Double 12 Carnival close to the secret Suning sales process

double 11 has just ended, double 12 has been in sight. Cut the hand of the party who online shopping carnival on the occasion, the electricity supplier customer service inevitably concerns: how do the customer service problems? To the common customer service problem, businesses how to deal with? In the "double 12 big promotion approaching, Yangzi Evening News reporter customer service processes to Suning responsible person in an interview.

Suning stores into the largest after-sales protection

encountered problems but also to Tesco stores

The biggest problem is not the

online shopping store, the problem can not contact the seller to delay or even settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. In contrast, Suning, the next line of 1600 stores into its most important wealth. Suning stores each equipped with on-site customer service personnel, consumers encounter problems in, the store staff will deal with. Tesco consumers buy some 3C products, especially small electric pioneer Suning independent products if there is quality problem, to Suning stores designated identification, identification issued after a single, repair, replace or return. Customer Mr. Lee as an example, in order to buy Tesco mobile phone, two days after accidentally broken screen, call 4008365365 after that Suning stores in the customer service identification. Store staff in the confirmation of the product as a human factor failure, it is recommended to specify the product after-sales point of repair, customer recognition.

customer service, after-sales, logistics three party collaboration

processing problems emphasize fast and efficient

Suning after-sales service led by the customer service, customer service, sales, logistics Suning three terminals, based on facts, stressed the rapid and efficient. First of all, after the customer calls 4008365365 service calls, customer service will be handed over to the local customer service will be made. Local customer service needs to be sent within 2 hours to respond to customer orders, the same day to deal with the views of the latest, within the next 3 days to solve the problem. Major complaints to the general manager’s office, to the district headquarters and the market report, the same day to give opinion, second days to solve. Secondly, the whole team of professional sales, many workers over an average of 10 years. If the customer wants to return, the customer will arrange customer service site identification. If the authorized customer service Suning in the factory case, Suning home service workers, according to the machine, consumer law terms identification is repair or return; if the factory is not authorized by the customer service workers on-site production enterprises. Third, Suning logistics has set up a separate logistics company, logistics and distribution capabilities in the industry leading position.

from the source to kill aftermarket problem

Suning channel to ensure that genuine licensed

Suning people, after all, in the final analysis is the product quality problems, with the increasing number of online shopping groups, some fakes began flooding the market, which is also the source of many aftermarket problems. The authentic licensed to consumers should make the guarantee. Suning is one of the few dare to play authentic licensed businesses slogan. This is more than 20 years of accumulation of brand and brand authorized direct procurement of supply chain model can not be >

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