Marketing promotion experience

Website promotion for so many years, but also want to write their own views and some ideas! Website promotion according to the nature of the site and the direction of the development of the website is different, for example, an entertainment website: beggar entertainment network this site is a comprehensive entertainment, involving more content. There is a film novel   joke    . Such a site has not been how to operate it? In fact, the entertainment station is very good operation, according to the introduction of the webmaster I gave this site to do a planning program. 1, the station from the beginning of the positioning is not clear, the development direction is not, messy things. I suggest that he find his website features focus on the development of   other auxiliary. 2, the site is slow for him to change the space. 3, have not done what publicity, I gave a copy of his book promotion experience — the experience of years of accumulation (I need to contact me qq:81612047) 4, slow update of   I gave him the latest two days update 5, suggested that he and other stations, 6 resources cooperation search optimization…… I gave him a total of more than ten suggestions has expanded to           this is the entertainment station for commercial sites are not the same, how to carry out business website promotion? Write next time! Please refer to my article

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