Media suffers relentless harassment in autonomous republic of Ajaria

first_img October 1, 2020 Find out more RSF_en News Television journalist Vakhtang Komakhidze, of the private channel Rustavi 2, was attacked and brutally beaten in the autonomous Republic of Ajaria on 5 March 2004. At least five journalists have fallen victim to similar attacks since the start of the year. Reporters Without Borders urged Georgian President Mikhail Saakachvili to quickly intervene to halt the attacks. News GeorgiaEurope – Central Asia At Kelvachauri, security forces accompanied by armed individuals physically attacked the driver of the Channel 9 crew, Jumber Chevardnadze, and seized tapes from journalist Nata Imedashvili and cameraman Ramaz Jorbenadze.Journalist Nestan Checkhladze, of the privately owned Rustavi 2 channel and his cameraman Baka Sharahenidze were arrested at Makho and their tapes seized.Police also seized footage taken by the privately owned channel Imedi._____Assailants, identified by a witness as belonging to special forces, brutally beat a television journalist on 5 March, in the latest of some dozen incidents of harassment of the media in the autonomous Republic of Ajaria so far this year. Reporters Without Borders called for a halt to the harassment. “The authorities in Ajaria must stop obstructing the work of the media in the region and take the strongest action against those who use violence against journalists,” it said.The attack on Vakhtang Komakhidze, of the programme “60 minutes” on the privately owned television channel Rustavi 2 came after he was pulled over by police as he was driving out of Khelvachauri town in the company of another journalist.Several black-clad men then jumped on him, beat him and seized equipment and documents from both journalists. The police did nothing to stop the attack.His colleague Mzia Amaglobeli of the Adjara weekly Batumelebi, who was not attacked, recognised the assailants as members of a special Adjara service responsible for putting down demonstrations.Komakhidze had been researching a report on alleged corruption by President Aslan Abashidze and his family. The previous evening his cameraman, Dimitri Miasnikov, had been questioned by police in Batumi, the republic’s main town.Reporters Without Borders recorded around a dozen incidents of harassment so far this year.The authorities banned the television channels Rustavi 2 and Imedi from working in the region and in two months five journalists have been physically assaulted and five other arrested. The security forces have done everything possible to prevent the press from covering demonstrations against the president of the republic, who is opposed to new Georgian President Mikhaïl Saakashvili, the organisation said. It urged President Saakashvili to act quickly if the local authorities failed to take the necessary action.Rustavi 2 cameraman Dimitri Miasnikov was arrested in Batumi on 4 March. He was held for one hour in the offices of the interior ministry while police deleted footage he had taken for “60 minutes”.Counter-demonstrators at a demonstration against President Abashidze in Batumi on 20 February set upon television journalists covering the story. Cameraman for Channel 9, Ramaz Jorbenadze, was physically attacked. Nato Imedaishvili, his colleague Diana Trapaidze and Irakli Kifiani of the private channel Imedi, together with Nestan Checkhladze and David Maisuradze of Rustavi 2, were all targeted by the counter-demonstrators and forced to hand over film they had just shot. The demonstrators also threatened to ransack the offices of the weekly Batumelebi.Four armed men burst into the Batumi home of David Gogitauri, cameraman for Imedi on 28 January. They beat him and threatened further reprisals unless he stopped covering political events in Ajaria. They also seized a filmed interview with the mayor of Batumi and son of Aslan Abashidze, Giorgi Abashidze.The same journalist was victim of an earlier attack on 13 January by about 15 unidentified assailants as he was about to interview a man who had been beaten up after hanging from his window the traditional Georgian flag, symbol of the National Movement party of President Mikhaïl Saakashvili. Police targeted Eter Turadze and Mzia Amaglobeli of Batumelebi during a demonstration against the local government in Batumi on 25 January. They snatched and destroyed their equipment. The two journalists had already been beaten up by a gang of around 15 black-clad men as they covered a demonstration in support of Mikhaïl Saakashvili in the village of Gonio. The attackers also seized and damaged their equipment.Police in Batumi roughed up Diana Trapaidze and Nestan Checkhladze on 10 January, when they filmed them in the act of ripping up posters of the Kmara movement. Police accused the journalists of promoting the movement that headed the “rose revolution”. Police also beat Tedo Jorbenadze of Batumelebi. All three journalists were held for nearly one hour.Finally, on 7 and 8 January, the authorities prevented Rustavi 2 journalist Irakli Shetciruli from crossing the republic’s administrative border at Choloki. Receive email alerts GeorgiaEurope – Central Asia At least five journalists attacked while covering Georgia’s election campaign July 20, 2020 Find out more Concern about alleged plot to murder Georgian TV hostcenter_img to go further News News Follow the news on Georgia Mounting pressure on Georgia’s media in run-up to elections Organisation March 15, 2004 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Media suffers relentless harassment in autonomous republic of Ajaria Security forces and journalists clashed three more times in Ajaria on 13 March 2004.Police harassed television crews covering the visit of Georgian finance minister Zurab Nogaideli, who filmed the brief detention of the official by the local authorities. Help by sharing this information June 18, 2020 Find out morelast_img read more

Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Brings The Revivalists, Lake Street Dive, & More To Lyons

first_imgLoad remaining images From the Planet Bluegrass organization, the same brilliant minds as Telluride Bluegrass and Rocky Grass, the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival has been going strong for 27 years. And like Telluride, the genre of the festival has slowly loosened to broader interpretations, allowing for some of the country’s (and world’s) most spectacular artists to grace the stage in the lovely town of Lyons, Colorado. This year’s lineup included national acts such as Lake Street Dive, Elephant Revival, The Revivalists, Dave Rawlings Machine, Gregory Alan Isakov, and many others.A routinely family-friendly festival, Folks Fest has grown in recent years, with the 2017 attendance likely setting records on both Saturday and Sunday nights. Having seen some major work since the 2013 floods, the Planet Bluegrass venue itself shows some beautiful improvements. The surrounding vistas remain incredibly gorgeous and picturesque, rivaling any outdoor venue in the country, and providing the perfect backdrop for a laid-back festival.Friday’s schedule kicked off with the traditional morning Songwriter Showcase, followed by a pair of female-led acts, Austin-born Brooklynite Phoebe Hunt with her band The Gatherers, and a solo singer-songwriter hailing from Scotland, Rachel Sermanni. Both artists eased the festival crowd into the weekend, Sermanni delighting the calm Friday attendees with her traditional Scottish folk songs, many inspired by the poems of Robert Burns. Gregory Alan Isakov, South African native and a Colorado local, closed the first night with a lengthy set of remarkable, delicate, and often haunting tunes. A pure lyrical genius, Isakov demanded attention and all but silenced the crowd at times, leaving everyone dreaming of what the rest of the weekend held in store.Yet despite our dreams, Saturday mornings are often tough for festival and bluegrass folks. In that regard, Idaho-born Korby Lenker couldn’t have been a more perfect opener. The winner of last year’s Songwriter Showcase, Korby’s unique blend of folk, acoustic, and island-tinged music came on easy and delightfully. Following Lenker, Melbourne’s all-female Mae Trio took the stage, their bluesy take on bluegrass and folk music serving as the perfect lunchtime pick-me-up before some more traditional bluegrass music from Ben Sollee & Kentucky Native. Among others, Sollee’s refreshing take on Bill Monroe’s “Blue Moon of Kentucky” was a fan-favorite and an impressive feat from a fairly young picker.Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Mandolin Orange filled the mid-afternoon slot on Saturday, their slow, thoughtful songs steeped in bluegrass and good ol’ fashioned country music finding a perfect audience with the relaxed Folks Fest atmosphere. The band found themselves naturally at home on the Planet Bluegrass stage; their song “Wildfire,” from the 2016 album Blindfaller, resonated particularly well with the Colorado foothills crowd, many of them all too familiar with recent forest fires. Led by duo Emily Frantz and Andrew Marlin, the group played a stellar set, heavy on songs from Blindfaller, proving their recent rise in the bluegrass and folk circuit shouldn’t be ignored. Folk legend Loudon Wainwright III followed, playing a handful of his classic folk songs, including “The Picture,” “Daughter,” “The Swimming Song,” and his hilarious “My Meds.” Loudon proved he’s still got it, cracking the crowd up and getting them up and dancing before one of the weekend’s more anticipated sets.Elephant Revival took the stage in the early evening, the hot summer sun slowly relenting as a cool breeze came over the festival grounds. Opening with a pair of songs off of their newest release, Petals, the band shined with their newer, heavier sound on “Hello You Who” and “Home in Your Heart,” led by multi-instrumentalist and transcendental siren Bonnie Paine. A couple of songs later, the band welcomed Josh Ritter and Phoebe Hunt to the stage to join in on “Grace of a Woman. A beautiful tribute off of 2013’s These Changing Skies, fiddle players Bridget Law and Phoebe Hunt played some stunning duets on the song. Ritter remained on stage for “Girl in the War,” a poignant, evocative song covered occasionally by Elephant Revival at recent shows and truly brought to life with his presence. “When I Fall” and a rare cover of Pink Floyd’s “Have A Cigar” let the bass-heavy side of Elephant surface once again, with Dango Rose leading the band on electric double bass. Following a few more songs, the band closed out their Saturday set with members of Mandolin Orange, Ben Sollee, Phoebe Hunt, and Josh Ritter, playing “Good Graces” and a blistering take on “Rogue River.” New Orleans septet The Revivalists closed out Saturday night, understandably delighted to be the weekend’s one true rock and roll band. Lead vocalist David Shaw took no time getting to know the fans, while still staying plenty involved with the rest of the band. Each member of the group, from guitarist Zack Feinberg to drummer Andrew Campanelli, had their moment to shine as the band took us through a well-curated set of some of their better-known songs. They capped off the evening with a fiery version of The Beatles’ “With A Little Help from My Friends,” led by Shaw singing the song in true Joe Cocker fashion.Sunday got started with Egyptian legend Ramy Essam, a true testament to the far-reaching, genre-bending selection artists at Folks Fest. Known for his appearances during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 in Cairo, his music felt especially fitting in light of recent events in Charlottesville and Boston here in the United States. Folk and bluegrass queen, Mollie O’Brien, played a lovely set with Rich Moore before Fort Collins’ SHEL took the stage. SHEL was one of the largely-unknown standouts of the weekend. Yet another all-female band, the four ladies stunned the folks in attendance with a delectable, distinctive sound. Constantly flirting with rock, folk, bluegrass, grunge, and other alternative genres, they played a music entirely their own, remaining social and engaged with what was likely a very large audience for the local band.Canada’s Wailin’ Jennys took the stage next, with, you guessed it, more astonishing female leads, along with a couple lovely lads! The group was just another example of Planet Bluegrass’ ability to book incredible bands that most of us have barely heard of, but undoubtedly should have. Josh Ritter was a certain exception to that, but he wowed the packed Sunday crowd nonetheless, his huge, positive presence enveloping the crowd as one of the few solo artists of the weekend. He welcomed Daniel Rodriguez and Bonnie Paine from Elephant Revival on for a song, played an original take on the traditional song “Louis Collins,” and graciously opened the stage for Lake Street Dive shortly thereafter.Having catapulted onto the scene in the recent years, Lake Street Dive is one of those constantly-hyped, “must see this summer” kind of bands. Having said that, the Brooklyn-based quartet lived up to their reputation beyond belief, playing an impossibly tight set reminiscent of the glory days of Muscle Shoals’ Swampers and Motown’s Funk Brothers. Frontwoman Rachael Price carries the torch and charisma of old female legends, with Bonnie Raitt and Aretha Franklin both coming to mind, while the always-stunning upright bass player Bridget Kearney keeps everything wonderfully put together. Opening the set with an acapella intro to their famous single “Bad Self Portraits” from the 2014 album of the same name, the band played the hits right off the bat, leaving time for them to dig deep into their catalog. They followed with “Neighbor Song” from 2010’s eponymous Lake Street Dive, gathering around a single mic a few songs thereafter for their stripped-down take on George Michael’s “Faith” from their 2012 album Fun Machine. Guitarist and trumpeter Mike Olson shined during the stripped-down segment of the set, and drummer Mike Calabrese played an impeccable solo before the band return to its full format. “Call Off Your Dogs,” “Side Pony,” and “How Good It Feels,” all off of their latest album Side Pony, each showcase the band’s obvious professionalism, their immaculate attention to detail and their sheer joy for playing good, timeless music. Another cover from Fun Machine, their rendition of Paul McCartney’s “Let Me Roll It,” let Price flaunt some surprisingly strong guitar skills before ending the set with two more tracks off of Bad Self Portraits, “Seventeen” and “You Go Down Smooth.”Not to be forgotten, the infamous Dave Rawlings Machine closed out the weekend with the classic, foot-stomping folk-rock music of Dave Rawlings, Gillian Welch and friends. The group’s enthusiasm was infectious, the Sunday crowd wide-eyed and lapping up every second of the final set. His song “To Be Young,” co-written with Ryan Adams, rippled through the field, bringing dreary fans to their feet, as did his raw take on the Grateful Dead’s “Samson and Delilah.” Ultimately, this year’s Folks Festival proved one of the best yet, showcasing a broad variety of folk-influenced music from across the world, while constantly providing a relaxed, family-friendly outdoor atmosphere that rivals the most illustrious venues in the country. Planet Bluegrass in Lyons hosts a variety of other concerts this summer and fall, as well the annual Telluride Bluegrass and Rocky Grass festivals. More details can be found at!Check out the full gallery below, with photos by Chris Klein:Rocky Mountain Folks Festival 2017 | Photos by C.K. Kleinlast_img read more

Ecuadorean Navy rescues founder Jeff Bezos

first_img The Ecuadorian Navy has an active duty force of more than 7,000 personnel and operates 21 vessels, including two guided missile frigates, two diesel-electric submarines, and three fast-attack boats. The Coast Guard, which operates under the command of the Navy, has 250 personnel and 30 patrol boats. Although the Navy’s primary mission is maritime defense, in recent years the Navy and the Coast Guard have played an important role in fighting drug trafficking. Ecuador is not a major cocaine producing country but it has increasingly been used as a transshipment point for illegal drugs. Recent maritime seizures of drugs include: • In October 2013, the Ecuadorian Navy and police forces collaborated to seize 799 kilos of cocaine in the country’s territorial waters, drugs which were destined for Central America and ultimately north to the United States, authorities reported. . • In April 2013, Ecuadorean police alerted the Coast Guard that a yacht, the “Green Onion,” was transporting a large quantity of cocaine. The coast guard pursued the boat, which escaped into international waters. The Ecuadorian Navy alerted the U.S. Coast Guard, which captured the boat in waters near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. When they realized they were about to be captured, the crew burned about four tons of cocaine. Julieta Pelcastre contributed to this article. Safeguarding human life A few hours before the Navy rescued Bezos, a Navy pilot used the same Bell 430 helicopter to rescue a woman who had gone into premature labor on Isabela Island, according to the Coast Guard’s website. On Jan. 4, 2014, the Bell 430 was called in to evacuate a man on San Cristobal Island who was suffering from acute appendicitis, the website reported. The Bell 430 is a twin-engine, single main rotor utility helicopter that can carry up to eight passengers or two emergency medical stretchers and attending medical personnel. The Ecuadorian Navy has two Bell 430s as well as one Bell 230, three Bell 206 Jet Rangers and three Bell TH-57 Sea Rangers. The Navy also has a force of 14 fixed wing patrol and training aircraft as well as six unmanned aerial vehicles for patrol and surveillance. Bezos had a “good outcome” from the kidney stone attack and no surgery was required, an spokesman said, according to published reports. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index recently ranked Bezos, 49, as the world’s 13th wealthiest person, with a net worth of $36 billion. Through an spokesman, Bezos released a brief statement: “Galapagos: five stars. Kidney stones: zero stars.” The “stars” are a reference was to’s system of customer ratings for products sold by the on-line retailing giant. Five stars is the highest rating for products sold on Amazon. The Ecuadorian Navy and Coast Guard officials rescued billionaire businessman and founder Jeff Bezos from a medical emergency in the Galapagos Islands on New Year’s Day. Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post, was on vacation near Santa Cruz Island, in the Galapagos archipelago, about 600 miles west of continental Ecuador when he suffered a kidney stone attack. The ship took Bezos to nearby Santa Cruz Island. A Navy pilot landed a Bell 430 helicopter landed on the island and transported Bezos to nearby Baltra Island, where the businessman boarded a private jet, which took him to the United States for medical treatment. Ecuadorian Navy Captain Daniel Ginez Villacis, regional director of Ecuador’s Coast Guard command in the Galapagos, ordered the Navy helicopter air evacuation after Bezos sought medical treatment on Santa Cruz Island. Members of the Bezos family and some of his business associates sent messages of thanks to the Ecuadorean Navy and Coast Guard for their “timely action” and “professionalism, Ginez said, according to published reports. Medical air evacuations are routine in the remote Galapagos Islands region, according to Navy and Coast Guard officials. About 25,000 people live in the Galapagos Island province. In addition to the permanent residents, tens of thousands of tourists visit the region annually to see the natural beauty and unusual wildlife on the Galapagos Islands. Another rescue by the Navy center_img Five stars for the Galapagos Quick action by the Navy The fact that Bezos is a wealthy businessman made no difference to the Navy, which protects the lives of people no matter their station in life, said Carlos Mendoza Mora, the director of Strategic Projects Consulting, a private security firm in Mexico City. “All human lives are important,” Mendoza Mora said. “All state capacities have to be applied in appropriate scale. When civil or police forces that protect the different levels of government security and integrity of the people do not have the opportunity to meet this emergency, then you have to climb to the next level and often in certain territories that means reliance on the Armed Forces. Therefore, there must be no restrictions on the state to use these resources.” “It is natural that the Ecuadorean Navy would provide help to Bezos, the Navy is responsible for covering the territorial waters, not civilian forces,” the security analyst said. By Dialogo January 14, 2014 Providing maritime defense and fighting drug traffickers last_img read more

Chilean Armed Forces Lend Capabilities To Support Fight Against Narcotrafficking

first_imgBy Guillermo Saavedra / Diálogo October 04, 2019 Units of the Chilean Army conduct surveillance and provide logistics support, technology, and transport in the fight against illegal activities such as narcotrafficking, human trafficking, smuggling money, and other related crimes.“There was pressure from narcotrafficking recipient countries in Europe, the United States, and also the OAS [Organization of American States], which urged Chile to implement control measures, make them official, and present them,” Guillermo Holzmann, Chilean political and defense analyst and scholar at the University of Valparaíso’s School of Economic and Administrative Science, told Diálogo.The North Joint Command, under the Chilean Joint Chiefs of Staff, leads the coordination with the Armed Forces’ different capabilities and police forces. Service members provide logistics and technological support to trace and identify criminals, while police elements are responsible for arresting them.According to Holzmann, narcotraffickers use routes that national authorities don’t control. “They [the routes] are explored, defined, and secured by criminal groups based in Italy, Russia, countries of the former Soviet Union, and China, which control them and define their use, with weapons and without weapons,” said Holzmann.“A large amount of the drug is loaded in small ports and then transported to much larger ships in open waters. That’s why fighting this requires a convergence of Navy, Air Force, and Army resources,” Holzmann said.Chilean Army General René Bonhomme, commander of the 6th Division, told Diálogo that police forces, despite doing their job adequately, “don’t have the capability to protect a border of considerable length, especially Bolivia’s, whose geography makes it very complex to manage and control.”According to the Chilean government, 64 percent of all drugs seized between 2010-2018 was concentrated in the north of the country bordering Bolivia and Peru, two countries considered to be among the largest cocaine producers. In 2019 alone, police forces disrupted 35 criminal gangs in the area and seized more than 1 ton of drugs.Transborder narcotrafficking in Chile has increased in recent years, especially in these  areas that extend some 530 miles, with rugged terrain and peaks that reach 16,500 feet above sea level.“It’s a very complicated area weather-wise, with poor quality and badly configured roads and many gorges,” said Gen. Bonhomme. “Some groups move skillfully during the night, showing that they know and use the roads very well.”last_img read more

Valeria Salazar, Gabriela Knutson ride 6-game doubles winning streak into NCAA tournament

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Valeria Salazar and Gabriela Knutson met up at the baseline, high-fived and settled back into position.Salazar has just served the ball toward Wake Forest’s Anna Ulyashchenko, whose racket barely made contact with the ball on the return. Ulyashchenko’s hit lobbed in the air toward Knutson, who then took a few steps forward, wound up and spiked the ball.Knutson and Salazar are slotted at No.1 doubles for Syracuse and are on a six-game winning streak together. Currently ranked No. 27 in the nation, the duo was selected to the NCAA doubles tournament, which runs May 25-30 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.“I think we play off each other pretty well,” Salazar said. “I set her up, she sets me up. We’re both aggressive, so it makes it easier for us to win points.”Prior to the doubles tournament, No. 25 Syracuse (14-8, 7-7 Atlantic Coast) will play in the NCAA tournament against No. 46 Georgia State (15-5, 4-0 Sun Belt). Knutson and Salazar will be relied on heavily in singles, but it’s together that they make their largest impact.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textCourtesy of The ACCAfter four games, head coach Younes Limam decided to go in a separate path, and teamed up Salazar and Knutson. On occasion, they had played together in tournaments during the fall, but still had to transition mid-season. Knutson’s first college tournament came at Cornell with Salazar and the pair won.Since being paired up, Knutson and Salazar have dominated, having lost just three of 15 games.“I think we have a great balance,” Knutson said. “Like usually in doubles, one person is dominant and one person does what the other wants. We’re on the same (talent) level and really respect each other as players.”Their similar playing style makes them compatible partners, Salazar said. Setting up Knutson is not difficult when the two are on the court, she added. Since both rely on powering through their opponent, they use backhands and serves as an advantage to poach the ball and earn the point.If one notices the other is getting frustrated after a point, the two will talk it out as they walk around the baseline.As Syracuse gears up for Georgia State, earning the first point could drive the momentum towards SU. Salazar and Knutson winning at No. 1 doubles will be the first step towards SU’s first ever NCAA tournament win in program history.“With V it always felt right,” Knutson said. “We played a little bit last semester and already had a ranking. She makes me a better player and really helps getting me motivated.” Comments Published on May 12, 2016 at 10:46 am Contact Charlie: [email protected] | @charliedisturcolast_img read more

2013 South Central Border League all-league football list released

first_imgOffensive Line– Isaiaah Loudermilk, West Elk- Sophomore, Richie Goble, South Haven- Senior, Tom Lawlis, Oxford- Senior Linebackers- J.T. Yunker, South Haven, Senior, Hunter Kistler, Udall- Junior, Colt Gordon, West Elk- Senior Offensive Line- Tanner Creed, South Haven- Senior, Austin Tracy, Argonia/Attica, Junior, Ross Kuehny, Caldwell, Sophomore Other Offensive Players– Back- Alex Perez, Udall- Sophomore, End/Receiver-Nolan Williams, Udall- Sophomore, Back- Anthony Hawkins, South Haven- Senior, Back- Zane Mills, Sedan- Senior By Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The 2013 South Central Border League All-League Football Team list was released by the member coaches. The SCBL includes South Haven, Oxford, Caldwell and Argonia-Attica.The list is as follow: OFFENSE: First team- Backs- J.T. Yunker, South Haven- Senior, Armando Gomez, West Elk- Sophomore, Daelyn Haskins, Oxford- Junior, Paxton Noll, West Elk- Senior Ends/Receivers- Zach Pounds, South Haven, Sophomore, Carson Jennings, West Elk- Senior Honorable Mention-Back-Tristen Wilson, West Elk- Junior, End/Receiver- Garrett Wells, Argonia/Attica- Junior, Offensive Line- Garrett Lambky, West Elk- Senior, Austin Holt, Central- Senior, Tyler Klick, Central- Senior. Defensive Backs- Dexter Norris, Oxford- Senior, Dax Stephens, Central- Senior, Johnathan Trumpower, Flinthills- Senior DEFENSE: First Team-Defensive Line- Elijah Smith, West Elk- Senior, Isaiaah Loudermilk, West Elk- Sophomore, Tanner Roberts, Udall- Junior, Anthony Hawkins, South Haven- Senior 2nd Team- Backs- Colter Silhan, Oxford- Junior, Dalton Loos, Udall- Sophomore, Tyler Holt, Sedan, Juniorcenter_img Close Forgot password? Please put in your email: Send me my password! Close message Login This blog post All blog posts Subscribe to this blog post’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Subscribe to this blog’s comments through… RSS Feed Subscribe via email Subscribe Follow the discussion Comments Logging you in… Close Login to IntenseDebate Or create an account Username or Email: Password: Forgot login? Cancel Login Close Username or Email: Password: Lost your password? Cancel Login Dashboard | Edit profile | Logout Logged in as Admin Options Disable comments for this page Save Settings You are about to flag this comment as being inappropriate. Please explain why you are flagging this comment in the text box below and submit your report. The blog admin will be notified. Thank you for your input. There are no comments posted yet. Be the first one! Post a new comment Enter text right here! Comment as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments Comments by IntenseDebate Enter text right here! Reply as a Guest, or login: Login to IntenseDebate Login to Login to Twitter Go back Tweet this comment Connected as (Logout) Email (optional) Not displayed publicly. Name Email Website (optional) Displayed next to your comments. Not displayed publicly. If you have a website, link to it here. Posting anonymously. Tweet this comment Cancel Submit Comment Subscribe to None Replies All new comments Ends/Receivers- Elijah Smith, West Elk- Senior, Rhett Lee, Caldwell- Senior Second Team-Defensive Line- Parker Ray, South Haven- Junior, Kurt Sloan, Oxford- Senior, Sam Wencel, Caldwell- Junior Defensive Backs- Carson Jennings, West Elk- Senior, Riley Blaylock, South Haven- Senior First Team- Kicker- J.T. Yunker, South Haven- SeniorPunter- Anthony Hawkins, South Haven- SeniorSpecial Teams Player- Daelyn Haskins, Oxford- Junior Honorable Mention- Defensive Backs- Nolan Williams, Udall- Sophomore, Rhett Lee, Caldwell- Senior,  Kicker- Nic Richardson, Udall- Sophomore, Punters- Brace Unruh, Sedan- Senior, Cody Hisle, Elk Valley- Junior, Special Teams Players- Armando Gomez, West Elk- Sophomore, Zane Mills, Sedan, Senior. Other Defensive Players- Linebackers- Colter Silhan, Oxford, Junior, Jacody Bratcher, Cedar Vale/Dexter- Junior, Defensive Line- Richie Goble, South Haven, Senior, Austin Tracy, Argonia/Attica- Junior, Teriq Reiners, Sedan- Senior Linebackers- Tom Lawlis, Oxford- Senior, Tyler Holt, Sedan- Juniorlast_img read more

England boys’ targeting fourth win at Home Internationals

first_img England Golf has announced its team for the Boys’ Home Internationals to be played at Ashburnham Golf Club, Wales on Tuesday, 6 – Friday, 9 August.England successfully defended the title at last year’s Boys’ Home Internationals at Royal Dornoch.The Players Jack Bigham, 15 (Harpenden, Hertfordshire) was sixth at the English Boys’ U16 Open Stroke Play Championship (McGregor Trophy), eighth at the Peter McEvoy Trophy and tenth at the Henry Cooper Junior Masters. He represented England in the recent European Young Masters where he finished in a tie for 20th place.Barclay Brown, 18 (Hallamshire, Yorkshire) was a member the English team that won last year’s Boys’ Home Internationals and also represented his country in this year’s European Boys’ Team Championship. He was fourth in the Junior Orange Bowl International in the US at the start of the year. Won the Carris Trophy last year.Enrique Dimayuga, 18 (Walton Heath, Surrey) represented England at the recent Dutch Junior Open where he finished ninth. He was also 11th at the French International Boys’ Championship.Conor Gough, 16 (Stoke Park, Berkshire) has missed much of this season studying for his GCSE exams but before taking time out he did win the Major Champions Challenge in the US. Had a stellar year during 2018 when he won the Boys’ Amateur Championship, the Fairhaven Trophy and the McGregor Trophy. He played on the winning English team at last year’s Boys’ Home Internationals. Also represented England at the European Boys’ Team Championship.Max Hopkins, 16 (Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire) is another player who has seen his season curtailed due to exams but did return in time to represent England at the European Boys’ Team Championships. He was also a member of the winning English team at last year’s Boys’ Home Internationals. Became the youngest ever winner of the Daily Telegraph Junior Championship late last year. Was second at the Henry Cooper Junior Masters and fifth at the Peter McEvoy Trophy.Habebul Islam, 18 (Ipswich, Suffolk) was part of the winning team at last year’s Boys’ Home Internationals. He started this year with a 19th place finish in the Portuguese International Amateur and has also been 17th at the French Boys’ (Carlhian Trophy), 18th at the Brabazon Trophy and 16th at the Tillman Trophy.Jacob Kelso, 18 (Kings Hill, Kent) makes his first appearance for England in the Boys’ Home Internationals. He was third at this year’s Sir Henry Cooper Junior Masters, tenth and the Fairhaven Trophy and 11th at the German Boys’.George Leigh, 17 (Trevose, Cornwall) recently won the Cornwall Amateur Championship. He was 12th at this year’s Fairhaven Trophy, 17th at the Carris Trophy and 24th at the West of England Amateur.Callum Macfie, 18 (Lindrick, Yorkshire) birdied the last two holes to win this year’s Fairhaven Trophy. He was also tied-6th while representing his country at this year’s Northern Boys Qualifier.Joseph Pagdin, 17 (Lake Nona) created history recently when he because the first European play to reach the semi-final of the US Junior Championship. This year he has also finished fourth at both the Sage Valley Junior Invitational and the AJGA Simplify Boys’ Championship and 15th at the Jones Cup Invitational. Made the match play stage at The Amateur Championship. A member of the winning English team at last year’s Boys’ Home Internationals.Robin Williams, 17 (Peterborough Milton, Northamptonshire) represented England at last year’s Boys’ Home Internationals and this year’s European Boys’ Team Championship. He was 15th at this year’s St Andrews Links Trophy and 18th at the Brabazon Trophy. Also made the cut at the European Amateur Championship in Austria and reached the match play stage of the English Men’s Amateur Championship.Photo: Credit Vicki Head. Pictured Barclay Brown. 2 Aug 2019 England boys’ targeting fourth win at Home Internationals Tags: Boys’ Home Internationalslast_img read more