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webmaster shopping mall, mall recently due to customers for the postage high veiled criticism, so the recent news for express logistics this piece is of concern. In addition, I also have a store Taobao, Taobao related policies and trends is also understood. The following is about Taobao self built logistics and distribution system of the relevant circumstances are as follows:

June 8th, Taobao announced that Taobao free post warehouse activities from now officially launched. Buyers in different Taobao shop to buy goods, Taobao distribution center can be integrated package. The event is also related to Taobao is promoting the logistics plan. It is reported that Taobao has established distribution centers in several major online shopping centers.

it is understood that in the promotion of 70 businesses, including small appliances, fashion, fashion clothing, shoes Home Furnishing bag accessories, food and other goods to provide a total of about 150 thousand, the goods are necessary daily products, small household appliances, including practical Home Furnishing products, fashion, accessories, food etc. Different type.

buyers in different Taobao shops, by a Taobao warehouse responsible for delivery, namely a buyer to purchase multiple sellers of goods will be merged into a package to the buyer, this will not only allow multiple sellers to share this a parcel postage, but for consumers, regardless of the purchase how much is the postage.

to participate in the activities of goods, not only the audience free mail, and as long as the seller is within two hours of payment, you can put in a large package sent to. Buyers have the opportunity to draw eight stores combined to provide "Dacang lucky Award" awards are issued every day 1600 package, the total value of 306.90 yuan package.

Taobao said, Taobao free post warehouse is not just a promotional event, which is related to the logistics plan is being prepared Taobao. Taobao has several major cities in the first batch of online shopping to build the first batch of Taobao". And all the activities of the goods are one of the Taobao large warehouse is responsible for unified shipping.

I really hope that the self built logistics system of Taobao can make the network shopping logistics courier costs down, if the cost is not down, not as private courier companies more mature.

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