Baidu acquisition tonight to see what want to strengthen personalized video search



, according to media reports, Baidu in a week ago, the acquisition of film and television drama search and referral services tonight look at what the team, into the Baidu vertical search department, the acquisition price unknown.

what to see tonight is a vertical search engine in the field of film and search engine, to support a variety of search and personalized recommendation, the film resources together to provide you with the film to make decisions. Everyone has different preferences for the film, the user can see what movie search engine, find their own movies. What to see tonight is Hu Yichuan and Wang Guanchun entrepreneurial projects, in June this year on the line. Has already been an angel investor Xu Xiaoping investment.

previously, Baidu video search has added "my heart to see the movie" service, to provide personalized search results for users, and "tonight to see what" the function is basically the same, Baidu is expected in the acquisition of "tonight to see what", it will absorb the unique film based team for Library and recommendation algorithm.

it is reported that tonight to see what part of the members have begun to work in the Baidu building, the report is the object of Baidu search senior director Hu Hao. Hu Hao is the head of Baidu video and Baidu news. It is said that, in addition to Baidu video, Baidu news in the future will be added to the mobile terminal personalized recommendation. Baidu also recently dug in the portal, but also in the preparation of personalized services Baidu news search.

at present, online video field competition, Youku potatoes, Sohu, Tencent, Baidu Iqiyi video video and several other big firms to compete for users almost white hot. In the homogeneous competition is more and more serious today, the acquisition of Baidu video "tonight to see what", but also to launch a more personalized video search results, but also to further enhance the user experience Baidu Iqiyi.

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