How to make the 10 day of the new site, there are 100 outside the chain

do the chain is the most webmaster friends the most headache thing, because we all know, in the site itself is the basis of a good situation, the same kind of website we can only have external links. So, how step by step effective construction of the chain, the following is my own summary of experience.

in the chain, we should pay attention to the following two aspects:

first, the chain is fine, not entirely rely on to support

second, is the effectiveness of the chain, and sometimes look at others to add a link, but in fact, this link is not used. This I would like to say a little: if in the back of the link, nofollow such a statement, then this link has no effect, indicating that the meaning of non site.

below I say, increase the way of the chain:

first, directory sites submitted to stand on the inside, the most classic is the Dmoz directory into the directory is difficult, the website directory is very authoritative, so add relatively difficult, usually one month after application process, should pay more attention to your email.

In fact, in addition to the authority of the

directory, there are a number of web directory. For example, there are 265, so that we can go to the summary of the resources, the list of those who add to the site are stored up, this is our resources, and this is the first point, submit the directory.

second points, reciprocal link exchange, the project is relatively large, but also to do more long-term. First, we are going to collect websites that are useful to you, then they are stored, and then make a plan to collect these sites on a table inside, and then make a plan every day, talk about a few links, when talking about is a skill, for there is rhetoric, win over the link, I did the yuan soaring website, that is, in the collection of these sites, pay attention to the following points:

(a) and peer links: for the major search engines, the relevance of the chain is very popular, the correlation between the strong links, than irrelevant links, a lot of times higher than the weight.

(two) and PR value of the site to do a link: high PR station means weight is relatively high, and high PR site links and improve the site’s PR is very meaningful, as you continue to find links to provide capital.

(three) and often update the site do link: often update the site, the spider often to grab, spiders crawl in the update of the page, also can grab to our page.

(four) mass ratio is important. Correlation is stronger, do not care too much about how much.

Addition of

(five) links. Follow the step-by-step process. Don’t three days fishing nets two days of drying up to do, remember not.

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