80 grass root counterattack rich handsome, attention to the achievements of six years million annual

a lot of people in the core secret of success – "speak slow is fast, but few people believe that few people to do so, especially now that the utilitarian society such people become increasingly rare. The protagonist, Wu Binhong, is an occupation of Taobao customers, he is such a "target" of the main stem to calm down, slowly. Insist on six years, only one thing. Back off Taobao career, Wu Binhong is feeling, scenes like sour, sweet, bitter, hot present in front of us,



08 years in August, I was in the bookstore to buy @ understand < earn 500>, carefully watched three times after I started 6 years of Taobao passenger career in Zhejiang downtown Dongyang a rented room! The condition is not too good, every day living expenses only spend two dollars at the beginning then! Tenth days after the Taobao customer, the magic happened, my Taobao guest background appeared in my life the first Taobao -5 passenger Commission dollars. It was really very excited, the most important is behind the 5 dollars, I see hope, then I go all out to do Taobao customers. Wake up very punctually at 6 in the morning, because can’t sleep, the first thing is to look up Taobao back off income, every night work to one or two in the morning to sleep soon, the first month of Taobao passenger revenue to achieve 400, second months to 4000, third months of income over a million.

arrived in 2009, 2009 is a harvest year, rising incomes, but also on a few weeks off Taobao billboard. At that time the income promotion mainly through the QQ platform, QQ platform is a high traffic platform. Just start the manual test, manual test, the use of software batch operation, a computer is not enough, on the two, three… Later, the family had six computer, and then think about not buy more computer room, or go hot stove. So choose to rent a server, 5 Taiwan, 10 Taiwan. Most of the rented more than and 20 server


2010, think not to have been so full of small ads, have a base, then taobao.com is vigorously promoting the Taobao Gang, I think this is an opportunity, so choose to run Taobao Gang, it is doomed to 2010 was a busy year, this year I have been in my gang to novice buyers share online shopping experience, to the novice sellers shop popularity knowledge and anti fraud knowledge alone, really busy, also hired two part-time administrators, a part of operation by Taobao from the Gang Gang earn commission off, and gangs often organize various activities, rewards for many, it is too busy to call it not music also, the Gang development is booming, less than half a year when there is 5W help all this year, although very busy, but very substantial, although not earn more money in 2009, but I do have special significance, because of the help Helped a lot of people. I bought a car this year!

2011, with the adjustment of Taobao alliance platform, help >

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