Chinese domain name will not be devalued at least 10 years

      Chinese mentioned domain name, whether it is registered or minon (specializing in domain name investment people) are confused: Chinese domain name will be the future of


      referring to the future of the Chinese domain name I would like to ask you to focus on an article called "Chinese websites need at least one Chinese domain name," the article. As the article points out, because English letters (including digital memory) of Chinese is obviously not as good as Chinese, and when because not remember the domain name for the search engines, get the fuzzy results, more obvious to waste precious time. Only this point, enough to explain China’s Web site to choose the Chinese domain name is imperative.

      at the same time, according to the latest data show that China’s Internet users has reached 162 million, ranking the world’s top second. Experts predict that by the end of next year, China’s Internet users will be more than the size of the United States to become the first Internet power. As the promoter of the Chinese domain name, China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) in the late 90s of last century to the ICANN and other international organizations have proposed the use of Chinese domain name Internet solutions. So far, has obtained the < < Japan and South Korea a variety of domain name registration standard > > (RFC3743) and < < Chinese standard registration and management of domain name > > (RF4713) two Chinese domain international standards, so as to lay a technical foundation for the wide application of the domain name Chinese today. Market demand + official technical support will determine its market value.

      perhaps someone will ask: even if the Chinese domain name has its market value, why will it continue to rise? In fact, the problem is simple: because the resources of the text is limited. Chinese is no exception. Domain name registration rules are different from other trademark registration. Domain name registration rules are: no matter what the text or whatever the combination of text (within the scope of the rules allowed), as long as people have been registered, the latter will be powerless to register. Look at the future of Chinese domain names, first look at the development trend of the English domain name. At the beginning of the birth of English domain, some far sighted people put some recognized special text registration, after continuous deduction of Internet technology myth, eventually will lead to the birth of this one millions, tens of millions of domain name trading news. Specificity will determine its appreciation of space. It is recognized that a good appreciation of the domain name is inevitable.

      of course, science in the continuous development of social progress, a few years later, the Internet may no longer need a domain name, and perhaps even the Internet has been replaced by what the high degree of technology. But I can assure you that it will not be in at least 10 years. So, I think the Chinese domain name will appreciate at least 10 years and will not depreciate. Time will prove everything. >

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