Go800 Forget memorizing phone numbers it make calls via Twitter handles

first_imgRemember the days when you memorized all of your best friends’ phone numbers, plus your home number, and your parents’ office numbers? Those days are long gone for most of us since cell phones came along. This is evidenced by David Harper, co-founder and architect of Go800, who was left with a dead cell phone after a day spent at a convention. He was surrounded by people with phones, but realized that he didn’t know anyone’s number so he couldn’t even borrow a phone to make a call, which gave him the idea for Go800.In an interview Harper did with Wired, he said “Phone numbers are dead.” He said we remember names and usernames and URLs much better than we remember phone numbers. Launched at the beginning of March, Go800 replaces phone numbers with Twitter handles, and allows you to make free calls though the service.Once you sign up for an account on Go800’s Web site, you then activate your Twitter name. The Twitter authentication is meant to protect users from having their names taken from imposters. After the set-up is complete, a text that’s sent to your Twitter name will cause your phone to ring. The caller is put on hold until the call connects. The recipient gets the call and has no idea it was connected through Twitter. It seems like a normal call, and the receiver even sees the right caller ID on their phone.You may be thinking that having all 2,000 of your Twitter followers being able to call your cell phone is a frightening thought – which it is; but don’t worry, Go800 allows you to choose your privacy settings to allow anyone to call you, or you can set up a whitelist so only certain people can use Go800 to contact you. Though your number is hidden from them, the caller’s number is still visible to your caller ID. This could be useful if you want to put your Twitter handle on your business card, but don’t want people to know your actual phone number.Now, this service is free – kind of. You get 100 free minutes per month. Harper told Wired he hopes to increase that number eventually, but he also hopes businesses and organizations will purchase bundles of minutes to connect to customers. Go800 works on any phone that can send a text, so even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still connect with your friends via Twitter – one way or the other.via Gadgetwiselast_img read more