Sina micro-blog code of conduct, micro-blog marketing will suffer


for the maintenance of the micro-blog community order, the establishment of an open and transparent mechanism for handling violations, based on Sina micro-blog open for customer advice, on May 8th issued the "Sina micro-blog community Convention (Trial)", and the simultaneous release of "community management regulations (Trial)" and "system of community Committee (Trial)". The above rules will be implemented in May 28th, when the line will be the corresponding product features. Micro-blog order, we need to maintain.

the introduction of this mechanism, micro-blog marketing is bound to be affected by some of the gray micro-blog marketing tools will also be limited, I expect that some of the large fans with large will be warned or even investigated.

We look at eighteenth

and nineteenth


"6 yuan and 1000 powder" believe that people will encounter Sina micro-blog, and the number of times encountered every day no less than 5 times. This is someone who uses a machine to brush zombie fans. Many people are very disgusted with this. Indeed, zombie fans useless, and this brush fans also disrupt the order of micro-blog, really need remediation.

good content is the most important factor in the growth of fans and attention, so the quality of the content of the resources is necessary to do a good job in micro-blog marketing. Therefore, the quality of plagiarism is something that will happen. Some time ago the "smile will be pregnant because of plagiarism is penalized by the gag, no attention 1 weeks" treatment "is just not long past, Sina micro-blog introduced this specification is clearly aimed at those by means of rapid increase of grey fans micro-blog marketing account warning.

Sina micro-blog introduced this specification, I believe there will be a lot of people will be implicated. An article I wrote: SMO of micro-blog marketing you don’t know who "Maoni" was mentioned in some "Maoni" micro-blog marketing, you can go to see.

in fact, China’s social media to do the time is not very long, SMO was born soon, it is inevitable in the birth of a number of gray. When the chaos as the creation of the world like pangu. However, after the time of hardening, I believe that China’s social media optimization will become better and better, like SEO, black hat approach has gradually fade out of the mainstream. The author believes that any one of the real success of the site can not be made by some improper means, relying on the quality of the content, a good user experience and the right way to promote. Therefore, the content of the king of the times will continue and rapid development.

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