Mcglaughlin B2C listed the first shares of the secret

on the evening of October 26th, Mcglaughlin landed Nasdaq, opening price of $17.5, compared to $11 issue price rose by 59.09%. This is China’s first listed B2C shares, the development of China’s e-commerce industry has a symbolic significance.

to the opening price, the market capitalization of $1 billion Mcglaughlin. But just a few years ago, Mcglaughlin was once again on the verge of bankruptcy, but e-commerce to save it. Today, B2C 3C/ clothing market followed by household appliances thereafter, to 3 billion 900 million yuan revenue, accounted for 17.41% in the whole B2C market share of second, while Mcglaughlin’s network, with 350 million RMB in sales volume and market share of 8.9%, followed by Eslite clothing B2C market become the runner up (all 2009 data).

but Mcglaughlin’s biggest feature is that it reveals the new era of e-commerce prototype – multi-channel strategy, the combination of online and offline. Whether traditional or Internet companies, whether it is for the brand or platform providers, Mcglaughlin’s development path has a strong reference.

three months ago, we visited Mcglaughlin in the research of electronic commerce, and the general manager of the network Pu Esprit in-depth communication, but not the content of the interview published. Now Mcglaughlin has been listed, select some of its key points for the industry reference.

"Chinese entrepreneurs": please briefly introduce the development of Mcglaughlin in recent years.

Pu Esprit: in recent years, the development of network is the key point of Mcglaughlin. Network was founded in 2000, it is the starting point for Mcglaughlin to begin on-line mail order business and their own e-commerce combined, it is the positioning of new channels, but in fact there are affiliated tools as the original business, and the Internet bubble burst into silence. After 2003, China e-commerce market matures, the "network" with restart. Mcglaughlin also re do clothing and clothing for its registered "EUROMODA" brand, by their own design team is responsible for the design and OEM production, direct sales.

around 2008, network began erupting in 2009 to become the Mcglaughlin independent division, which marks the e-commerce became the most important channel of Mcglaughlin.

"China entrepreneur": do you think between mail order and electronic commerce, and what is the difference between


Pu: they have a similar place, are sold in accordance with the picture, you can not touch the product, only through my description, interpretation to do. So he is the need for product price positioning is lower than the traditional, which is also a process of gestation. When the channel is not mature to a certain extent, people do not believe you, the network is also a good picture to do, to express the exact, incisive, and the price is low.

but the site can be more active, lower cost. The catalogue you do not, customers don’t know what you are, go.

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