Daily topic inventory of those female APP to see how much space for the development of female commun

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 25th news, said the world’s women and children’s money is the best earned, this sentence is not bad. And her economy is more and more popular so that more people see the red sea. Today, we have to take inventory of the Internet, those who use her economy and hot women APP.

1, beautiful said

beauty is said to be the largest domestic female fashion media, in November 2009 founded by Xu Yirong in Beijing, Zhongguancun, is committed to solving the problem of dressing, skin care and other issues for female users. Since its inception, beauty has more than 35 million registered users, more than 3 million 400 thousand daily active users; more than 18 million mobile phone users, mobile phone users more than 1 million 150 thousand daily active; more than ten women are related to mobile phone applications, iOS and Android two mobile platform coverage, is one of the fastest-growing Internet Co China.

2, mogujie.com

mogujie.com is focused on the fashion of female consumers e-commerce website, for the beauty of the girls to provide clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and beauty and other fields suitable for young women’s goods. Mogujie.com APP has become a must-have fashion women APP. Mogujie.com launched in February 14, 2011, as of May 2014, the development of the three and half years, mogujie.com constantly improve the user experience, has more than 80 million registered members, provides a daily shopping decision for female consumers more than five million suggestions.

market capitalization: $1 billion

3, aunt


is a core to menstrual health, women’s health care mobile phone application, its functions include menstrual records (record, with optional symptoms model for a doctor), self testing and suggestion of premenstrual syndrome, menstruation menstrual disease / prediction (no network support), easy to predict pregnancy, beauty body health tips push, and supervise the weight function, daily replenishment reminders selectively turned on.

has completed C round of $30 million financing.

4, beauty grapefruit

beauty grapefruit is Xiamen beauty grapefruit Mdt InfoTech Ltd in April 2013 launched the country’s first female assistant class of mobile phone software. America grapefruit to menstrual management as the starting point, and provide the function of pregnancy, pregnancy, child care, community exchange and other services for women. As of now, the U.S. grapefruit 40 million active users, more than 3 million active users, is the largest community Chinese women. America grapefruit, will provide a health management, solve problems and find bestie, entertainment and communication platform for women. America grapefruit is a pure female society, a "her country", provides a new way of life for women. With the beauty of grapefruit, meet more beautiful you.

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