Lv Changcheng China’s agricultural problems must be solved by E-commerce

and hearing the news 2011 APEC SME summit held in Chengdu from August 29, 2011 to 31, the summit to lock the theme of "growing strength", will probe into the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprises, how to seize the opportunity, adhere to innovation, rapid growth, development of industrial upgrading, the great achievements of small and medium-sized enterprises may. Shanghai Meisong Cosmetics Co. CEO Lv Changcheng at the summit said that he is willing to do e-commerce because of fancy patterns of the future, he believes that China agricultural problems must be solved in electronic commerce. The following is the text record: read more

Bubble CEO Li Xiang acquisition domain

January exclusive news, bubble net ( CEO Li Xiang has successfully acquired the top-level domain name in in December 2007. Currently, Li Xiang has this domain name to their personal blog.

after the investigation, the reporter learned that was the domestic senior investor Hao Peng in 2000 registered domain name. Subsequently, the reporter contacted Hao Peng., he says, is the "ideal", one of its more cherished domains. However, Hao Peng did not disclose the specific transfer price. According to the history of domain name investment industry investment case and current assessment of such common words Larry.Com, the reporter estimated the transfer price of around one hundred thousand yuan. read more

The research on the present situation of the present B2C website

in the background of the current material life level increases, more and more people for personalized pursuit, the highlights of the human desire to see the difference of the birth of many new industries, individual customized gifts industry came into being.

because of the low cost of its operations and other characteristics, has become the forefront of the industry in the field of gift customization. In recent years, the provision of online personalized gift customization services B2C sites have been on the line, personalized gift customization industry quietly rising. These sites are different from the traditional gift shopping site, the gift will be customized to personalize the personalized gifts to meet customer demand for personalized, to provide customers with a unique gift of personality. read more

From the agent to register the domain name to pay attention to things

      a lot of friends mentioned domain name registration. I am here to do a special theme, I know and meet the problem.
      1) domain name and space is separated, do not have to buy a place in the purchase of the domain name, domain name must choose the most reliable direct registrar. No matter how the environment changes /
      2) the domain name in the end how much money, the general agent is about 60. The 8 main agents abroad, I is the core agent, just before you purchase, are Chinese channel nets zhongxinwangzhongxinwang Internet business China resources in enom    ename 
    3) to buy a 10 or more domain names, suggest you open a proxy generally, about 1000-2000, opened directly in the registrar. Buy a 1-2, if the direct purchase, the cost is very large, this site can register for you. International domain name 60 yuan a year (com net ORG). Domestic domain name of $50 a year ( CN) read more

Google browser fully supports the Chinese CN domain name

Google Chrome browser launched. Yesterday, the reporter entered the Olympic tickets in the address bar, click on the CN, found in the official website shows that the tickets for the Olympic Games, "Google Chrome" browser that followed by IE8, Firefox3.0, Safari3.1 of the bright younger generation of the latest browser Chinese adopted the international standard domain name, CN domain name Chinese accessibility support.

It is reported that

, now accounting for more than 99% of the browser market, Microsoft, OPERA, Firefox or SAFARI have all supported Chinese CN domain name. read more

The network marketing of the B2M Quest what is B2M

online shopping market in the United States online shopping penetration rate rose from 22% in 2000 to September 2007 of the year, and then slightly lower rate of rise, showing that the online shopping market has been basically mature. The scale of development in China network market, to the end of 2008, online shopping users reached 80 million, a penetration rate of 25%, market transactions amounted to 128 billion 180 million yuan, the annual growth rate of 128.5%, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales exceeded 1%, become the important supplement of the traditional consumption path. Moreover, the credit system, logistics system, financial system and shopping habits of online shopping market has gradually improved, the development of the national economy, the accelerating pace of Internet users and the number of online shopping amount increased, the online shopping market has entered a period of rapid development. read more

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Do five systems to help enterprises to open the electricity supplier of the road

enterprise if open the road of electronic commerce simple understanding of e-commerce is the enterprise to the enterprise, or enterprise to the individual through the network media, provide products, services, the process of reaching a cooperation agreement. Products, services do not introduce here. Network media as the theme of the specific process.

e-commerce process design to the network media: 1 telephone (fax) network media, the 2 products, services, corporate image network platform for the media, the logistics network of the media, the 4 online banking system. 5 after sales system read more

Dangdang spoiler famous sale tail collection at

May 7th, officially launched the tail collection of famous sale channel officially launched products, 70 percent off cap, on the first day in the sale of brands including Lee, Levis, MO& Co., ZARA, Gloria, Adidas, Nike and other big shoes.

it is reported that Dangdang launched the end product exchange after more than a year of careful preparation. Li Guoqing believes that the domestic famous sale market is mature, the price of the baptism of time has come, the end product exchange 70 percent off cap will further lower the famous sale price. read more

Data domain name virtual host management system product description

king of data domain name and virtual host management system is one of the important members of the data server software of the king, is also the first server management software based on technology. The software is by Shenyang Takimoto Quan Information Technology Co. Ltd. independent self-help development, our company is a based technology company, our team is not only a collection of art more domestic top.Net programmers and professional level of capital and strong technical strength, determined to make the best China server software suppliers. read more