Look, do not follow the trend, do not shake.

      the famous American technology magazine "Eweek" recently named "the 100 person" effect of IT in the world, only 4 non European American IT celebrity award, Baidu founder Robin Li is the only one that can be published "global beauty" China IT. "Eweek" is the most influential media in the international IT industry. The selected TCP/IP, XML and Arom, the inventor of the standard of the World Wide Web founder, founder, father of Linus and other dazzling IT experts have a significant contribution and influence of IT, the president of Brazil, including Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP and other multinational giants CEO.

    if we take "Robin Li + Baidu" as the key words, through the portal Sina News can get 199 search results, if use "Baidu", you can get 15900 results. The sight of Mr. Robin Li, calm and ordinary, dull — even his widely praised the handsome, straight nose mouth is the authentic, with big eyes and bushy eyes.

    anti myth in appearance, deconstruction in discourse. The heat did not eliminate rumors, Robin Li clarified straightforward: the acquisition does not exist, "Baidu" in June a new round of financing, Google become the new shareholders of Baidu "," Baidu "or the independent operation of the company. As for the relationship of cooperation and competition, "so that the trend of the world": cooperation, competition, need each other; common needs, bringing the two sides with better and faster technology and services, such as education market, so that more small business owners to understand the use of search to promote their products. As for the "encirclement and suppression", "Baidu’s strategy never against competitors, but efforts to develop and cultivate more mature markets".

    of frequent exposure, Robin Li’s attitude is as calm, do not avoid arousing suspicion, "Baidu directly to end customers, with more people, naturally interested in you, then the media will come – this is the need to work".

    turn to leap

    open the door quietly before tatsudo investigation began in 1996, the annual return of opportunity in the wandering around, see what high-tech companies are doing, what to study in the University, people’s computer doing what. Until the National Day in 1999, we began to address e-mail name card printing, people wear printed with ".Com" T-shirt, Robin Li concluded that the Internet in the street Chinese mature, the environment can be; and Robin Li’s, the book is about the money, even two or three years to earn a penny also, can guarantee the whole family to live a normal life. So, it’s time to quit.


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