What is the reason of the bad effect of the network marketing training


when it comes to learning, we often hear that "the master leads the door, the practice is based on the individual". Of course, the teacher is preaching tuition, as can learn what things, how many things can they would have to look at yourself, this is one of the reason is needless to say. But with the development of economy and society, commercial interests, network marketing training industry is now described as intense competition, all kinds of courses are these after blossom everywhere, these training courses really can do network marketing


Tan roots have published a paper entitled "rough China network marketing training seven sins", based on his understanding of the current network marketing training market has published some of their own views, interested friends can go to the Baidu. Today is again talk to the network marketing training this topic, mainly is usually most of our customers before and did not come into contact with the network marketing communication with customers in the process, on the contrary many of them had participated in a series of so-called network marketing training, but the training after the process to carry out specific work still more confused. No effect. So, what are the causes of network marketing training effect is not good? Combined with some understanding of their roots talk under the personal views.

1, course content

currently on the market network marketing training courses in two main categories:

is a business strategy for the company responsible for the implementation of the class, the class is a network marketing practitioners to carry out the operation class. The main courses for these two groups are not the same, its contents are quite different! System, strategy of system strategy class focuses on the curriculum content, the curriculum content is mainly focus on the class of practical operation, the implementation of different courses, based on their ability to ask the teacher the master is not the same.

currently on the market for the enterprise strategy system is responsible for some courses carried out most of them have a few problems such as the system of curriculum system, lack of depth, many of them are pieced together, there are many courses are you copy my I copy you, at most for noun, as pseudo original; or is Overgeneralization, that make a website to open some blog, to apply for an official forum post, WeChat, micro-blog, Baidu and so on to open bidding is the network marketing; in addition to exaggerate the effect of network marketing over the Internet, some successful cases of so-called as playing chicken to the student body, traditional flicker business owners, the number of failures simply packaged into their own successful cases to spread; in addition, there are few network marketing training courses From the angle of the operation to explain how to carry out network marketing projects, and many students experience in network marketing concept after the baptism of the theory to understand some network marketing knowledge in real time operation of a network marketing project a lot of problems come out but I do not know how to start the.

also has a class of needles

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