Alienation of China’s venture capital industry the power to become a copycat non innovation



venture capital this foreign species, in China’s unique economic soil in what fruit?

Wang Dingbiao

from 1998 onwards, China’s Internet began to flourish, but also led China’s "new economy" wave and entrepreneurial wave. Over the past 30 years, China is the world’s best entrepreneurial country (now not to say), of course, also promoted the rise of China venture capital industry.

for a time, the toilet can not meet the investors, take the elevator to be able to finance (elevator time). According to my understanding of the superficial, venture capital model is based on the technology or business model innovation support (with risk) and get high returns, venture capital is the driving force of innovation in the economic field. 15 years later, the venture capital of this foreign species, in China’s unique economic soil, bear fruit?

venture capital is plagiarism power, rather than the driving force of innovation. Do you have a similar idea in the United States has become the most important issue for investors to entrepreneurs. As a result, one of the most successful entrepreneurial projects in the United States, there will be hundreds of plagiarism in china.

investors in business, more and more projects by investors and entrepreneurs into the actual control, the investors. There is no market for ideals and dedication, and entrepreneurial firms have become the target of "financial markets".

The deterioration of the relationship between

investors and entrepreneurs, fight constantly. Investors give up the venture capital, the basic principles, naturally spawned a non-compliance with the rules of the game entrepreneurs. Impetuous investors and impetuous entrepreneurs together, greatly increasing the probability of conflict.

financial fraud financing, fraud scandal can be heard without end, M/A, even IPO fraud case can be found everywhere. Investors incite acquiescence and even fraud, serious damage to the reputation of the enterprise Chinese.

investors from angel quickly degenerate into the devil". Investors pursue the "grim professionalism", if not "morals", "the devil will fall". "The devil" story widely circulated, between entrepreneurs and investors have been completely lost due to the trust, entrepreneurs began to use "who the money first to account for whom investment financing principle.

although, who would not like to see the venture capital field is such a chaotic unsafe atmosphere, but also must face the Chinese characteristics of venture capital environment".

has several reasons for such an atmosphere: Chinese characteristic market economy environment; fickle investors — investors are in fact "in the venture capital business model for entrepreneurs, impetuous is inevitable;" laughter poor prostitute "social values; the capital market rules of the game twisted – in a way speaking, to deceive the core rules of the capital market is" legitimate".

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