Five ways to sell digital goods through electricity supplier channels

digital goods refers to the non tangible products, such as computer games and other software, custom sewn or process model, e-books, digital images, music, ringtones, website templates, basically all in electronic or digital form to the consumer products. The development of the Internet has created opportunities for designers and software developers to produce and distribute digital products and to promote and sell their products.

digital goods electricity supplier channels how to play a role in


for a lot of tight budget designers, the establishment of a specialized sales of digital goods shop is undoubtedly a big expense. Many digital products electricity supplier channels are free to use before the transaction, only in the transaction before the need to pay service fees. On the contrary, some service providers only charge a monthly and no additional transaction costs.

if you already have your own website or blog, you can use some shopping carts to sell digital goods from your own website. If you don’t have your own web site, you can use the online store and affiliate promotion programs to promote circulation and trading. Due to the electronic business platform for you to handle all or most of the work deal, you can take the time for the studio or in the blog on the interaction with the fans, only need to pay a certain amount of transactions and transaction costs. This payment way is very easy to operate, first upload products, provide contact information and payment method, the goods can be described.

five sales of digital products electricity supplier channel

in the choice of sales channels, it is necessary to compare the functional characteristics of each service, including the number of products on the shelves, transaction costs, and transaction costs are based on a single commission or a minimum transaction fee. This paper focuses on the five kinds of electricity supplier shop or shopping cart, describes their characteristics, pricing model and sales process in detail.

1.DigitalGoodsDelivery: applies to all types of digital and tangible products

Transmission system using

, almost all of the products can be delivered to consumers via the Internet, including standard movies and audio files, compressed files, Word files, PDF files etc.. applies to the use of personal websites to sell customers, which itself uses a PayPal payment system.


file upload will be hosted on a server, then you can use your own website HTML code to create the PayPal Button, the download link for consumers. When someone buys a product on your website, the customer pays directly through PayPal. At the same time, you can also use this interface to sell tangible goods, such as T-shirts or mouse pads, with digital goods.

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