Agreement on the transfer of the right to operate advertising (model)

      Party A:

Party B: a company or individual who can independently assume civil liability

therefore, in view of the above, the parties have signed the contract and agreement, and for other considerations agreed that the contract and the agreement should be carefully written, the parties reached an agreement as follows:

the first exclusive rights to

Party A is willing to authorize Party B to sell all the advertising rights on its website exclusively. Party A shall not agree, authorize or permit any other person or legal entity to conclude, sell or promote the agreement of Party A.

obligations of Party B second

in addition to the above mentioned, Party B agrees:

A, the effective period of this agreement only in the implementation of this agreement, Party B will provide Party A with HTML/ Java language or other appropriate language produced by the linker, Party A shall use appropriate way to all advertising position it to Party A on (Party A without any patent, property rights or interests of these links process the order includes intellectual property).

B, Party B will do its utmost to the two sides to develop a competitive market with reasonable advertising prices and discounts, advertisers to sell the above URL on the web site advertising.

C, Party B shall advance to avoid illegal advertising, and Party B has to collect new ads posted on the website to notify Party A on the page by e-mail, and try to respect the Party A according to the following third D paragraph, to reject any illegal advertising decisions.

D, Party B through the link program (TAG), Party B will provide real-time advertising report to Party A, Party A can also access their own inquiries, so that Party B can effectively control the advertising to the number and income of the web page. All the reports provided by Party B, including data, statistical data or transaction analysis, are the common assets of Party B and Party a..

E, Party B agrees to submit to Party A:

1 a month, 25 days before the Party A provides a description in the calendar month 20 days before the party a total book income and monthly report;

F, in the administrative, sales and technical positions of competent personnel to effectively implement the terms of this agreement.

Party A agrees:

A, for the duration of this agreement, it will

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