Small and micro industrial enterprises become an important driving force for economic development in

Since the eighteen party

, small and micro industrial enterprises in our province has developed rapidly, the status and role in the national economy and social development has become an important force to promote the province’s economic development.

The survey data

NBS Survey Office in Qinghai recently released show: at the end of 2015, the province’s small and micro enterprises (including individual unit number 26010, the same below), the number of industrial enterprises accounted for 97.84%; total industrial output value of 96 billion 523 million yuan, accounting for 37.7%; the main business income of 77 billion 549 million yuan, accounting for 34.17%. In 2011 the "draw type standards for SMEs" re designated standard, the standard is: the number of workers in the post between 20 – 300 and the main business income in 300 yuan between 20 million for small businesses, number of staff 20 people or the main business income of 3 million yuan for micro enterprises to increase the micro enterprise standard. By 2015, the number of small and micro enterprises in our province increased by 16.37% annually, with an average annual growth of industrial output value of 17.91% (current price), significantly higher than the province’s economic growth rate. read more

Strengthen tax policy research to ensure the implementation of policies in place

The day before, the Provincial Bureau of tax administration director Chen Deshun, deputy director of the Council of Chen Yunchun and related offices responsible person to chemical enterprises to understand the tax relief policy implementation, and to the Local Taxation Bureau of Datong County to carry out research work on the implementation of tax policy, put forward specific requirements for the administration of tax preferential tax policies and tax, arable land

days ago, the Provincial Bureau of tax administration director Chen Deshun, deputy director of the Council of Chen Yunchun and related offices responsible person to chemical enterprises to understand the tax relief policy implementation, and to the Local Taxation Bureau of Datong County to carry out research work on the implementation of tax policy, put forward specific requirements for the administration of tax preferential tax policies and tax, arable land. read more

Xining Social Security Bureau to optimize the certification model for the insured more convenient

"Aunt, hello! We are the staff of the Social Security Bureau of the city, the Double Ninth Festival is coming, we come to see you, listen to what you have to our work?" October 19th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of social security 3 staff with rice, oil, home to visit the 79 year old retired Shi Xiulan. It is understood that this is the city’s Social Security Bureau to facilitate the retirement of senior citizens to receive a pension certificate of a humane way. For the convenience of the insured people, enhance the service concept, change the style of work, the household registration management unit to different places, walking inconvenience of elderly retirees, take home visit in the form of pensioners qualification, do let me retirees in less run away.

to prevent impersonator pension, pension fund to ensure the safety, the Xining social security department every year to arrange for the elderly retirees walking companies visited certification. In order to make them less trouble, less foot, in recent years, the city continued to explore innovative and more simple, reliable and effective authentication methods. This year the city once again improve the authentication method. According to reports, this year’s pension certification approach is: the management of the enterprise retirees, must go to the management unit for certification; certification results are fully responsible for the management unit". To assist the certification form for enterprise retirees living in different places need to social security, residence to the city, district and county labor and social security agencies or workstation to assist the certification procedures, the retirees will assist in return: units of certification. Take priority and security registration information system compared to the non local retirees Management Units, the implementation of the "silent", community and social security agencies as visited authentication, no remote management unit of the retirees can be sent directly to the certification form "Xining Social Security Bureau retired management department (North District of Xining City, Zhang Ning Road No. 44), zip code 810003". City Social Security Bureau has organized staff on the 35 elderly people who are difficult to move to the home to visit the accreditation, and sent them a Double Ninth Festival greetings.It is reported that read more

Yesterday, Xining snow floating in the sky, the weather in most parts of the province will turn for

last night (November 13th) about two, Xining starts snowing in the morning, 7, the snow all over the sky, this is a significant precipitation I cover large areas of the province since the beginning of winter. The benefits of this snow is that the snow will wash away the dust particles in the air, reversing the situation in recent years, the provincial capital of poor visibility.

according to the Qinghai provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Zhang Jinong introduced, in November 13th, most of the province in addition to Haixi abroad were ushered in the snow, the snow center in Tongde County, snowfall of 3.1 mm, reach the snow level. As of 17 pm the same day, Xining snowfall of 0.8 mm, for snow. Due to the high temperature of the day in Xining, the amount of snow is not, so there is no snow. But in Hainan, Yushu, and other places are Haibei icy road warning signal, meteorological experts remind the majority of drivers through these sections, because the road is icy, snow caused by slipping, should drive carefully, vehicles with anti-skid chain. At present, the most serious in the snow area in Maduo County, by the recent snowfall, snow thickness has reached 11 cm. read more

Xining Municipal Audit Bureau cadres and workers to seriously study the important speech of Comrade

Qinghai Province in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development summary conference held in Qinghai Conference

Qinghai Province in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development summary conference held in Qinghai conference. Xining Audit Bureau organized all cadres and workers to watch the live broadcast of the conference. The meeting reviewed comprehensively, in-depth study of the achievements and experience of Scientific Outlook on Development practice activities, to mobilize the whole province to the study and practice as a new starting point to further implement Scientific Outlook on Development, to promote the construction of rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai. read more

Strengthen management and expand services to promote the level of work, the level

March 16th, the Bureau organized all cadres and workers, seriously and systematically study to convey the Zhang Xinji seismological bureau director work conference in the province’s earthquake system do "to strengthen social management, pay attention to the efficiency of disaster reduction, and vigorously promote the comprehensive development of earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation" report on the work of the spirit. In the learning process, I earnestly reviewed the progress of "12th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year the city earthquake prevention and disaster reduction work and the existing problems, and according to the report "to clarify ideas, establish management limited, unlimited service, including the management of the service concept, strengthening social management, pay attention to the efficiency of disaster reduction." We had a heated discussion, how to strengthen social management through four aspects of monitoring and prediction, seismic fortification, publicity and education, emergency drills, society for the better and more wide to provide public services of new exploration.
after the meeting, I combine practical, new tasks and new requirements are put forward according to the work report, from the following four aspects of the focus of this year the Bureau conducted a re positioning, and then improve, push forward the city earthquake disaster mitigation work level. One is to strengthen the foundation, continue to optimize the city’s earthquake monitoring network, do a good job in the city’s 3 seismic stations (points), the full completion of the earthquake monitoring work. Two is strictly enforce the law, strengthen the legal system of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, accelerate the construction of the administrative law enforcement team of the three counties, improve the ability of administration according to law. To carry out the city’s key construction projects, lifeline engineering, personnel intensive public buildings seismic fortification requirements examination and approval. Three is to strengthen propaganda, deepen the publicity and education of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, innovation promotion mode, strengthen the propaganda and the conventional "seven" activities to improve the whole society of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction awareness and ability, at the same time, continue to promote the rural construction technology network construction and rural construction craftsmen training. The four is to strengthen the construction of emergency shelter, according to the requirements of the Xining emergency shelter construction plan, the city’s 26 hedge places to sort out, standardize the construction standards, and gradually improve the facilities. And promote the development of emergency drills in organs, communities.   read more

Xining City Health Authority investigated several cases of illegal medical practice

recently, the Xining Municipal Health Authority investigated several cases of illegal medical practice.

Chaoyang Road North District Community Health Service Station in Xining City, without approval, practitioners qualification to carry out oral medical activities, shall be ordered to stop oral treatment activities, the confiscation of expired drugs, a fine of 1500 yuan. North District, salt village health room did not obtain the medical institutions practicing license, practitioners without qualification to carry out diagnosis and treatment activities, was ordered to stop the diagnosis and treatment activities in accordance with law, confiscation of expired drugs, a fine of 1500 yuan. Xining City East District Community no medical practice license, practitioners without qualification to carry out diagnosis and treatment activities, was ordered to stop the diagnosis and treatment activities in accordance with the law, and transferred to the East District Health supervision. Xining City Chengdong District Textile Road Minhui District Building 6 unit 1 Room 401, Ma Moumou clinic medical institution without "health permit", practitioners Ma Moumou without qualification to carry out medical activities, shall be ordered to stop illegal acts, confiscate illegal drugs and medical devices. read more

Xining City Tourism Bureau for the first time to the rural tourism reception star rating

Xining City Tourism Bureau for the first time to the rural tourism reception star rating, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of the three tourist reception points were rated as three-star, was rated as a star of two.

Kong Youpeng, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, said that at present, Xining farmhouse, the total number of national style park has reached 369, the formation of a unique rural tourism resort with

. In order to further promote the healthy and orderly development of rural tourism in Xining, the Xining Tourism Bureau to carry out the evaluation of some rural tourism reception points in Datong county. read more

West Plaza will be built around the center of the business district

yesterday, the Xining Municipal Development Investment Fair will be held in the state owned land reserve project in the South City Convention and Exhibition Center, the province and outside the 20 merchants were invited to participate in the special promotion.

it is understood that, in accordance with the Xining City West District "12th Five-Year" plan, the west area will take Xinning square as the center, relying on the commercial pedestrian street reconstruction, limeng Xinning Square underground shopping city construction projects, create a set of well-known brands at home and abroad as one of the large-scale supermarket and city shopping center, and Wangfujing department store, grand department stores, Hualian Supermarket Thailand, department stores, department stores, department stores and other textile kuniyoshi, together constitute the center of the square ring sunning business district. Yesterday, the focus of the promotion of the Provincial Association of science and technology is located in the land of this commercial district. read more

Xining’s first billion yuan in fixed asset investment

107 billion 900 million yuan – this is the end of October this year, the total amount of investment in fixed assets completed. This figure is very heavy, marking the first time the city’s fixed asset investment exceeded 100 billion mark, the size of the investment re innovation, to further optimize the economic structure of our city, enhance economic strength is of great significance. In recent years, in the face of the complex economic situation, the city continued to strengthen the role of investment, economic and social maintained a sustained and steady growth, Xining ushered in a new stage of accelerated development. In support of the provincial government, the municipal government on the development of people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness, to steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform and improve people’s livelihood, and strive to reform as pioneer in the development for advanced features in the construction, the people are born as. The city human resources and development, give full play to the leading role of major projects, accelerate the construction of new countryside, new industrialization construction, infrastructure construction and other key livelihood projects, increasing investment in fixed assets, efforts to enhance the quality and efficiency of investment, provides a powerful impetus for the transformation of the city’s economy and development. According to statistics, as of the end of October, the city’s investment in fixed assets exceeded 100 billion mark, completed 107 billion 900 million yuan. At this point, from 50 billion yuan in 2011 to the current about 100000000000 yuan, the annual investment amount not only doubled, and "12th Five-Year" during the investment in fixed assets totaled 323 billion 300 million yuan, 300 billion yuan to complete the total goal of 12th Five-Year "plan in advance. This year, the municipal government to overcome the downward pressure on economic and other unfavorable factors, adhere to the investment growth goal without wavering, careful arrangements, implement the plan, to ensure the steady growth of investment in fixed assets, focusing on the smooth progress of the project. Of the party since eighteen, the state issued to further accelerate the construction of urbanization, promote the development of the central and western regions, a major strategic plan of building a moderately prosperous society and accelerate the implementation of the strategy, the construction of the eastern city of group, for the city to speed up development, has brought new opportunities to promote the growth of investment, the central and provincial investment to drive fixed asset investment in our city has played a key role, at the same time, our city with Scientific Outlook on Development taking on the city investment work, positive investment, attracting only a "Canary" enter, also makes the growing scale of investment. New development of the city will inevitably lead to the development of large cities. One hundred billion yuan investment in the city’s economic development to inject new vitality and vitality, accelerating the pace of urban construction, infrastructure capacity gradually increased. The first three quarters of the city’s infrastructure investment of $19 billion 890 million, accounting for infrastructure investment increased from 12.5% in the previous year to 21.4% in. In support of the investment in our city, optimizing the city spatial structure, accelerate the transformation of the old city and village shantytowns construction, comprehensively promote the whole train station comprehensive renovation, the Lake District core area, DOPA metro, Central Plaza financial business district, Jianguo Road business district and other key area of reform, city morphology changed significantly. At the same time, the urban traffic network has been gradually optimized, and the urban traffic environment has been improved significantly. The expansion of urban renewal and construction of the city’s effective investment in urban infrastructure construction; read more