A map to understand the logic behind the acquisition of Alibaba dazzling capital

Alibaba is about to be listed in the United States, before a variety of capital movements often appear to be approaching the end. Now taking advantage of a rare silence, summarized under the macro logic behind Alibaba dazzling capital acquisition for some time past, look at the title of philosopher known commercial MA in the end what the next set of chess


a map to see its strategic layout


business is the core business of Alibaba, but also its fortune starting point, on the basis of this, Ma continued to stretch out to the extension of the development of many industrial tentacles, until one day we find its strategic layout already has a preliminary logical framework, a strategic development plan clearly in front of us, specific as shown below:

or below

Alibaba strategic planning (as of the first half of 2014)

can be seen from the figure, as of now, the overall development of Ali can be roughly divided into three important stages:

– 1 electricity supplier breakthrough under the industry consolidation

The 1 stage is the stage of establishing

vertical business electricity supplier ecosystem, mainly focus on the main business, and the formation of vertical development advantages of the industry, from the starting point and set up business, logistics, payment on three core ecosystem layout is the core foundation to foothold development industry giants.

– 2 data as the core of the virtual digital society to build

The 2 stage is the

virtual eco Empire data centric established as the goal, mainly through the grasp of user business core data of this advantage as the breakthrough point, through the capital operation mode, users around the daily life that can be touched, and can leave all areas of behavioral data for strategic investment, and the formation of cover an ordinary user’s daily life, commercial, social and comprehensive learning areas, including food, clothing, shelter, and integrated with the needs of the data collection and summary of the ecological system, and ultimately to Ali cloud platform to undertake platform to open data for the completion of signs, set up around the various users to meet the needs of a virtual ecological empire. For the acquisition of high moral map for Sina’s acquisition of micro-blog, the acquisition of the UC browser, etc. are directly reflected in this appeal.

– 3 to build the virtual society with the goal of satisfying the needs of human origin

the 3 stage is to establish and complete the social demand of virtual human centered satisfaction as the goal, from the source to meet the needs of human beings, people around the most basic virtual social system for the purpose of creating, in a sense can be carried out around people’s philosophy of virtual society, online once rumors Ma said that this society is what to do to make money, do the government, but in reality it is impossible to do business if the government should adhere to this view only in the virtual society in the establishment of a virtual community, set up a virtual government, through the tax money "

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