National Network nformation Office issued nickname ten standard screen name and Avatar

[Abstract] for fraudulent use, affiliates or celebrity registered account name, the Internet information service providers shall cancel the account.


February 4th Xinhua Network letter office today released the "Regulations" management of the Internet user account name, micro-blog, WeChat and other Internet service to the public account name (including picture and introduction) norms, clearly put forward the online nickname in violation of the law, not to harm national security, undermining national unity, "nine are not allowed to insult slander others". A total of ten provisions, since March 1st. Reporter Zhu Jichai

reads as follows:

the first is to strengthen the management of the Internet user account name, the protection of citizens, legal persons and other organizations of the legitimate rights and interests, according to the "notice" on the State Council authorized the state Internet information office is responsible for the management of Internet information content and the relevant laws and administrative regulations, the provisions are formulated.

Article second the provisions of this article shall apply to the registration, use and management of the Internet user account name of the

in People’s Republic of China.

Internet user account name

in these Provisions refers to the institutions or individuals registered or used in the blog, micro blog, instant communication tools, forums, etc., Post Bar comments in Internet information service account name.

Third National Internet information office is responsible for national Internet user account name registration, supervision and management, supervision and Management Department of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government is responsible for the Internet information content name of the administrative area of Internet user account registration.

fourth Internet information service providers shall implement the safety management responsibilities, improve customer service agreement, express the Internet information service users may not appear illegal and harmful information in the account name, picture and brief introduction of the registration information, equipped with appropriate scale of service professionals, audit submitted to the Internet user account name, picture and brief introduction of the registration information, to contain illegal and harmful information, shall not be registered; to protect user information and privacy of individual citizens, and consciously accept social supervision, illegal and harmful information timely processing of the public to report the account name, picture and introduction of registration information.

fifth Internet information service providers should be in accordance with the background real name, the front of the voluntary principle, requiring Internet information service users through the identification of the true identity of the registered account.

Internet information service users registered account, it should enter into agreements with the Internet information service provider, commitment to comply with laws and regulations, the socialist system, national interests and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, public order, social morality and authenticity of information and other seven the bottom line.

sixth any institution or individual registration and use of Internet user account name, shall not have the following conditions:

(a) in violation of the constitution or laws and regulations;

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