Micro-blog marketing should follow the 6 basic principles

the process of interpersonal communication is the process of calling friends, the more friends you have, the more information you spread as a source of information, the more effective. In reality any more friends, friends pay "secret": sincere and trustworthy, cheerful, have a sense of humor, much less complaints and so on are happy to share can be used in micro-blog. Here are a few basic principles in the application of micro-blog.

1, funny

is micro-blog can not be too boring, too official. If there is no interest, your micro-blog, that is, your personal radio audience, you do not want to forward your micro-blog, you can not complete the original intention. If there is no fans to forward your micro-blog, then micro-blog will no effect. So the first principle must be fun.

2, interactive

in the traditional media, such as newspaper marketing is unable to interact with micro-blog, if someone interested in, send comments, can interact with him, to help him solve the problem, usually to help him solve the problem, he may also put these forwards, help has the same problem as friends, build interactive with the fans, an important aspect of long-term relationship. Obama in the election, attention to his fans, and Hilary did not pay attention to his fans. So interaction is an important aspect of building relationships with fans. In this regard, there are a lot of companies do well, such as the United States to sell shoes sell very good online B2C Zappos.

3, sincere principle

sincerity is not only the basic principles of micro-blog marketing, in fact, is to do anything, do any basic principles of interactive communication. The mention of marketing, people often think of exaggeration, ostentation, flicker, use unscrupulous divisive tactics. However, the false may get a small profit, but can not get people long-term trust, you can flicker a month, two months, but you can not flicker a year, two years, five years. Micro-blog marketing is a long-term behavior of the year. Micro-blog’s friends and friends in reality, good reputation is wealth. It takes time to build up a good reputation, and a good reputation is impossible without sincere interaction. Compared with the traditional advertising of TV and portal, the negative emotions of the audience are easier to be expressed and spread on micro-blog. You can block the spread of negative emotions through television, portal website editor fix, but you can’t shut all the micro-blog audience, so the principle of sincerity in micro-blog marketing than other traditional marketing is more urgent. Micro-blog marketing practitioners first of all to eliminate the traditional marketing of the prevalence of the habit of luck, sincere attitude towards your audience – your potential friends.

4, optimistic and cheerful principle

in reality, we can find that people are more willing to make friends with optimistic and cheerful people. Micro-blog interactive communication is no exception. No one hates your sense of humor, but no one hates you to share happiness with him. Optimistic and cheerful principles require micro-blog marketing practitioners are optimistic about their own personality

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