ce friendship promotion of website connection piece

in fact, I personally feel that the article does not need to deliberately pursue the title, the document ah. Because we write articles mainly in order to improve the site’s chain rate, rather than a paper. Before the article also read a lot about website promotion, but has not found the promotion method with the view of my blog friends may see me finishing a lot on the promotion of the article, in fact, the method is not suitable for their own promotion, before a period of time in the community, the overall traffic is OK however, the viscosity is not too high.

when micro-blog flourished, now a large number of owners have turned their eyes to the top of it, there is also a large number of people, then get good traffic, because I did not get good traffic, so do not dare to do more to explain in this respect. My promotion methods currently pays more attention or focus on two points, one is to write the soft Wen, second aspects to do the friendship connection. About friendship connection, I find some in the site, part of the focus of the title from Lu Songsong’s friend’s attunement, I just do reference and quote I did part of a method, this is not the author of the article be copied. If you read this article the author can not skip, this paper has done a lot in my interpretation, is not exactly the same.

a, QQ QQ exchange links, this method is very good. Advantages: identify the related groups, such as uucc5.com do is about the game, I went to look for some game stations, in this station group to find a friend to do Friendship Exchange, such as tiao7 is medicine, I will join the QQ group to find medical connection, leave your connection within the group, or go directly to you exchange, convenient and quick. The disadvantage is that the population is basically fixed, there is only the existence of the link exchange circles, personnel updates slow.

two, in other people’s links to find links. Advantages: in general people can find their friendship connection connection, for example, I went to 17173 games to find friendship, I am looking for friendship and I do site similar to the game, a great aspect of their connection, lead out of the above, I look for connection to other sites, to a point the role of. The disadvantage is that the scope is too wide, too much outside the lead, in a short period of time can not find all the whole, can only be divided into hours, a fraction of the amount to find, time-consuming is also great.

three, looking for friendship in their friendship connection, this connection and other people in the friendship connection, the method is about the same, here I do not explain in detail.

four, and the station do friendship connection, the advantage is that it can bring some high weight site to his fear, at this point I do not very good, but I and part of some big site within the page or category pages do some friendship, because their site PR value is not too high, not you may get to the event period. The disadvantage is that the difficulty is very high, the probability is very small. But a small chance of me >

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