Open shop essential experience skills

how do you open the shop, and has a certain advantage, then I wrote earlier online shop operators entrepreneurial mentality still can not let your shop on the right track. We also need some business skills, attitude to ensure that the business is a good environment, successful sales skills and business skills can help you. So let’s analyze how these skills are available:

from the shopping experience and the success of the analysis of the case, the product is divided into three main points: the name of the commodity, commodity picture, product description.

first, the main points of the commodity name:

buyers in shopping, you need to find a large area of their favorite items, only to stand out from the merchandise in order to get a chance to clinch a deal. How to find what you need, you need to search, then we have to do is the key words of the product.

first of all, we analyze the shopping psychology, the purpose of buyers shopping is different, Dan shopping order is basically the same, first from the search for goods, and then look at the price, pictures, product introduction. Whose products can meet the above conditions, then his product is likely to facilitate transactions.

understand the shopping process, then we will analyze the key words:

1, product keywords arrangement:

no matter what kind of product, the name is not necessary to add a simple description of the properties of the goods, such as mobile phones, no matter what kind of phone, the product name must have a mobile phone two words. Buy buy mobile phone, no matter how search, there must be a mobile phone this keyword. And so on。

how to:

a, brand, model + product keywords

B, promotion, features, adjectives + product keywords

C, geographical features + brand + product keywords

D, shop name + brand, model + product keywords

e, brand + credit rating, praise rate + commodity keywords

keyword combination analysis, we have to rely on the analysis of the market, goods and consumer groups have been used to identify habits.

2, the key word set

a, commodity attributes are not clear

do not add unknown attributes to the product name, such as the name of a certain brand alias. Originally * * * shoes, not to add a good name. This will be superfluous.

B, to avoid typos and uncommon words

C, the name of the online shop platform has a word limit, a lot of good people to write full, so we want to try to write the full name of the product, so you can maximize the description of the product.

3, key words and the overall effect of

keyword to use the most important place, can not abuse and reuse, key words to suit product characteristics.

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