Germanys Angela Merkel to Attend UN Migration Compact in Morocco

Rabat – The Intergovernmental conference on migration will take place from December 10-11.Merkel’s visit was confirmed by Germany’s Government spokeswoman Martina Fietz on Friday, according to RT.Prior to Fietz’s announcement, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita held talks with his German counterpart Heiko Maas on the preparations of the conference. The German official said that Morocco is a major partner in several fields, including migration. Read Also: UN Applauds Morocco’s Efforts to Adopt Global Migration PactThe discussion, which took place in Berlin on Thursday, was also an opportunity to discuss Merkle’s participation in Marrakech’s migration conference.The migration pact aims to address humanitarian concerns, human rights-related, and developmental aspects of international migration.It also seeks to protect the dignity of all migrants, regardless of their status.The compact also promises to ease pressures on countries that welcome and host refugees.Morocco has established itself as a country of destination rather than just being a transit country.In 2013, Morocco introduced its National Policy on Immigration and Asylum to offer protection to migrants and refugees.The North African country has also launched regularization campaign for migrants and refugees who are aiming to settle in the country.Just days before the intergovernmental conference, Morocco will also be home to the 11th summit of the World Forum on Migration, which will be held on December 5-7 in Marrakech. Co-chaired by Germany and Morocco, the forum on migration also aims to tackle questions related to migrants’ rights to decent working and living conditions in their host countries. read more