Wang Tong back-end marketing product design thinking


yesterday referred to the back-end marketing, if you learn the back-end marketing, you design the product will be completely different thinking.

traditional sales is to design a product, and then crazy to promote sales, as long as the cost is lower than the profit, it will make money, but the longer the more difficult to do.

and back-end marketing product design strategy, will be more clever, because of this, in order to ensure that you do more easily.

backend marketing in general to design three kinds of products:

1, bait products

2, trust products

3, profit product

, what is the bait


this product may be free, or marked high price, with the spread of piracy, his main purpose is to get more users.

, for example, the design of an electronic product, in which the most critical place, allowing customers to scan two-dimensional code, the number of public concern can be obtained free of charge, then the user will be an endless stream of public numbers.

I like

over the past few months, launched the "secrets", "soft packing value transaction equation" and so on e-books, all belong to the bait products.

two, what is a trust product?

sales is the core to solve the trust problem, only when the customer and you first time to buy, be sure to give customers a super cost-effective products to quickly solve the problem of trust.

For example,

before I promote the "top class" WeChat master planning is a trust products, the price is only 1200 yuan, but the value is huge, most of the students in the learning process, immediately apply, quickly earn money.

this product, it is a very good solution to the problem of trust.

three, what is the profit product?

really need to rely on the back-end profit margin products, because we think 90% of the profits are in the back end!

in the past few months, I have written a series of back end products, such as the SEO course, the personal branding program, the fission marketing course, and the high-end consulting.

these back-end products to bring me the revenue is more than 10 times the revenue of copywriter planning courses.

in the design of the back end of the product, there is a very clever method, the power is very great, I will continue to share the article tomorrow.

if you know more about the backend marketing public, please pay attention to dry cargo, WeChat [tongwangnet].

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