The evil paradise in the nternet world an investigation report on the development of the nternet


a, background

The rapid development of

"Internet plus" and other new industries, new formats, has injected new vitality into the economic structure adjustment. Until the day before, China users reached 668 million, mobile phone users reached 594 million, Internet penetration rate of 48.8%, online shopping reached 374 million, is the Internet country worthy of the name.

things have positive and negative, the network is the same, the deep web and dark network (the Internet search engine that is not part of the network to grab) has existed for many years, but in the IoE (Internet of Everything all interconnected) era, it may play a more important role. The dark, as another dimension of the Internet, to ordinary people, out of reach, but at your fingertips.

Technical name

"dark net" rather called "hidden server", the number of domain names is the surface network of 400 times to 500 times, visitors will not leave any traces on the top layer, the network some legal, there are also many has not to be divulged the secret.

The Internet search engine

96% data cannot be accessed through the standard, although most of them belong to useless information, but they have everything, money laundering, trafficking of children, bitcoin hallucinogens, marijuana, hacker bounty……. Free access to the police, visitors free admission, the blogger into the free, which is the first rule of the dark network.

if there were no major events (such as the recent Silk Road 2), most people would probably never hear the word "dark". But now the situation is slowly changing, once the evolution of IoE can be achieved, coupled with various types of penetration, the integration trend of the dark network can not be blocked, which will pose a huge challenge to network security.

in fact dark network will always be our a mortal malady. As long as the IoE still exists, hackers can attack the new IoE device through the dark network, we can only passively resist.

due to social neglect, the threat posed by the dark network is becoming more and more serious. There are many indications that the next few years will be greater development of the dark network, becoming a hotbed of hacking or other criminal activities.

those who are familiar with the network and its rules will get more opportunities to develop the surface network. Because with the IoE of the Internet, the interconnection between billions of devices will change, and even some of the equipment will be an independent exchange. And what we call the network, but is based on the information sharing platform on the Internet, with the help of IoE in the future we will get the chance to get information geometric growth, this is just a mathematical problem. So it’s time for the security department to take action and think about how to resist the invasion of the dark forces in the dark.

two, the status of domestic and international network supervision

(a) UK regulatory status "

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