Fresh electricity supplier is small and beautiful business should not be wide

fresh electricity supplier recently caused a lot of discussion in the industry, the market participants are gradually more. From a large background, fresh electricity supplier to take the heat and food safety in China there is a big pain point, and industry driven and capital driven also play an important role. Although the parties are optimistic about the prospects for development, but for now, the domestic and foreign fresh electricity providers are mostly small and beautiful career. The development of fresh electricity supplier by the region, the audience and product category restrictions, to take the appropriate depth should not be a wide range of strategies.


fresh electricity supplier hot environment background

Although the

a few years ago, many enterprises have to carry out fresh practice, but fresh electricity caused a lot of public attention is at the end of 2012 was living in planning the "Chu orange Beijing" at the beginning of 2013, the excellent dish network Dr. Ding Jingtao published "a fresh experience to share" after the failure. From the environment perspective, Chinese food safety this pain point more and more in recent years, with the country in the face of modern agriculture and food security more and more attention at the policy level, and is closely related to people’s daily life there are a lot of fresh can improve the link in the industrial chain; from the perspective of the development of the electricity industry, household appliances, clothing 3C books and cosmetics category, the main online shopping has gradually entered the mature stage, expand the new category to become the focus of the development of the electricity supplier next, fresh category belongs to the high demand, can become a useful attempt to drive the further development of the electricity supplier industry; Internet technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries. There are many opportunities in various types of capital have incoming agriculture or fresh electricity supplier, with the demand of investment and financing, fresh electricity supplier in the media exposure will increase rapidly.

fresh electricity providers at home and abroad are mostly small and beautiful

product consulting in June 6th issued a "foreign concern of the five major fresh electricity supplier," a text, several major foreign fresh electricity supplier to sort out. The study found that many foreign fresh electricity supplier has experienced more than ten years of development, but they are still only a few cities to carry out business. FreshDirect (fresh direct), for example, was founded in 2002, has been in New York business, until after the beginning of the year in 2010 to the next expansion of New Jersey. The more familiar with the domestic counterparts AmazonFresh (Amazon fresh service), it has been on the line in August 2007 after serving in Seattle, until recently began to expand the Losangeles market. China, most fresh electricity providers are also limited to a city or small area. By virtue of the SF preferred logistics capability of its parent company, the rapid pace of expansion, currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Suzhou and Tianjin opened fresh service; the rest of the few, such as the excellent dish network, Tootoo focus on the market in Beijing, Futian net, fresh is Kaka in the Shanghai market, according to the valley network, good food network in Southern China as the center. Judging from the situation at home and abroad, although the market prospects, but fresh electricity supplier on the scale is more difficult to do more

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