Network marketing planning basic template

network marketing plan is to achieve a certain marketing objectives and the development of a comprehensive, specific network marketing strategies and activities plan. A complete network marketing plan must include the following basic elements: site analysis, website optimization, website promotion, network marketing training, change style, classic case, contact us seven modules.

network marketing planning program directory

a website analysis

1, website traffic analysis

(1) carrying the flow statistics

(2) browsing page and entry analysis

(3) passenger area distribution

(4) search engine and keyword analysis

(5) client analysis

Conversion rate of

(6) e-commerce

(7) SEO analysis

(8) access depth analysis

2, web page analysis

(1) overall analysis of home page

(2) page tags, keyword analysis

(3) hyperlink check

(4) browsing speed analysis

Page layout analysis of


(6) website usability analysis

(7) user experience analysis

(8) website integrity analysis

3, web application technology and design analysis

(1) analysis of the current technology is reasonable

(2) analysis website architecture is reasonable

(3) analysis of Web site design is affinity, easy to read

(4) analysis of Web site pictures, animation, video, text coordination between

4, the basic analysis of network marketing

(1) keyword analysis

(2) search engine registration status analysis

(3) search engine ranking analysis

(4) exchange link correlation

Analysis of the main methods of

(5) network marketing

(6) network marketing public relations environment analysis

5, website operation analysis

(1) network investment analysis

(2) website operation strategy analysis

(3) website operation environment analysis

(4) website operation tool analysis

two, website optimization

1, website structure optimization

2, web page label optimization

3, net >

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