ndependent brand landing Normandy nternet car will open up the second battlefield

although the sale of SUV models so that China’s own car brand re radiate vitality, but the overall Chinese automotive industry, still have to face a grim fact. From the beginning of 2010 Chinese independent brand car market share continued to show a downward trend, and even fell below 20% for the first time in 2014, until 2015, with the domestic SUV vehicle sales have rebounded, but car sales in the top 20 independent brand is still elusive figure.


is in sharp contrast to this, the market share of the joint venture and the imported brand car is increasing year by year. At present, in addition to the advantages of the SUV in the field of subdivision of the battlefield, the independent brand is still a joint venture and imported brands to suppress, but a high degree of dependence on the SUV market is clearly not a good thing. If between the independent brand and the joint capital import car contest as a battle for the former, so today is the most important thing is to open up the "second battlefield" in the SUV market, so that the latter fall into both sides of the war.

is like a World War II because of the success of the Allied landing in Normandy opened a second front in continental Europe, reduce Soviet pressure, accelerate the German surrender. Chinese automobile industry also needs a Normandy landing, so the key problem is to choose the landing site in which field, and who has the ability? New energy, unmanned or Internet car, the second battlefield China auto industry breakthrough in


reverse the situation in three directions, where is the Normandy


electric vehicles and other new energy vehicles bear the brunt of becoming independent car companies trying to achieve corner overtaking breakthrough. China Automobile Association released the latest data show that in the first half of 2016 plus 16 independent car sales growth of more than 40%, SUV and new energy models to become the main sales. Which new energy vehicles cumulative production reached 285 thousand, an increase of up to 88.7%. Under the stimulus of national and local support policies, new energy vehicles have become the major independent car prices force the main market.

new energy vehicles is an opportunity, but the market is still dependent on government subsidy policies, and with more and more uneven in quality car prices into the market, the problem of excess production capacity gradually. China’s new energy vehicles to electric cars, the battery cost, technology and charging facilities compared with foreign countries there is still a big gap, and in the oil and electricity hybrid power, technology is still very backward. In addition, TOYOTA and other imported cars began to force the new energy market, objectively weakened the competitiveness of its own brand of new energy vehicles, in the long run it is difficult to take the task of breaking out.

is also high hopes for domestic unmanned vehicle, but is still in the conceptual stage in repeated test. Baidu announced in 2015 that its driverless cars will be mass production in 5 years, but in the development of its own Google driverless car away from the real time on the road

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