Webmaster how to attract users to your site

Recently read a survey on Baidu

: "the site factors" which attract readers? Everyone’s message makes me feel that is very professional, I also according to their own cognitive concludes the following 3 points

own opinion!

: have a unique style of individuality.

people rely on clothes horse saddle, the same site also depends on the personality and have a unique style, including positioning, the most primitive art, structure, and so on early. Now the site has a review function, can drive the user’s participation, so as to understand the real needs of the user, to promote and improve the viscosity of the site, so that the site has its own fan groups

two: fresh and attractive content

lover, between husband and wife get along for a long time, what are the seven year itch, this time there will be some feelings of friction, how to do? Play fresh! Then some fresh agent to nourish the feelings, the website is the same, every day brings fresh and fresh content, need not what the explosion of information, but enough to attract users eye. Let users on your site produce once affection, let the user take the initiative to feel the information dissemination website experience to his friends, such a "viral" propagation speed is

let you twice!

three: free lunch

we know that VIP has a "VIP" member. Often contains shocking gourmet equipment or virtual currency, mostly to VIP account for profits, let the user actually helpless disgust, although there are "no free lunch" and "sugar coated bullet" but there is more people love free stuff, so why don’t we meet the people of such psychological development? A "Easy Access" on the web free

user experience?

is now the novel website do many, many webmasters do talk about ideas and goals that can talk rapidly after all, closely reasoned and well argued, are "benefit" of the trend, the site is the ultimate goal to profit, this is indisputable


if a webmaster to stand up to say I do is for the purpose of China economic construction a helping hand, it is pure nonsense! We can say with a network of the most fashionable: brother do absolutely not do website, brother is really lonely!

is a multi site, a variety of fancy advertising followed, open a website we often have such a feeling: no website, first heard on the so-called web video advertising, the "howling" enough to make a heart disease or high blood pressure in the elderly could not move. Not only that, we may have the same feeling, these video ads with the movement of the mouse when a dazzling sight pointing to have to put it at a glance, really tired, I think the webmaster is not to stand in the user perspective. At the same time do stand at least choose not overdo sth.? Advertising, give users a good visual environment for browsing the web


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