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Abstract: in the female online shopping crowd, the mother population accounted for more than 65%. The frequency and amount of their consumption is 1.4 times the overall average level of women.

mom crowd in the online shopping population is growing, the mother of online shopping frequency and single amount is also higher than the overall online shopping crowd, the total amount of shopping mothers crowd is higher than the overall online shopping crowd 40%. Online shopping list in addition to mother milk and diapers, has been extended to buy for themselves, for families to buy eight category. Mom is the main force of online shopping, the frequency of the purchase, the purchase of good things. So it is very important to do their business well." Nelson, vice president of the release of the "trend of the Research Report on the trend of the online shoppers in the 2016," highlighted the new changes in the "mother economy" of the year.

in October 11th, in the 2016 Chinese summit hosted by maternal babe network, "mother economy" has become the most mentioned topics. The report shows that in 2017 the maternal and infant industry market size will reach 3 trillion yuan, from the perspective of the mother population, through the extension of the mother’s needs, the market size will be more than 10 trillion yuan.

such a large market evokes the rise of the Internet industry, and in 2015 the outbreak of a price war. Now, along with the continuing impact of the winter capital and the disappearance of mobile Internet traffic bonus, maternal electricity supplier competition has entered the second half, an initial pattern of industry. Maternal and infant industry how to deal with the industry to solve the problem and find a new growth point?

mother’s purchasing power is 1.4 times that of women

what is the purchasing power of the moms


these reports show that the network is replacing traditional channels to become the main driving force to promote the growth of consumption, women as the main force of China’s online shopping crowd gave birth to her economy this tempting cake.

the study shows that women in the online shopping crowd, the proportion of mothers accounted for more than 65%. The frequency and amount of their consumption is 1.4 times the average level of women, that is, their spending power is higher. Not only that, the category of the mother to buy in the increase, she not only to buy children’s things, as well as their own attention to cosmetics, daily necessities, etc..

Ding Xia said that the mother’s economy is becoming a new aspect of electricity providers, and will bring new opportunities for the outbreak of mobile shopping.

is a leader in the vertical babe network in the field, the feel of its founder Zhang Lianglun identity, he believes that the core viewpoint of "mother economy" is behind every mother is a family, the "mother economy" will meet all the needs of household consumption, including children to buy things, to buy things, my mother to buy things for the home, mother around the purchasing power of the population of the business development as "maternal" new economic growth point in power market.

Aurora director Jiang Haotian said: "Chinese the demographic dividend disappeared, mobile Internet dividends disappear, the flow of costs in the rapid growth.

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