2014 Hubei nternet Conference held in Wuhan, July 19th in

news July 21, 2014, jointly organized by the Hubei A5 station network Internet Alliance, Ali cloud, Discuz, Sohu, to accelerate the music! News, Huayun data, seven cattle cloud storage and other well-known enterprises in the industry the 2014 Hubei Internet Conference held in Wuhan Optics Valley Tianfu Hotel Royal Grace hall. As a long history of the background of the Hubei Internet Conference has been held over a number of sessions, the general assembly to cross-border integration opportunities as the theme, attracting more than 700 Internet entrepreneurs to participate in.


participants model debut


participants and owners

this conference covers e-commerce, local site operations, micro marketing, mobile Internet and other cutting-edge hot content, the meeting aims to discuss the topic, better help entrepreneurs grow.


Chen Guoqiang, deputy general manager of

Admin5 webmaster network presided over the general assembly

at 12:30, registration and membership sign in succession, A5 graph king laggards, President Chen Liang, Dong Qinfeng, Kang Sheng Ningzhe network general manager Zhou Ning, Northeast business alliance song dragon, accelerate the music Wang Liwei and Hubei native Hubei Internet Alliance Zhao Hongliang, proud of life network CEO Wang Fang, CEO Liu Hongtao, the Xiangyang Baiteng technology hotline CEO Xie Botao and the big Chu Yu Kai, a shop in Hu Yi, Chibi Zheng Shaofang and other guests have entered the venue hotline. Admin5 webmaster network deputy general manager Chen Guoqiang as the moderator of the general assembly to do the opening, the general assembly began.

first A5 founder Wang as the first guest to share with us, his speech is the theme of how to make the Internet go further?. As a webmaster, most of the owners can only be transformed in the end, the reason can not be too much profit too much. How to let oneself go farther on the Internet? The boss of figure Wang tells us five words: insist, executive force. Believe that these five words to the webmaster will leave more thinking.


A5 webmaster network founder Wang’s keynote speech, how to make the Internet business go further?

now is the era of mobile Internet, so the attendance of guests including Chen Liang, Kang Sheng president of Sohu technology products business center director Li Tiantian has talked about the mobile Internet era how to transition, how to make enterprises better adapt to the mobile Internet, and mobile internet marketing micro filed we mentioned is not the. Dou Mingliang, the founder of this company to give you a friend to do the micro world marketing business to share.

as Internet entrepreneurs, we hope that we can go further. Dong Qinfeng, the founder of the laggards, stresses that it is shameful for a person to eat

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