Womens EHF EURO 2012 Denmark beat France – Ukraine goes home

Ukraine goes home as the first team after two rounds at the Women’s EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia. Norway had hard 60 minutes against good Czech Republic 21:19 (10:12) and broke resistance of the rival in the last 10 minutes. Now is known that Norway will take all four points to the Main Round, while Serbia and Czech Republic will fight for the last two.In Nis, Denmark beat France 28:27. Macedonia still have chances for the Main Round after another “black day” against Sweden 15:26.STANDING:Norway 4Serbia 2Czech Republic 2Ukraine 0STANDING:Sweden 4France 2Denmark 2Macedonia 0 ← Previous Story Draw for EHF Cup Group stage: KIF and RNL in Group B! Next Story → Women’s EHF EURO 2012 DAY 4 – Croatia or Germany, Iceland or Russia? Women’s EHF EURO 2012 read more

Some Croke Park residents are signing a petition to reinstate all five

first_img“I wouldn’t be a Garth Brooks fan myself, but as a once off and out of respect for the people who bought tickets – the concert should go ahead.The whole world is looking at our area and thinking ‘what sort of people are they?’ I want to let people see it’s not all of us.“This is not a rich area and these concerts will bring in a lot of money.”Councillor Gary Gannon told TheJournal.ie that the petition seems to have “a lot of support on the ground amongst residents”.It states that the corporate GAA and Aiken promoters showed ’arrogance and greed’ organising the five Garth Brooks concerts.Reid said, “everyone should have been included in the decision, they should have gotten everyone’s point of view”.The petition states that the corporate GAA and Aiken “have created a scenario whereby 180,000 people are to be left disappointed and the reputation of our community is being portrayed negatively throughout the world.In looking to demonstrate the type of neighbourly respect to Croke Park which they have never shown to us- we as residents would be prepared to sign our name to a petition to re-instate the two concerts if the following terms were to be agreed to.These are the terms:The full implementation of the Mulvey Report is agreed to and adhered to indefinitely.Croke Park creates a legacy grant from the proceeds of the five concerts that go towards community regeneration and community education bursaries. Croke Park apologises to residents for the lack of respect they have shown us.Councillor Gary Gannon added that a lot of residents just want to find a solution:I was called by a number of people in the Croke Park vicinity looking to find a common sense solution to this mess.Read: Garth Brooks: ‘For us, it is five shows or none at all’>Read: Permission granted for just THREE of the scheduled five Garth Brooks concerts> SO FAR WE’VE only heard from Croke Park residents who don’t want all the Garth Brooks concerts to go ahead.However some residents are now signing a petition to reinstate all five of the concerts, saying they’re ‘fuming’ that a minority are speaking on their behalf.This comes after Dublin City Council announced yesterday that just three of the five concerts can go ahead.Garth Brooks then released a statement last night saying it was either ‘the five shows or none at all’.The new petition will be delivered around the local area today – calling on residents to allow the concerts go ahead.Sandra Reid organised it, she told TheJournal.ie that she set up the petition because:The majority of people living around here are fuming that a minority are speaking on behalf of the whole area.last_img read more