The best choice of enterprise marketing propaganda under the soft news crisis

enterprises to correctly understand the news soft Wen, to learn the news soft Wen, enterprises in urgent need of a high level of news, soft news business news is a form of marketing, marketing is the form of news. News is the form, marketing is the essence. Today, the high level of news soft Wen came into being, the creation of the brand for the enterprise, access to high visibility, reduce marketing costs, sales breakthrough growth, news soft Wen to bring new marketing revolution.

news article is advertising for the enterprise, the main form of publicity of general business is advertising, whether it is television, newspapers, radio, or magazines, outdoor media, advertising companies are in the form of relevant information to inform consumers. Advertising is regarded as the most direct and effective way of publicity, many enterprises because of the deluge of advertising bombing, and enable enterprises to benefit greatly, soft news to inform consumers of information, advertising plays a role for the enterprise.

news is a kind of soft, soft text advertising, soft advertising because in the form of concealment and the expression of suspense, integrity and can do, to seize the consumer psychology, to an immediate role for enterprise publicity work. During this period, gaizhonggai health care products companies like melatonin was most incisive, with a lot of consumer knowledge for consumers, for later consumption plays a key role. News soft Wen is a better soft advertising.

people are willing to watch the news rather than accept advertising, but the real news as a means of marketing is not enough, although many enterprises have seen the important role of soft news, as a good means of communication enterprises and consumers, enterprises has been increasingly popular, soft news need to master several elements:

1, the main body of the news soft is the enterprise, is the enterprise stand in their own point of view.

2, the purpose of the news of the soft is conducive to a certain requirements of the enterprise, the purpose of the news of the enterprise is meaningless.

3, news soft Wen is the media’s position objective and impartial reporting, with the fact that the news and news.

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