A Decision Has Been Made

By Julie JohansenFollowing two public hearings as well as plenty of research and consultations, the Emery School Board called a special public meeting to make a decision on how to handle the drop in elementary age students, thus a reduction in funds of nearly $100,000. Elementary supervisor Ralph Worthen presented several proposals to the board for consideration.At the meeting on Wednesday, a unanimous decision decision was made. The proposal chosen would give each elementary building a certain number of FTEs (teachers) based on the student count for that school and then each building would have to determine how to configure the classrooms. This would give Book Cliff Elementary six FTEs and a student-to teacher-ratio of 16.7. Castle Dale will have eight FTEs and a ratio of 20.4. Cleveland will have 6.5 FTEs and a ratio of 19.8. Cottonwood will have six FTEs and a ratio of 19.0 while Ferron will have nine FTEs and a ratio of 21.7. Huntington will have 12 FTEs and a ratio of 19.5.This will be a difference of two teachers districtwide, which can be handled with attrition or new placements without a reduction in force. It was noted that this is just for the coming school year. The board now plans to begin work shortly on long-term plans for what may come in the future and invites public comments and suggestions. read more