VIDEO The best kids talent show of all time ever ever

first_img YOU READY for the Zach Attack?You better be. Because he is literally walking on sunshine.There are several contenders for our favourite moment in this. For example:The bit at 2.26 where his dancers tie themselves in knots for no obvious reasonPretty much everything aroun 3.35.The finishing slide (4.10) where Zach tries to decide whether to play the air guitar or not, and comes up with ‘maybe’.Giving props to his dancers (Lacey and Shelby!) at the end.It’s worth watching all the way through. We are now ready for the Zach Attack.VIDEO: This toddler is the best liar of all time>VIDEO: This baby is fast asleep… until her favourite song comes on>VIDEO: Little girl is adorably excited about riding a train>last_img read more