Moroccos Health Ministry to Reduce Price of Cancer Medicines

Rabat – Minister of Health Anas Doukkali has released a list of the 210 drugs to be reduced in price. The official list of new prices has been posted online, starting on page 61 of an 86-page document. The newly released list includes medicines for chronic illnesses such as cancer and mental illness.The list shows the prices for the public before and after the reduction, as well as the prices at the hospital before and after being reduced.The Ministry’s decision to reduce prices is an example of implementation of the national drug policy, specifically decree 2.13.852, issued on December 19, 2013. Since putting this policy into effect, the ministry has been reducing the cost of drugs in groups of two or three hundred.So far, over 3,000 pharmaceutical medicines are now more affordable for the public.The medicines chosen for reduction are those used to treat chronic illnesses including cancer and mental illnesses.Read also: Moroccan Scientist Develops New Cancer Treatment read more