Pat micro providers connected to the surrounding O2O scene will be complementary to Jingdong


] June 11th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, the Jingdong’s shop today released a new version of APP, not only from the Jingdong owned food and beverage formal access to the differential marketing system of shop, will also support more peripheral O2O scene, marriage Jingdong home, do O2O door-to-door service.

pat shop manager Guo Bin introduction, the new pat shop APP only need to log directly through the QQ number or WeChat, fill in the name of the shop after the opening of a shop. A new version of the "shop" APP "with the Jingdong distribution of goods", "store location" and "sellers circle" and "the manager notes" four features, of which the core is the Jingdong access mall import goods base.


Guo Bin said that the shop chose to access Jingdong import goods base, mainly in order to enhance the user experience, we learned that many users want to try to do mobile social electricity supplier, but he did not suffer the supply and logistics can not be started, although there are individual micro business platform also launched a distribution function, but the product is uneven, and even fakes, and logistics is not guaranteed, and mobile social electricity supplier the most important fact is the reputation, Jingdong owned goods authentic cheap and fast logistics system, can shop to provide users with the most competitive sourcing and logistics support."

According to

billion state power network to understand, the first access to shop the import of goods from the Jingdong base of food and beverage in 2 categories, nearly 15 thousand SKU, covering the import of food, leisure food, fresh food, beverage and wine brewing.

, according to reports, the future will have more Jingdong proprietary goods have been transferred to pat shop Distribution system.

data show that since last October on the line, pat shop has more than 500 mobile stores.

it is worth noting that, in addition to the access to Jingdong proprietary library, the new version of the pat shop APP added a number of features for the seller and the buyer to build an exchange between the circle, to create O2O service scene around. In the APP discovery channel, the new store location feature, buyers can easily find the core of the surrounding landmarks or shopping district of high-quality stores.

Guo Bin pointed out that the pat shop will try to use the new version of APP O2O. The shop will be based on the goods and services classification, such as the "cake", "flowers", "home", not only allows users according to their needs directly to the consumer stores under the line, but also to enjoy fast delivery service. Pat shop in the future will come home to cooperate with Jingdong, relying on Jingdong crowdsourcing logistics support, the formation of complementary."

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