Zidane does not ask for signings

first_imgWith these actors, it is worth remembering the scenes that were lived in the final stretch of the first stage of Zidane on the bench of the Bernabéu. Madrid faced 2018 in a sea of ​​doubts, very out of the leadership in the League and eliminated in the Copa del Rey by Leganés, who threw him after conquering the Bernabéu (1-2) in the quarterfinals. Then the club was convinced to sign Kepa Arrizabalaga, still in Athletic, by its clause, of only 20 million; Zizou refused and in August, after renovation, Chelsea signed the goalkeeper paying 80 million That had happened to cost. Real Madrid faces the month much more pending of the lawn than of the offices. What the team achieves in this demanding January costs six games and the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia will condition its course until the end of the season, so the focus is on the sports section. At market level there will be little movement: As AS has learned, except for unexpected turn of events, the club and Zidane have decided not to sign. Yes, they intend to start two players now in the form of assignment: Mariano and Brahim.The current situation is very similar to that experienced in summer. Zidane doesn’t want anyone but Pogba, as this newspaper reported on the 28th, but the coach is aware that The club is not in the job of satisfying that desire because Manchester United doesn’t even put a price on its star. In any case, yours would be a summer megaoperation. The Uruguayan Valverde explosion (21 years) has been key at this point. Nor is it that Florentino Pérez is very likely to look out the winter window. Between his two terms he has moved seven times in this market, investing only 48.8 million euros. The last incorporation was in 2018, Brahim, after there were no reinforcements in 2016 and 2017.There is harmony between Zidane and the clubZizou also doesn’t have much faith in winter shopping. Trust your staff, a message that is responsible for repeating and enunciating each press conference, and has not asked for news for the second half of the season. Not without some irregularity, the team has responded as expected when starting the course. That incident caused the first strains in the good relationship of Florentino and Zidane, who packed in May. The club considered that Kepa’s was a strategic signing that was ruled out by the coach’s ‘no’, who saw his great commitment to his children reinforced by raising a Thirteenth in Kiev in which few believed months before. Now there will be no discrepancy.last_img read more

“Simeone is the flag of Atleti”

first_img– How is Newell’s?-Happy. It is a club that makes you feel different. The stadium is very special because of how it animates and here you can feel a feeling of football greatness that exceeds everything. I consider myself privileged to enjoy football with 39 years.– Do you miss Spain?-It is a great country where I spent the best years of my career. I always carry those memories with me and I have great friends there.– And the Athletic one?-What am I going to tell you not to know! The mattress family is something unique and they made me live moments that I will never forget. Atlético is a club that always treats you great because it cares about the player. When I can, I make a trip to see them. – Can you imagine Cavani in the Wanda?-Cavani is one of the best scorers in the world, but sometimes these passes are not completed. He is a player that everyone wants to have for his team. I know it didn’t happen in the end.-A curiosity. Do you think Messi will retire at Newell’s?-The figure of Messi is so large that it is difficult to predict whether it will be here. The fans await you, it is evident. He always expresses the love he has for the shirt. He was born a few streets from the stadium and we are privileged to be united in something in common with Leo.-What does the club fan cling to think about that?-In his day Maradona did it, but whatever he decides will be fine. For now we give you these victories. He is the best player in the world and you don’t have to press him. -Simeone is the flag of Atlético and has to be, if the club considers so. It is very difficult to maintain great results over time and he fights with Madrid and Barcelona. A few years ago that was unthinkable. People should be very grateful. – What does the fan feel for Simeone?-The fan loves him. After all, he has given the team a lot since he arrived and lives each game as if it were the last. I enjoy watching Simeone, but I also vibrate when the Wanda roars because that is vital for the team to get results.– Do you like the Metropolitan Wanda more than the Calderón?-It is the end result of a good job of team growth with the fan. It is a modern and safe stadium with great nights left. El Calderón is part of the rojiblanca history and we have great nights there.center_img – He faces another team of his, Liverpool …-For me Liverpool is the biggest club in England. I dare not give you a result, but I imagine it will be a matched tie. The two hobbies are the best in the world, in that I have no doubt.– Do you think Liverpool is a favorite?-I never dare to talk about it. Football cannot be predicted. By the way of playing both will be two colorful games for the amateur and with a lot of rhythm and direct.-The Champions League is a competition with different luck for both …-Exact. Liverpool is the current champion and Atlético has been very close. They are two mythical clubs that are called to be in the fight every year. This is the cutest tie he could play.-If Atlético stumbles, would you understand that Simeone did not follow?last_img read more