The domain name abbreviated service monthly click 3 billion 400 million times

Beijing time on April 14th morning news, according to foreign media reports, the domain name abbreviated service by default on Twitter is rapid development. Data show that in March the domain name is abbreviated 3 billion 400 million clicks, 2 billion 700 million times higher than in February, and a year ago 87 million. In April 12th alone, the domain name is abbreviated 147 million clicks. In addition to Twitter, domain name abbreviated elsewhere is used. Data show that 40% to 50% of the domain name abbreviation is created in the Twitter system, including Twitter client and service. However, the use of Facebook in the domain name abbreviations are more and more. Last month, has 100 million clicks from the domain name abbreviation Facebook.

Signs of the development trend of the there is no change, unless the Twitter to other domain name abbreviated services, such as Twitter’s own instead of But Twitter will not do so in the short term. For example, Twitter’s latest advertising platform "Promoted Tweets" also uses services. is about to upgrade and provide more new features. For example, when a user on the site of a paste need to be abbreviated when the domain name, the domain name will automatically be abbreviated, users need to click on any button. In addition, user management domain name abbreviations will also be simplified. A new search function will help users to catalogue all through the domain name abbreviation ", to help users find these pages. In addition, the user through the public sharing of all links will be publicly displayed in chronological order.

addition, will also launch Pro services for enterprises to provide other advanced features, will charge for the service. Since the start of the Pro test, there are 6000 organizations registered free version of the service. Pro provides custom thumbnail domain name, such as,,, and The service fee of $995 per month increase enterprise edition, management flow, real-time display panel, domain name and click data, automatic thumbnail issued all domain name business website etc.. (Zhang Nan)

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