What we know about Thor Ragnarok so far and one big guess

first_imgConstruction of #TonyStark #Quinjet that #Hulk used at end of #avengersageofultron. Onset of #ThorRagnarok. pic.twitter.com/3lqLoaTDbu— b1gr1g (@Bigr1g) August 6, 2016Just what Hela’s big plan is, if Loki is involved and what Thor and Hulk can possibly do to stop it is still up in the air…….but if I had to make an educated guess…I’d say that Thor: Ragnarok will be the movie that has the last of Marvel’s Infinity Stones, the Macguffin’s that are tying together all the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date. Right now, the location of the Time Stone and the Soul Stone are still a mystery and James Gunn has said Thanos and Infinity Stones aren’t his problem in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.When we last saw Thor, he was leaving Earth to find out more details about the Infinity Stones vision he had in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Assuming he still keeps a modicum of focus, Thor would still try to be tracking down the Stones. The three he wouldn’t know about are the Power Gem (from Guardians of the Galaxy, because the Nova Corps have it), the Time Gem, and the Soul Gem – he’s seen the other three in action.For reasons we can detail later, let’s assume that Doctor Strange will reveal a magical object that has power over time. There’s a shot in the most recent trailer that isn’t a kaleidoscope effect like everything else, and it might be the first of many hints that the Time Stone is in Doctor Strange. That would explain why Thor and Loki would have to go to Strange, who might or might not be aware of what he has.At some point in space he could be told about the Power Stone, but the only absent Stone is the Soul Stone. If we’re talking about the redemption of dead and debased gods, could we be talking about souls in Thor: Ragnarok? Hela would certainly covet a Stone that would give her power to claim souls, so that fits. And there’s the crazy “T-H-A-N-O-S” acrostic theory…In this theory, the first letter of the identity of each of the Stones combine to spell Thanos, the villain of Avengers: Infinity War. The Tesseract from Avengers, the Aether from Thor: The Dark World, a necklace from Doctor Strange, the orb from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Loki’s scepter from Avengers: Age of Ultron. That means we’re only missing the H for the missing Stone, which some have guessed is Heimdell.Heimdall in Thor: the Dark WorldIf the Latino Review rumor is true, maybe Hela doesn’t slay Heimdall just to be mean to Thor, maybe she has to kill him to gain possession of the Soul Stone. There’s a bit more that backs this up. In Guardians of the Galaxy, we briefly glimpsed the Infinity Stones and their respective colors:The unidentified Stones are the green one in the lower right and the orange one in the lower left. Look at the orange one, then look back at the photo of Heimdall from Thor: The Dark World. Is the watcher’s bizarre eye color a hint that he has or is an Infinity Stone? It may not be that far fetched if the “What happened to your eyes” from Thor’s Age of Ultron vision turns out to be literal and not a creepy metaphor.That would wrap everything up in a nice little package. At the end of Thor: The Dark World, it was unclear what had happened to Odin, but Loki (Tom Hiddleston) had taken his place on the throne of Asgard in the final shots of the movie. Back in January, we heard this from our inside sources:Whatever did happen, Odin has fled Asgard for Midgard, where he wanders the Earth as one of those crazy-looking “the end is nigh” street-corner hobos, warning of the impending apocalypse (American for Ragnarok). That report lines up with what we see in this set photo, combined with photos we saw earlier this week with Loki and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor in street clothes wandering fake New York. Jeff Goldblum’s comic book character The Grandmaster, is fond of playing games with lesser beings, occasionally making The Avengers fight each other. It’s possible that Goldblum is taking the place of the king of Sakaar from the Planet Hulk comics and will force Hulk and Thor to fight each other or escape.Through unofficial channels, it looks like we were right about most everything in the Hulk report, right down to the Gladiator planet being where his Quinjet crash lands after Avengers: Age of Ultron. A sharp-eyed spy caught the Quinjet being built in Australia to be used for filming. Just sellin papers with my mate @twhiddleston #PartTimeJob #ThorRagnarok @TaikaWaititi pic.twitter.com/QdxgPRFQiw— Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) August 22, 2016Among the photos from earlier is this one of Thor holding a card that reads “177A Bleeker St,” the NYC address of one Stephen Strange.Also back in January, before the official announcement that tacked on Tessa Thompson (Creed, Selma, Dear White People) as Valkyrie, Karl Urban (Star Trek: Beyond, Dredd) as Skurge the Executioner, and Jeff Goldblum as a cosmic Elder called The Grandmaster, we were able to independently confirm that Cate Blanchett was Hela.In addition, we received some story details that have not yet been officially confirmed. While Thor and Loki are on a road trip to Midgard, Hela’s plans for Asgard take hold. According to our sources, when Thor confronts Hela, things do not go well. Not only does she banish Thor from Asgard, but she destroys Mjolnir.Presumably this is what starts Thor’s journey through space to reclaim Asgard and his birthright, and possibly to rescue some people. According to a rumor published at Latino Review, Hela will also kill Idris Elba’s Heimdall before banishing Thor. Not to worry, as the concept of Ragnarok is based around the debasement and death of the gods only for them to eventually be reborn.The report also said that Heimdall would return in a battle royale at the climax of the film, when certain creatures (people?) will be brought forth from the afterlife. Thessa Thompson being cast as Valkyrie, a character tasked with bringing the souls of warriors to Valhalla, suggests that the opposite of Hela and her Hel could also be in play.After Thor’s banishment, he eventually ends up teaming up with the Hulk. Mark Ruffalo’s involvement in the third Thor movie was known early on, but just how he’d play into the story wasn’t hinted at through official channels until this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Lucky for us, we were able to report the answer last January as well:Just when it looks like Thor is about to put a stop to it, he gets banished — but not to any old planet. He ends up on a gladiatorial planet where his head is shaved and he’s forced to fight for his life…Thor runs through all of his alien opponents in gladiatorial combat, even without his trademark hammer. Finally, Thor has to face the current champion of the arena, and wouldn’t you know who that ends up being? The Hulk. At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel showed off concept art of a Thor with his head shaved and animatics of the Hulk fighting aliens in Hall H. On the convention floor, they unveiled what they called “Gladiator Hulk” armor, giving more weight to our mere rumors of last winter.center_img Production is underway on Thor: Ragnarok down in Australia where the production is substituting Brisbane for New York City. Director Tiki Waititi is taking on the third of the Thor movies and yet another cog in the massive machine that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With some set photos leaking out from Brisbane confirming things we’d previously reported about Thor’s third outing, it seemed like a good time to re-cap just what it is we know and what we’re pretty sure we know about the final film in the Thor solo trilogy.The newest addition to set photos from Thor: Ragnarok reveals Sir Anthony Hopkins goofing around while dressed like…well, like he’s seen better days. <>last_img read more

MSIs VR PC backpack looks like something Tony Stark would wear

first_imgVirtual reality gaming can be mind-blowingly cool, but you can look decidedly uncool while doing it. MSI wants to make sure it’s not your gear that makes you look dorky.Their new VR One backpack PC is about as sleek as they come. Like pretty much every piece of edgy gaming gear on the market, it’s aggressively-styled and predominantly black with red accents. MSI didn’t get too carried away — as PC makers sometimes do. There’s a bit of engraving work on the VR One’s shell, but it’ll be hidden against your back while you wear it.You’ll barely notice the VR One while you have it on. MSI says it’s the lightest backpack PC yet, not that there’s a huge field of competitors. Still, at just a hair under 8 pounds you probably carried much heavier loads of textbooks around on your back at one point in your life or another.You can almost hear him saying “pew pew pew!”Wearing the VR One means there’s no messy cords on your floor to trip over while you’re gaming. That’s good. No power cord means that you’re only going to game as long as the batteries can hold out. That’s bad, but it’s not as bad as you might think. According to MSI, the VR One will last for about 90 minutes. That should give you plenty of time to battle it out with a virtual Mandarin or defend your stance on superhero oversight against former allies like Captain America.If it’s not, you can always hot-swap a battery to keep the action going — or if things get really desperate you can hook up a cord and keep things running until the power company cuts you off.last_img read more

MovieBobs 2018 ACADEMY AWARDS Preview

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target What’s going to win big at The Academy Awards this year?Politically-conscious genre films, women standing up and fresh blood – not necessarily in that order and not necessarily in the sense of actually receiving trophies.Will it be worth watching, even if my favorites weren’t nominated for anything?Probably. It’s the first show following the debacle of accidentally awarding the wrong film Best Picture last year so… look for jokes about that to get run into the ground pretty early on. It’s the first show after a full year in the Trump Era, so we can all be on the lookout for highly-politicized jokes and/or statements from the podium and furious Twitter retorts from a certain someone who should really have better things to do with his time. There doesn’t appear to be a clear favorite for Best Picture though there are definitely strong contenders (which always makes things interesting). And of course the righteous specter of the #MeToo Movement will continue to hang over the industry as we wonder if any presenter, winner or honoree will make, speak or even answer to any accusations. Also, probably lots of stupid comedy skits.Are you surprised Wonder Woman wasn’t nominated for Best Picture?Not really. I think it had a better shot than a superhero movie has had in a long time based on how well it was received and what it meant as a “zeitgeist movie,” i.e. a big lavish spectacle of feminist-iconography at a moment in time when that felt especially necessary. But it’s not a shock when a movie that loses steam so noticeably in Act 3 isn’t nominated for Best Picture (even though there’ve been “worse” nominees and winners than it in the past.) Sooner or later, one of “these” is going to get in (Black Panther probably has the next best shot coming up) but we’ll see.Alright, here’s the predictions I’ve got for categories where I feel comfortable offering an opinion:BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAYNominees: The Big Sick (Emily V. Gordon & Kumail Nanjiani), Get Out (Jordan Peele), Lady Bird (Greta Gerwig), The Shape of Water (Guillermo del Toro, Vanessa Taylor), Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri (Martin McDonagh)It’s easy to imagine this going to Jordan Peele for Get Out, as his big writer/director debut becoming a massive Best Picture-nominated smash hit and the most profitable film of the year is one the biggest film industry stories of 2017. But Greta Gerwig is a beloved indie darling as an actress and Lady Bird is buzzed-about as one of The Academy’s favorite overall features this year and nominated in a bunch of other categories where it’s probably not going to win. This could be where her chance to get up onstage and have a Big Moment goes, and out of all the nominees Lady Bird is the one that most lived/died based on its script.Prediction: Lady Bird (Greta Gerwig)BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAYNominees: Call Me by Your Name (James Ivory), The Disaster Artist (Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber), Logan (Scott Frank & James Mangold and Michael Green), Molly’s Game (Aaron Sorkin), Mudbound (Virgil Williams and Dee Rees)It’d really be something to see this go to Logan, but the rest of the field is really strong and I can’t shake the notion that just the idea of giving an Oscar to one of the X-Men movies. It’s a wildly-uneven franchise that lacks either the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s box-office and critical acclaim or Wonder Woman’s decades of pop-culture ubiquity and is now tainted by associations with scandal-plagued Bryan Singer. That is “too much” for a lot of The Academy, especially with so much strong competition. Here’s where I go out on a small limb: I think James Ivory gets it. He’s a beloved fixture of the Old Guard Academy from the Merchant Ivory days but (incredibly!) has no Oscar of his own. He is tied with fellow 2018 nominee Agnes Varda as the oldest nominee and represents the much-liked Call Me By Your Name’s best chance at gold in what’s feeling like a “spread the love” year.Prediction: Call Me By Your Name (James Ivory)BEST ANIMATED FEATURENominees: The Boss Baby, The Breadwinner, Coco, Ferdinand, Loving VincentIt’s going to be Coco, easiest call of the night. It’s Pixar, it’s Disney, it was a giant hit, it was excellent and everybody saw it, cried and then brought their grandparents so they could cry too. Plus, there’s no getting around this being a highly-politicized year in pop-culture. So an animated film all about (literally) a struggle to help an extended Mexican family remain unified despite an ominous border governed by arcane rules is an irresistible fist-in-their-air/finger-in-the-eye to a certain someone the Creative Community widely views as the villain of the moment.Prediction: CocoBEST DOCUMENTARYNominees: Abacus, Faces Places, Icarus, Last Men in Aleppo, Strong Island2017 saw the continued trend of documentaries having more presence on streaming and long-form television than theaters, so surprise-surprise it’s not an especially strong year for the category at The Oscars. Faces Places feels the most likely. It’s a photography/travelogue doc from JR and legendary French New Wave pioneer Agnes Varda (potentially her final film), whose beaming, grandmotherly appearance accepting a Lifetime Achievement statue at last year’s Governors Awards (and hitting the dance floor with Angelina Jolie) made her a brief social-media sensation.Prediction: Faces PlacesBEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILMNominees: A Fantastic Woman (Chile), The Insult (Lebanon),Loveless (Russia), On Body and Soul (Hungary), The Square (Sweden)The “big story” in awards-caliber foreign language film in 2017 was the dissipation of heat for The Square, which was expected to run the table but fizzled outside the festival circuit. Also raising eyebrows is the absence of the well-reviewed German hit In The Fade, which featured Diane Kruger as a widow following a dark path to avenge the murder of her Turkish-born Muslim husband and their mixed-race son by neo-nazi terrorists. Of the nominees, A Fantastic Woman has had the most buzz going in, though most U.S. audiences will be unfamiliar with it.Prediction: A Fantastic WomanBEST SUPPORTING ACTRESSNominees: Mary J. Blige (Mudbound), Allison Janney (I Tonya), Leslie Manville (Phantom Thread), Laurie Metcalf (Lady Bird), Octavia Spencer (The Shape of Water)Also sometimes known as the “Wow, what a career!” award for long-respected character actresses of a certain age and/or better known for the stage or television, often won for playing eccentric mother figures to rising starlets. That describes Janney and Metcalf, who’ve been splitting the lead-up awards between one another, but I feel like Janney gets it here. It’s the “showier” version of the role, mainly, but also – let’s face it – Oscars are voted on by category peers and among Hollywood actors nothing is closer to secular sainthood than having been part of the West Wing ensemble.Prediction: Allison JanneyBEST ACTRESSNominees: Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water), Frances McDormand (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri), Margot Robbie (I Tonya), Saoirse Ronan (Lady Bird), Meryl Streep (The Post)Strong category, but I think Frances McDormand will get Oscar #2 for Three Billboard. Here’s the thing: That movie isn’t good, but she’s AMAZING in it and she’s kind of the whole movie which is why some people *think* it was good enough to nominate it for other things – so it stands to reason they liked her enough to win.Prediction: Frances McDormandBEST SUPPORTING ACTORNominees: Willem Dafoe (Florida Project), Woody Harrelson (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri), Richard Jenkins (The Shape of Water), Christopher Plummer (All The Money in The World), Sam Rockwell (Three Billboard Outside Ebbing Missouri)Sam Rockwell is one of America’s best and most underrated actors, his peers have basically been waiting for him to an even vaguely Oscar-ready role so they can award him for it, they’re probably going to do it here. Good for him, but I kind of wish there was more of a chance for Willem Dafoe because The Florida Project was a really good movie and he was really good in it. If there’s going to be a spoiler here it might be Christopher Plummer for since everyone was kind of blown away he was able to come in cold and help save that movie from having to purge Kevin Spacey (plus, y’know, he reminded everyone he was still alive.)Prediction: Sam RockwellBEST ACTORNominees: Timothée Chalamet (Call Me by Your Name), Daniel Day-Lewis (Phantom Thread), Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out), Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour), Denzel Washington (Roman J. Israel Esq.)One has to assume that Gary Oldman is closer to having this one “in the bag” to a greater degree than any other nominee in any other category this year. Incredible makeup aside; Darkest Hour is kind of cheesy, underwhelming and it feels like Oldman has been better in a lot of other recent roles where he also wasn’t trying quite so hard.But you can’t deny that he’s one of the best actors of his generation and it’s ridiculous that he’s not sitting on a pile of Oscars already. He’s had this coming for a long time; it’s exactly the sort of performance The Academy likes best (and not a bad version of it!) so that’s probably that.Prediction: Gary OldmanBEST DIRECTORNominees: Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk), Jordan Peele (Get Out), Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird), Paul Thomas Anderson (Phantom Thread), Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water)My sense of things is Gerwig, Peele and del Toro are the ones with the real shot here – Nolan doesn’t do “heart” enough for Oscar’s taste and Phantom Thread is too “weird.” Gerwig has sympathetic momentum, as actor-turned-director is just about The Academy’s favorite flavor of anything, but the movie is a little slight – good, but slight. I think it comes down to either Peele or Del Toro, and whichever one wins the other guy’s movie is gonna take Best Picture. Call it a hunch. In this case, I think smart money is on Jordan Peele: It’s his first movie, he blew everyone’s doors off, he’s ALSO a actor-turned-director and he wrote the damn thing… it’s just a better “victory story,” plus I think The Shape of Water is more of an “Academy Movie” for reasons we’ll talk about in just a moment.Prediction: Jordan PeeleBEST PICTURENominees: Call Me By Your Name, Darkest Hour, Get Out, Lady Bird, Phantom Thread, The Post, The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing MissouriFor reasons outlined mainly in other categories, I think this is a four-way split between Lady Bird, Three Billboards, Get Out and Shape of Water as the “actual chance” nominees; and of those three it comes down more specifically to Get Out and The Shape of Water.Interestingly, along with both being excellent, they’re similar films (i.e. socially-conscious sci-fi/horror hybrids using fantastical stories as metaphors about oppression) but I think Get Out is the more “radical” one whereas Shape of Water is the safer bet here. Yes, it’s an R-rated monster movie about manphibian sex, but its overall moral paradigm fits very comfortably into the way The Academy tends to be most comfortable framing oppression narratives. A rainbow coalition of marginalized good guys (disabled woman, black woman, gay artist, well-intentioned Communist scientist) united in common cause to rescue a magical creature from The White 1950s Military-Industrial Patriarchy. And it’s “good” coded to “sensitive outsiders,” “not part of The Mainstream” (as recalled by now-aging Baby Boomers) and “appreciates classic movies;” so the old-guard of Academy voters can easily see themselves in the heroes.Whereas in Get Out, they can see themselves as well… but in a much less positive way. Get Out isn’t just about blowing up the unique unease of being a young Black man surrounded by rich White people in “their” environment, it’s very specifically about being surrounded by seemingly-“progressive” rich White people. People whose eagerness to demonstrate how enthusiastic they are about Blackness takes on a creepy and dehumanizing edge of its own. It’s not an accident that the film’s central Luciferian villain is a softly-smug, silver-haired Boomer in a turtleneck (played by yet another West Wing alum, no less!) who coos about voting for Obama “a third time – if I could!” It’s like the way Bela Lugosi’s Dracula declared “I never drink – wine;” and it’s hard to imagine the same type of Academy voter who feels hyper-validated that they, too, would be an ally of the fish-man in The Shape of Water not realizing that Get Out is pointing its finger at them… and I suspect not all of them were comfortable with the implication.Prediction: Get OutI could be wrong, of course. We’ll find out soon enough when The 90th Annual Academy Awards airs on Sunday, March 4th.center_img MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ last_img read more

Black Lightning Is Back So Where Does He Go Now

first_imgStay on target Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This Week’Black Lightning’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Preparing for War Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img By this point, Black Lightning has firmly established what kind of superhero show it intends to be. Now it has to figure out where to take things from here. We have an older hero coming out of retirement in the face of rampant gang violence in his city. We have a younger superhero just discovering her powers. All the show needs is something for these characters to do. By the end of last night’s episode, it didn’t quite find that, but it set some interesting things in motion. It’s the first time we get a clear idea of where the season plans to take Jefferson Pierce and his family.Right away, Black Lightning has to deal with something other than The 100, at least at first. Hearing a strange noise in the boys’ bathroom of his school, Jefferson rushes in to find a boy going into an uncontrolable rage. Rage that gives him super strength. Jefferson tries to calm the situation with words, but soon has to resort to some well-placed lightning bolts to knock the kid out. He finds a strange drug in the boy’s pockets and immediately suspects the 100. One fight with a dealer later, he has a name: Two Bits. Even the dealer knows it sounds kind of dumb. Jefferson also gets a lead from the kid he found in the bathroom. He learns the name of the dealer who sold the strange drug, which we learn is called Green Light. Unfortunately, that dealer is already dead. He overdosed on his own supply.Meanwhile, Tobias Whale is feeling some heat from Black Lightning’s recent activities. His boss, Lady Eve is losing money. With Black Lightning’s return, people aren’t as scared of Tobias anymore. She makes it clear he needs to do something about that. People may not be scared of Tobias, but they should be scared of Lady Eve. She has tremendous presence in every scene she’s in, and she’s terrifying. When their conversation ends and you realize she’s been sewing up an awake, living person… chills. Tobias gets right on making people fear him again, starting with the doctor who originally reported Black Lightning’s death. Since Black Lightning is still alive, he decides to take the doctor’s life.Jill Scott as Lady Eve and Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias (Photo: Carin Baer/The CW)Anissa also gets to explore her heroic side this episode. She happens upon two drug dealers trying to sell to her students. She gets the girls to safety and stares down the dealers. It’s a great moment, and you know it won’t be too long before she does a lot more than stare. It takes a little bit to get there. Just as her father did, she has to decide to take the first step towards vigilantism. At a family dinner with Inspector Henderson that night, she bristles at Henderson’s implication that Black Lightning is a criminal. She goes as far as to say that the superhero is doing the police’s job for them. The exchange gets her so heated, she immediately takes her anger out on the dealers from earlier. She sends them flying across the gas station parking lot with one punch. As cool as it looks, that kind of violence isn’t clean, and Anissa learns that being a vigilante isn’t as easy as Black Lightning makes it look. She realizes she’s done some serious harm to these guys. Yeah, they’re drug dealers, but she can’t just leave them for dead. She calls an ambulance. I guess this is the moment she decides she isn’t a murderer.While Anissa is dealing with her own superhero awakening, Jefferson is investigating the source of Green Light. It turns out he and Two Bits grew up together. At first, he tries to get information out of him by posing as a concerned old friend. When that gets him nowhere, he returns as Black Lightning. Electric punches are much more persuasive. He gets a drop location but not much else. That turns out to be more helpful than it sounds. His new suit has X-Ray vision. That makes things easier. Or it would if he weren’t distracted by a loud bang nearby. That’s Anissa, once again using her powers, only this time not out of anger. She and her new girlfriend, Grace are walking out of a bar when some strange men attack them. When Grace gets knocked out, Anissa goes into action. She does some serious damage to the attackers, which she doesn’t feel nearly as bad about. It certainly helps that Grace agrees that Anissa should hurt bad people if she has the power to do so. We know a father-daugher superhero confrontation is coming, but it doesn’t happen this episode. By the time Black Lightning checks out the loud noises he heard, Grace and Anissa are gone.Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias (Photo: Carin Baer/The CW)This is the first episode that doesn’t have a ton of forward momentum. It’s all set-up for future dilemmas and confrontations to come. Thankfully, this show recognizes that it has to give us some superhero action even during a setup episode like this. Jefferson gets a minor victory in the end. The kid from the beginning runs to a drug den for another dose. His dad calls, asking Jefferson for help. One loud, hallway punch-fight later, the boy is safe. It’s a fun action sequence, but what’s really interesting is what it sets up for the future. Due to Jefferson’s unwillingness to expel the kid from school, he’s forced to give up final say over disciplinary issues. In the future, they’ll be handled by a vote from the board. It’s implied that the board is largely made up of older white people. And they probably won’t have as much sympathy or understanding for the students’ situations as Jefferson does.Tobias is emerging as more of a villain as well. We meet his henchwoman, Syonide, though we don’t see her do much yet. She is smart though. When news breaks that Khalil’s shooting during the protest last week severed his spinal cord, she sees an opportunity. At her suggestion, Tobias makes a massive donation to pay for Khalil’s hospital bills. Now on his good side, he visits Khalil in the hospital at night and convinces him that Black Lightning is the reason he’s paralyzed. It sounds like Tobias wants to turn Khalil into a supervillain. And since Khalil is Jennifer Pierce’s boyfriend, that’s going to make for a much tougher fight than anything Black Lightning’s faced so far. This episode may not have been Black Lightning’s best, but it set a lot of different parts in motion. It made some big promises, but from what we’ve seen so far, I have no doubt this show can live up to them.last_img read more