Hundreds of thousands of small sites zero income owners generally pessimistic attitude

December 23rd morning news, China’s Internet is unprecedented in the intensity of rectification, it is difficult to count the number of small sites to the crossroads of destiny. These small sites already reduced, or even zero income, most pessimistic mentality downturn, their years of work achievements facing danger cast to waste.

small website survival pressure rise

"innocent", this is the webmaster of small and medium-sized website this a long time hanging in the mouth of the two words. Now around the room in the consolidation of the server is often used to shut down all the way, making a lot of sites have not been involved in violation of the law, but this management is also known as the "one size fits all"".

in Anhui since December has been three consecutive webmaster said: No. 2-7, No. 9-13, No. 15-17. Another station with the province’s website, from 15 has been in a sealed state, and many appeals failed.

according to a survey from the private sector, was closed in the website of the reason on the list, 42% of the owners because the innocent, 21% said owners suffered repeatedly broken network examination, 13% of the owners said that since the broken network has not reopened after inspection. And record information for which there are 5% of the problem, involving yellow accounted for 3%.

Dong Qinfeng (screen name: refused to swim fish) is the founder of the world’s largest webmaster exchange community laggards. Dong Qinfeng pointed out that the current situation in the talk, one size fits all approach to many small and medium-sized site long-term work cast to waste.

"website for three days, Baidu included all deleted; the worst is Baidu blacklisted, may 35 years can not recover," Dong Qinfeng estimates that the current encounter shut down small sites at least hundreds of thousands, but their chances of survival have become slim.

ten small website income return to zero

some time ago propaganda is a waste, I propaganda when just for independent server, broken network is put all my money to burn ", Shandong owners complained that their website can pick an advertisement in the 2-3 before shutting down a week on average," an average of 3000 about".

and from Zhejiang, said the webmaster, shut the station one day he will lose 3000-5000 yuan, but he also worried that the accounts receivable may not be able to successfully get back.

webmaster network founder Zhang Zhengjun (screen name: figure Wang) told Sina Technology, the current monthly income of the owners in the 1000-10000 yuan or so, do a good year to earn tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most of these people are full-time webmaster, many of which are not found in the work of college students, the choice of low cost network for entrepreneurship.

has been shut down for the site, revenue has been zero. While still in the maintenance of small and medium sites, but also due to the narrowing of the profit channel and income plummeted.

at the same time, chapter Zhengjun pointed out that in the current loop.

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