Restless Pan entertainment the network is like the copper and iron industry will be born unicorn

I think Jia Yueting great ecological cloth, the starting point is right, but there is a core of the problem, he did this thing does not pay attention to defense, that is to say that he only did not step on the brakes, this is a very scary thing.

December 6, 2016 -8, organized by the Qing Branch Group, the investment community, jointly organized by the association of venture capital in the "sixteenth China equity annual forum held in Beijing, the forum brings together world masters equity investment elite, analysis of this era in terms of trend, strategy, industry.

in the scene, and high capital founding partner, Han Fu Capital Partners Chen Guojun, a founding managing partner of Ji Shunyou capital, the National SME fund partner Jia Wei, Gan Li fund managing director Tang Zhaoan, managing partner of LIAN Yongxuan field, Pangu capital founding partner, Pangu wealth chairman and CEO Xu Ping and Bo capital founding partner Yang Ning the agitation of the pan entertainment era "the theme of the dialogue.

the following is the dialogue record, the investment community (ID:pedaily2012) edit finishing:


in different times, pan entertainment is just need

: today we are burning the forum’s theme is "restless pan entertainment era". We know now is the winter capital, but we also see a lot of bustling entertainment phenomenon. For example, Feng Xiaogang’s "I am not Pan Jinlian" with Wanda’s saliva, "where is the magic of animals," the joy, "your name. "In Chinese bursting. I guess your name. It’s going to be 1 billion yuan. We see the star investor this morning, we know that Wang Feng, as investors, also made a broken music; we also ushered in the Guoli Zhang Zhang, he is a famous director, is also a business very good film company chairman. We also saw a wide variety of cross-border, including our own cast of Yundi Li’s piano by Yundi. So, I would like to invite seven guests here to talk about their understanding of Pan entertainment.

Chen Guojun: Good afternoon, I am Chinese capital rich Chen Guojun, Han Fu capital is a wholly owned subsidiary of Han Fu holdings, we manage the funds of 36 billion yuan, focusing on mergers and acquisitions, equity investment, public service and market management etc.. Han Fu capital upgrades, consumption in nearly one or two years of Pan entertainment has made some important layout, including this year we also cast all cars, wheels, yogurt factory, ant gold clothing etc.. From my own perspective, we in the equity investment is mainly done in the late, if my personal understanding of the pan entertainment to sum up in one sentence, I think it is a national pastime, but Rainbow Night. This year, the Commission on the game, film and television, VR mergers and acquisitions is still quite a lot of constraints and constraints, there is no active in 2015 and the first half of this year. We know that the network red, live, including early investment in VR is still quite active. This is just my personal entertainment

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