WeChat marketing is not a good business

there will be a place where the value of marketing, in 2011 WeChat officially launched a short span of 2 years, WeChat has accumulated a total of 400 million users. For the Tencent from the mobile internet ticket to the ticket for standing room. At the same time, micro-blog has been engaged in the marketing of individuals and institutions are also step by step to follow up WeChat, micro-blog want to copy the idea of marketing and marketing to WeChat.

in June this year, WeChat officially said WeChat is not a marketing tool, WeChat also conducted two raids. Grassroots marketing WeChat public account blocked, push each other and the public account blocked, for WeChat’s attitude and action mechanism as well as the WeChat marketing frequently like bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared in hundreds of home services, so WeChat marketing is really good business


first, WeChat marketing or provide micro-blog marketing old service

WeChat enterprise account hosting operations, business strategy consulting, WeChat event marketing, WeChat PR, WeChat technology products and other services. That is far above the successful case of WeChat marketing millet and Chengdu floraland the day up 60 thousand fan case, early WeChat marketing agencies by the micro-blog prize forwarding form communication, then attract fans attention WeChat.

such a simple and brutal way to guide the fans began to have a certain role in the mid to late WeChat rose powder is more difficult. According to a person in the industry broke the news, said, from the initial through the certification, to enhance the number of fans, and then to promote the dissemination of information, as well as interaction with the fans as a whole package to charge around 30 thousand yuan.

if the WeChat marketing agency service company, equipped with an operator and editing the average wage of two people in 3500 yuan, the monthly cost of about 6000, followed by micro-blog early accounts need to do activities to improve the fans need to buy micro-blog marketing resources of each activity need to spend 3000 yuan, the monthly minimum of two monthly marketing cost is 6000 yuan. There is also the company’s daily expenses and operating personnel of the project after the Commission of the remaining profits are almost low.

two, WeChat marketing services technical products in the two step

WeChat officially released from the public platform of all kinds of WeChat technical products ashore sales, because WeChat marketing agency found that WeChat and micro-blog marketing is more like two. Micro-blog can be up to thousands of fans of an event, WeChat can only rise a few hundred fans.

as a result of WeChat’s strong control of the number of marketing operations WeChat needs a certain amount of creativity, copywriting, editing and other capabilities, for a WeChat marketing agency rarely find so many comprehensive talent. Some people say that WeChat marketing is a technology driven product is not a service product. Currently WeChat marketing threshold is also higher than the micro-blog marketing, both to have the ability to have the ability to sell WeChat marketing services have the ability to develop products, so as to meet the needs of users.

currently part of the marketing agency has developed the completion of its own WeChat technical products >

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