To increase the click rate of community network chain network was detained

      in order to improve the running the site click rate, expand the visibility gathered more popularity, Xu Hubei man after graduating from college with a community website brother will run with pornographic movies website links.

      in mid June, there are Internet users through the Internet to report a community website can download pornographic movies. After receiving the notification, the Fengtai police in conjunction with the relevant departments, after investigation and visit, will stay in Fengtai three, Liuliqiao Road, a residence of the suspects arrested in a building. According to them, they are the management of the community site.

      originally, the two men are surnamed Xu, is a brother. 2004 brother Xu graduated from a university in Beijing, Xu specializing in the establishment and maintenance of the site work for customers, but as more and more practitioners of the line, in order to better develop their business, Xu started his own website, and brother together will own website and pornographic film website links. So, after the Spring Festival this year, Xu brothers were linked pornographic movie more than and 40, two people at the same time, the clicking rate is also rising, Xu business is booming.

      according to the police, Xu and other two people will be running the site with pornographic movie website links, although there is no direct profit, but the alleged acts of dissemination of pornographic materials, the two brothers have been detained.

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