon with Georgios Samaras. “It’s not nice to hear it but people have their own opinions and it very nearly worked,” said Irvine of the substitution. “We looked as if we might score when perhaps we didn’t look like scoring too many times prior to the changes. Had it worked perhaps people would have had a different judgement. “We got close to getting something. We were committing a lot of people forward and put Arsenal under pressure at the end. We started the game well and Arsenal looked a threat on the counter but then we lost that control.” Irvine also rued an offside call after Berahino was stopped as he looked to run clean through at the start of the second half, despite looking onside. He said: “It’s two weeks in a row (after Diego Costa scored against them from an offside position), two big decisions have gone against us. People make mistakes but you could do without them. It makes the job against teams like Chelsea and Arsenal that much harder.” Press Association The Frenchman came under fire from Gunners fans on Saturday as they unveiled a banner reading ‘Arsene, thanks for the memories but it’s time to say goodbye’ at their 1-0 win over West Brom. Victory, earned by Danny Welbeck’s second-half header, saw Arsenal seal successive wins after their 2-0 Champions League victory over Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday. Arsenal fans remain frustrated with the Gunners’ failure to compete for the Barclays Premier League title, though, with some calling for Wenger to leave after 18 years in charge. However, the Gunners boss, who refused to answer questions about the banner, was unmoved. Wenger said: “I don’t comment on that. Do I need to say it again? I don’t comment on your question.” He added: “Every person has responsibility to prepare for the future, always.” And Wenger insisted he had also ignored any criticism after last Sunday’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester United. “The only thing we can do is let people talk. We live in a society of total opinion but we live off not what we say but what we do, and what we do is on the pitch,” he said. Welbeck’s winner was his 11th goal of the season for club and country to leave Wenger grateful after Nacho Monreal, Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain picked up injuries. “He is a striker who plays left, right and centrally but for me it’s not important. We have so many crosses coming in you always have a chance if you stay on the flanks as well,” he said. last_img read more

Watford boss Quique Sanchez Flore hints Hornets would welcome Emmanuel Adebayor

first_img Adebayor, 31, has not started a league match in over a year after he was frozen out by Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino. But when asked about the free agent ahead of his side’s Premier League clash against Leicester on Saturday, Flores said: “I am focused on the players I have on the training ground, but for me, the most important thing is that good players want to come to Watford. “This is very good news so we would welcome every good player and every good name. “I am not talking about any player in particular but I love the players with talent, with hunger, with soul, and who is a very good person. So, if we are in this case it would be perfect, but there are no names at the moment.” Earlier this week, Watford captain Troy Deeney urged his club to be cautious in any move for Adebayor. Deeney told Talksport: “He is a good player but there are questions marks about his temperament. Our owner isn’t naive enough to bring in any bad eggs in so I think they’d assess that angle if they were considering to bring him in.” In response to his skipper’s comments, Flores, who has guided his promoted side to 11th in the table, added: “I consider my players and they are really clever. “They want good players to come into the squad, but when a player can come to the club to help us it is amazing. It is good news.” Etienne Capoue, the French midfielder who endured two troubled years at Tottenham before signing for Watford in the summer, would welcome his former team-mate. “Yes, of course, he is a top player,” Capoue said when asked if he would like to see Adebayor join Watford. “He is my friend and I talk with him a lot.” Watford, who are bidding to win three consecutive games in the top flight for the first time since 1987, travel to high-flying Leicester on Saturday. Flores, who said Jose Manuel Jurado is a doubt for the trip, added: “Leicester are an amazing team, a tough team, a tough stadium so we want to win but it is important to recognise that we are a team that is improving.” Adebayor, a free agent after the final year of his contract at Spurs was terminated in September, has this week been linked with a move to Vicarage Road. The former Arsenal and Real Madrid striker would be able to join a Premier League club in the new year and Watford are reported to be interested in his services. Watford manager Quique Sanchez Flores has refused to rule out a move for Emmanuel Adebayor and hinted he would welcome the arrival of the former Tottenham striker. Press Associationlast_img read more

Ellsworth basketball fans travel cross-country for state championship

first_img Part 1: Invisible, incapacitating concussions are sidelining high school athletes – July 19, 2016 Bio Latest Posts Taylor VorthermsSports Editor at The Ellsworth AmericanTaylor Vortherms covers sports in Hancock County. The St. Louis, Missouri native recently graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism and joined The Ellsworth American in 2013. Latest posts by Taylor Vortherms (see all)center_img Part 2: When the injury is inside your head, some “don’t get it” – July 26, 2016 ELLSWORTH — The Class B boys’ basketball state championship is drawing fans from across the country.One 1965 Ellsworth High School graduate made the trip all the way from Florida on Thursday to watch the Eagles play Lake Region on Friday for their first state title in 50 years.Wayne Bragdon, a recently retired project coordinator at E.L. Shea Inc., has spent the past few months wintering in Venice, Fla. He said this post-season basketball tournament is the first one he has missed in more than five decades.“I just love high school basketball,” Bragdon said. “I always have.”This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textBragdon never played the sport in high school, but he was in the stands when the Eagles won state titles in 1964 and 1966, though his recollection of those championships is murky.“That was so long ago,” he said laughing. “I barely remember.”But the program’s success in the 1960s established a fan ship in Bragdon that could withstand the distance of some 1,500 miles.Bragdon left Maine halfway through the regular season — around the time the Eagles’ squad started clicking. They would go on to win their first regional title in 28 years.Their pivotal moment came on Jan. 16 — Ellsworth coach Peter Austin’s birthday — when the Eagles lost to Old Town 64-57 and dropped to 7-4.Since then, second-seeded Ellsworth has won 10 straight games, including over top Class B teams such as No. 3 Washington Academy, No. 4 Orono, No. 6 Caribou and No. 5 Mount Desert Island as well as eventual Class C Northern Maine champion George Stevens Academy.“They just seemed to be a team that would hang together and come back,” Bragdon said.Ellsworth junior Bryce Harmon solidified that in what Bragdon called a “miracle finish” in the Class B North semifinal against Caribou on Feb. 17. Harmon hit a 3-point bank shot at the final buzzer to tie the score and keep Ellsworth’s season alive. Senior Bruce St. Peter would score the winning basket in overtime.“That’s when I thought, maybe this is going to be the year,” Bragdon said. “They’ve got some great players, and they’re coming together as a team.”Bragdon isn’t the only Ellsworth fan who has been en route to Maine this week for the championship game scheduled for 8:45 p.m. Friday at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.He wasn’t even the only one on his flight, which he shared with Peter Austin’s son, Andrew Austin, who lives in Clearwater, Fla.Bragdon said that, no matter the outcome, the trip will have been worth it.“Whether we win or lose,” Bragdon said, “I’ll be happy.” EHS names new boys’ soccer coach – July 13, 2016last_img read more

National leg cricket league indefinitely postponed

first_imgNew Delhi: Leg cricket is an emerging sport that has made its mark with young athletes all over India. While it isnt just as popular as the game of cricket, it derives inspiration from the game. Leg cricket has its own rules and is played in a completely different format to its namesake. The upcoming league was to be organised in July, but considering the situation of the pandemic that the world is facing right now, the league has been postponed until further notice.Speaking on the postponement of the league Jogender Prasad Verma, General Secretary, Leg Cricket Federation of India, said, “First of all I want to urge everyone to follow the government’s instructions, please stay at home and stay healthy by maintaining your fitness. We aim to resume as soon as the situation gets better and due to the unforeseen situation of the pandemic, we had to postpone the league, indefinitely. We, however, are hoping that once the pandemic is under control we will be able to undertake the national championship.” IANSAlso Read: Bushfire Cricket Bash charity cricket match of legends raises $7.7 millionAlso Watch: Sellers take advantage of helplessness of panic stricken citizens by overpricing commoditieslast_img read more

SD State looks to extend streak vs SD

first_img Associated Press SD State looks to extend streak vs SD February 21, 2020 ARE YOU EXPERIENCED: South Dakota has depended on senior leadership while South Dakota State has been fueled heavily by freshmen this year. For the Coyotes, seniors Tyler Hagedorn, Stanley Umude, Tyler Peterson, Triston Simpson and Cody Kelley have collectively accounted for 83 percent of the team’s scoring. In the other locker room, freshmen Douglas Wilson, Noah Freidel and David Wingett have collectively scored 47 percent of South Dakota State’s points this season, including 52 percent of the team’s points over its last five games.TERRIFIC TYLER: Hagedorn has connected on 53.5 percent of the 129 3-pointers he’s attempted and has gone 6 for 17 over his last three games. He’s also converted 81.6 percent of his free throws this season.WINLESS WHEN: South Dakota is 0-5 when scoring fewer than 70 points and 19-5 when scoring at least 70.PERFECT WHEN: South Dakota is a perfect 9-0 when it turns the ball over nine times or fewer. The Coyotes are 10-10 when they record more than nine turnovers. The South Dakota State defense has forced 9.6 turnovers per game in conference play and 13 per game over its last three.DID YOU KNOW: The South Dakota State offense has scored 78.1 points per game this season, ranking the Jackrabbits 26th nationally. The South Dakota defense has allowed 74.1 points per game to opponents (ranked 254th).___center_img Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditSouth Dakota (19-10, 9-5) vs. South Dakota State (21-8, 12-2)Frost Arena, Brookings, South Dakota; Sunday, 3 p.m. ESTBOTTOM LINE: South Dakota State looks for its eighth straight conference win against South Dakota. South Dakota State’s last Summit League loss came against the South Dakota Coyotes 99-84 on Jan. 19. South Dakota fell 77-74 at home to North Dakota State in its last outing. For more AP college basketball coverage: and was generated by Automated Insights,, using data from STATS LLC, https://www.stats.comlast_img read more