Website promotion alternative method decryption

said the website promotion, everyone is all sorts of strange things, each move, no matter how, as long as the final site traffic really improve a grade, it is a good way. For some conventional website promotion methods, we also see more strange, will not go into here. I’m here to talk about a few more alternative ways I think

(1) star "benefit method. Faithful fans is concerned about all the activities of the star. If the webmaster can be in their own activities, or even the entire network has a good reputation, then its appeal is unthinkable. For individual owners to become a "Star" will have more positive reports about their articles or write their own original articles found in the network, in the course of time, we will gradually recognized you, this method is the key to your writing you can write to their own articles published on the network, form it is best to interview like that, oh.. It is to be fried do yourself, but to do their own fried decent image. I think at the moment we are familiar with the graph king is such a successful example, I was through an article to know there is graph king such a person, but sometimes I think ah, this article is written, in what environment to write and so on, a lot of question… (Figure Wang don’t get angry without any other meaning, just in case analysis)

(2) hackers tapping method. Pretend analog black your own website, a video posted to several hack sites, famous domestic hackbase, like 77169, almost overnight hacker will visit your website, and they will help you to do publicity obligations, oh… Hacker basically have installed Alexa tool, recently so your Alexa will rise sharply, an up link and so on easier. But it is dangerous to website system security settings, the server has relatively high requirements, if hakcer really took your station webshell mention the right to take the server, it The loss outweighs the gain..

(3) dead wrapped play. We still remember that gold partner, really annoying, the local Taiwan to open, is the golden partner to send a friend, a gold partner to send teachers.." After doing it, open the TV did not see the golden partner when everyone is thinking, oh. Today, how not to pull the gold partner did not really do not get used to. So, we must promote websites sichanlanda, unremittingly, soon we will remember you, and your site. But if you go through countless times of being laughed at, being abused by T etc..

(4) free free method. Site early, no traffic, the site of a number of advertising position is wasted. In fact, we can consider and print media cooperation, talk about good print media advertising can do the site’s advertising position. The benefits of doing so are two, a print media in the sales will certainly recommend your station, and the two is for you to open the ad after the opening

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